Bags For Carrying Dogs

Bags For Carrying Dogs

If you want the dog to always accompany you, then most likely you will have to purchase a convenient and important thing, namely a bag for carrying dogs. Of course, we are talking about small dogs (up to five kilograms) and puppies. In this article we will tell you about the types of data bags.

The choice of bags for dogs should be treated very carefully. Since how correctly you pick it up for your pet, depends not only on the comfort of your movement, but also on the safety of your pet.

First of all, you should evaluate the design and quality of the bag, size, shape, the presence of a side window for air and much more.

Size is determined by the size of the animal, the characteristics of the character, habits. Calm dog can be placed in a small bag. For a restless pet or accustomed to active movement, the closed space will become a real stress, for this reason you will need a larger bag. However, in any case, the pet should be able to lie down normally, stand freely, turn around without problems, being in a bag. If you plan to use the bag for flights with your beloved pet, then do not forget to clarify exactly what requirements the airline makes to the design of bags.

Since some airlines have restrictions on the size, for example 50 centimeters in length, and for others it is not an essential point. If you do not plan to go flying with a dog, then when choosing a size, be guided solely by the size of the pet. However, we must not forget that if the dog is more comfortable in a large bag, then the owner, on the contrary, will find it more convenient to use the bag as small as possible, so look for a compromise.

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Except for the size, the carrying weight is of great importance as well. Always ask about this parameter if you don’t want the bag to simply fall apart or become life threatening for the animal.

A side window is required for the animal to receive air. In the overwhelming majority of cases, this window is closed with a specialized grid so that the dog cannot get out of it. But in some bags it is possible to fully open the window so that the pet could freely stick out its attractive face.

The bottom in a high-quality carry must be tough, so that in the process of application not to deform, not to break and not to bend. For the reason that the bag in any case will have to be put on a variety of surfaces, and the animal will move inside. But it should be remembered that the dog should always be comfortable inside.

Rate belts and fasteners. Consider the most convenient fastener – "lightning". It allows you to easily and quickly open and close the carrier. But in some cases for decorative purposes, use other types of fasteners, you can find bags fastened with buttons, hooks or buttons.

Belts must be made necessarily qualitatively exactly as in any other good bag. Straps should be well and simply attached to the carrying, be sure to be wide, as well as adjustable in length.

The material from which the bag is made, can be very diverse. In the overwhelming majority of cases, they are made from artificial leather or specialized fabrics. Apply the above materials and in combination with natural leather and fur, but many manufacturers consider it incorrect to use natural materials for the production of accessories for animals. For lightweight bags used in the summer, the most important is the ability of the material to pass air.

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For winter options need dense materials that can protect your pet from cold and weather. In the overwhelming majority of cases, textiles are used for winter and summer bags, since it is much better to let air through in summer and behaves better in the cold. And in spring and autumn it is much more practical to use bags made of artificial leather. They tolerate rainy weather, just cleaned and washed.

It is preferable to choose a high-quality artificial leather, as it will withstand the effects of the weather, and besides it will not rustle or creak, and therefore will not irritate the pet. The inner part of the bag must be made taking into account the fact that the animal will not only sit or stand in the carrier, but will also try to nibble, scratch it, etc.

For this simple reason, the material must be sufficiently strong and of high quality in order to withstand long teeth and claws. Some elements of the bag can be made entirely of mesh fabric, so you can watch the dog and its behavior.

In addition to this, the bag may be various auxiliary elements. For example, a carbine for fastening a dog by a collar, pockets located on the outside so that important things are always at hand, and the tag for information about your pet and its coordinates is important.

By itself, a significant factor may be the cost of the bag. So, a bag made of simple materials and with a simple design will cost less. However, most importantly, in favor of the budget did not have to sacrifice convenience and safety.

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