Backpack Carrying A Porthole For Dogs And Cats

Suitable for animals weighing up to 5.5 kg

Backpack Carrying A Porthole For Dogs And Cats

Backpack carrying a porthole for dogs and cats

Size (WxDxH), mm: 350x300x450;

Body Material: the front panel and the porthole plastic, the remaining parts of durable artificial fabric;

Equipment: porthole, vented cap, mat;

Colors: yellow green;

Backpack carrying with a porthole for dogs and cats

Making natural wood furniture for your pets, we decided not to be greedy and share with you the accessories for dogs and cats that we use ourselves.

Backpack Carrying A Porthole For Dogs And Cats

We present a backpack carrying with a porthole for cats and dogs. It is very useful to you for carrying animals in urban environments, on country walks or, God forbid, the animal is sick and you will need to take him to the vet.

We all know how hard it is to carry an animal in public transport and an ordinary carrying bag does not do very well with such duties. It is cumbersome and does not protect the pet from precipitation and annoyingly stretching hands. A plastic house carrying is more suitable for this, but it is very inconvenient to carry it, even for a short distance.

Now imagine the situation, you went for a walk in the woods or around the city, and the little dog’s legs got tired very quickly, would you carry it in your arms? And with a cat in general is not an option, get scared of something, scratch or run away.

In this case, you will come to the aid of a backpack carrying a porthole. You can now take your pet for a walk anywhere. It will be convenient for you to carry it, and to contemplate the world through the porthole.

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The backpack is made from the front of durable bright plastic with a window on which you can put on a porthole with openings at the bottom to access the air and a better view of the world around your pet or a transparent plastic cover with openings (on the cover photo in a brown protective film). Carrying backpack designed for dogs or cats weighing up to 5.5 kg.

Comfortable handles and straps will not rub the back of the owner even during a long walk. The backpack has two pockets of mesh material on the sides for every little thing and three air vents on each side to better provide your pet with air. Inside, the backpack is fitted with a faux-fur rug, there is a carbine for the collar and two velcro valves holding the walls of the backpack when opened.

Having bought this backpack carrying with a porthole for dogs of small breeds or cats, you can spend even more time together, not limited to the space of your home.

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