Bags For Dogs Of Small Breeds Species, Materials

It’s no secret that pets have become the norm throughout the world – according to statistics, more than 85 million Russians alone have homes for pets.

These are cats, dogs, parrots, eagles and even dwarf pigs, but we will not touch on them – this article will focus on dogs. How to choose a strong, comfortable and beautiful bag-carrier for your pet?

Need to carry

If you have ever dealt with dogs as pets, then you know what the problem is looking after a fluffy "miracle." After all, dogs are not cats, they will not lazily lie down and sleep all day, you need to walk with them, play and develop them in every way so that the animal does not get bored and fall into depression. But you can’t always take an animal with you, even if it is small, because a dog can not pass everywhere, and in places of large concentrations of people it can be detached from a leash and stolen.

In this situation, invented not so long ago, but having won the hearts of many people who don’t want to part with their pet even for the time of going to the museum, carrying bag, comes to your aid. Basically, such models are needed for small dogs, because you can’t put a big one in such a bag, but there are such instances. So, let’s see for whom such things will be most in demand, what carriers are for dogs, how they are divided and what they are intended for.

Application and use

First of all, they are necessary for owners of exhibition dogs, because they are not only allow your pet to keep a neat look, no matter what the weather is outside. In addition, bags for carrying dogs will be very useful for pet-class pet owners.

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But the most important thing is to have such a model, going with a pet on a trip, because it will not only help your pet to survive stress and protect it from unnecessary worries, but also the use of such a bag is prescribed by the rules of transporting dogs.

Usually carrying bags are used for dogs such as:

  • York (Yorkshire Terrier);
  • Chihuahua;
  • Basset;
  • Affenpinscher and others.

Bag for York is distinguished by its construction and tailoring.

Bag Types

Bags for transporting animals are divided into:

A distinctive feature of hard carriers is that they are made of plastic. And they are also subdivided into containers and baskets.

Containers and baskets

Container This is a prefabricated structure with a front door and a handle at the top. It takes up very little storage space, and also decomposes into two halves. Due to its advantages, the container is one of the most frequently used and sought-after species. Its advantages include capacity, low weight, convenience. Together, all these qualities make the container one of the most popular types of dog carriers.

The next, less popular, but still used type of hard carrier is baskets. They, unlike containers, are usually bought for cats and have two opening lids on top. They can be used for short journeys or trips to the cottage, but they are not suitable for long journeys.

Soft bags

Usually, fabric or leather is used as a material for soft carriers. They are more convenient for your pet than hard and differ in the way of transportation of the animal. For example, there are insulated backpacks, allowing even in the winter season to keep a pet warm. And there are bags that look like a backpack. Now we will go through them in detail and analyze all the details.

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So, the first version of the soft carrying – with the frame. It is made of fabric, but has a plastic or metal frame. It is convenient because it lets the air through, which means that even on a hot day, the pet will be comfortable in it. But for exhibitions they will not be very convenient, and besides, it is impossible to put heavy things on such a carrying, because the fabric is remembered by weight.

Bags For Dogs Of Small Breeds Species, Materials

Next in line and first in popularity – handbags. Such vehicles for animals can be seen very often on the streets, because they look quite stylish and also allow you to safely and quickly deliver the pet to the right place, although they are mainly used to bring the dog from the entrance to the car.

There is also a carrying with straps on the shoulders, the name of which is simple – a backpack. It is convenient in those cases when you need hands free. The last kind of carrier, which we talk about – kangaroo.

This is not exactly a handbag, because you can not put your pet there entirely, but it is convenient because the pet is always in front of you, moreover, such a bag takes up less space than others.

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