Bag Carrying For Dogs – In The Plane, On Wheels

Bag carrying for dogs is required when you are going to travel with your pet. For example, to transport a dog in an airplane, the train will require you to put a dog in a bag carrying.

Compliance with such conditions is necessary for the safety of other passengers. Yes, and the dog will feel safer, more comfortable in its separately designated place.

Let’s discuss what bags are carrying. By what criteria you need to choose the right bag. A lot of other, not less important information for the owner of the dog.

Your choice should be made with responsibility. First of all, decide for what purposes you need to carry. Or for short distances, such as outside the city, to the country.

Perhaps you are going on a long journey. In carrying the dog must have the necessary space in order to change the position, may want to lie on its side, curl up.

Just stand, stretch. She also needs sufficient visibility for air to flow. Check with the purchase of a warm bedding. The locks must be strong. The bottom is waterproof.

By season

Judging by the time of year, the bags can be demi-season, winter, summer. Winter, of course, very warm, dense, soft, waterproof fabric or fur.

The dog should not freeze in it. Consider such a moment that the dog will be in clothes, so choose a larger carrying size. If you wish, you can put inside a special warm dog mattress.

Summer options are light, from breathable material, with side windows. Their presence is imperative, so that a stuffy atmosphere is not created inside. The colors of the models are varied, for every taste.

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Demi-season models are warmed, the bottom is waterproof, the fabric repels moisture. Pay attention to the material – must be environmentally friendly. To pet felt comfortable.

It is quite clear that carrying bags should be washed as they are polluted. So choose such models from materials that are easy to wash, clean, dry quickly.


Very important criterion. If you do not know, then in some cases there may be belts, carbines. Also special elements to maintain doggie.

“Why is this necessary,” you ask? Elementary, to avoid the occurrence of cases in which the dog may simply fall out of its temporary home. All handles on the purse should be well sewn, strong.

Inside have a foam insert. Often the manufacturer along with the usual handles attaches the handle longer. If the pet is bored inside, give it a favorite toy.

Bag Carrying For Dogs - In The Plane, On Wheels

Soft carry is a more common option. Rounded, rectangular shape, with a window on which the grid is attached. There is also a door in such a model.

In other models, there is a special hole for the pet’s head. Inside there are elements to hold the dog. By design, the choice is quite wide – males, bitches, puppies, elderly dogs.

There is a model in which there are two compartments, in one there is an animal, in the other things that will be used for a dog.

There is a bag on wheels. In such models, dogs are transported up to 5 kilograms. It may be difficult for the owner to carry such a “crumb”, so it will be easier to carry your beloved pet. The wheels should have good strength and reliability.

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Carry-backpacks are used for decorative breeds, such as the Yorkshire Terrier. Pet is located in front of the owner. There are models of transformers.

Can be used as a house, and as a backpack. Models with buttons, hooks, buttons. But it is best to choose a model with the presence of a zipper.


Knowing the temper, the activity of your dog you can choose a more convenient model. If the dog often plays, is mobile, restless – carry more. If the dog is calm – choose according to its size, it will still sleep all the way.

Curious individuals carrying with a hole for the head. There will be an opportunity to contemplate the reality happening around. In general, the choice of carriers is very rich today.

From fashionable, beautiful fabrics, artificial, natural materials. With all sorts of decorations – rhinestones, inserts. Some owners choose a carrier to match their image).

Bag Carrying For Dogs - In The Plane, On Wheels

Additional criteria

For transportation of a dog in an airplane there are certain rules, for example, the distance between the ceiling carrying to the dog’s withers should be more than ten centimeters.

Carriers can also be of the following types:

  • Bags are soft;
  • Backpack;
  • Plastic container;
  • Rolling bag;
  • Transformer;
  • Metal cage;
  • Tent;
  • Big and small dogs

Plastic containers are designed for air travel. The dog will be comfortable in it. Sizes, shapes, colors are different. The construction is not heavy, washing is quite simple.

You can also use the bag on wheels if your hands are busy. Fight breeds are best transported in a cage carrying. The dog will be able to breathe air well in it.

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But by their weight they are not light, in winter the dog will be cool in it. If the dog is your show, then take the carriage tent. The weight is small, it does not let moisture through.

As you understand, carrying a bag for dogs can even come in handy when traveling. Therefore, choose it carefully, based on the needs of the dog and your goals.

We wish you a good choice when buying bags carrying your dogs. Do not forget to leave your comments, share the experience, which is so necessary for novice dog owners.

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