Bowls And Drinkers On The Road

Bowls And Drinkers On The Road
Bowls And Drinkers On The Road
Bowls And Drinkers On The Road

Innovative drinking bowl for dogs traveling with the owner!
• best product
• Italian design
• universally adaptable to any PET bottle
• pocket size and lightweight, only 35 grams.
• Suitable for any size dog: from mini to giant!

Steel bottle with a drinker

Bowls And Drinkers On The Road
Bowls And Drinkers On The Road
Bowls And Drinkers On The Road

Practical stainless steel bottle with a leak-proof cap, the cap is used as a drinking trough.

Ideal when traveling or at sporting events, at any free time away from home: the plastic cap of this bottle also serves as a drinker for your four-legged friend. When walking on hot days or after riding a bike, you simply remove the lid and use it as a bowl for drinking water.

This accessory is designed by the best German scientists and designers, because its original style and excellent functionality will pleasantly surprise you. The bottle perfectly preserves the properties and temperature of the water, has a simple ergonomic shape, optimal volume, and most importantly, low weight, so it is very convenient to carry it in your hands, in your purse or backpack.

The color of the bottle is silver, the cap is black or red, the color is not selectable.

Volume 300 and 750ml.

H2O travel bottle from K9

Included with the bottle is a handy neoprene holder that allows you to maintain the optimum fluid temperature, with an adjustable handle and a bowl from which the dog can drink.
The road bottle for dogs is made of food stainless steel, which is not subjected to leaching, and is covered with environmentally friendly paint.
You can use it on a walk, during an exhibition, in a car, during morning jogs with your favorite dog, on the beach. it is universal.
The tank will provide the pet with fresh clean water, free from any chemicals, including BPA and phthalates. The wide neck allows you to put ice inside to keep the water cool.
Portable, lightweight and safe to travel, the dog bottle is suitable for cup holders, bicycle racks, backpacks. Available in two sizes: 300 and 700 ml and in various colors.

DEXAS Collapsible Kennel Bowl, folding silicone bowls

Dexas products. This is an excellent solution to the many daily difficulties that pet owners face, such as: the cumbersomeness of dishes, the difficulty of fixing, the difficulties encountered during washing and cleaning and traveling with animals.

In order to attach the bowl to the cage just scroll through it. For easier storage, the bowl folds up. Ideal for dogs when traveling or at home.
The bowl is made of flexible, lightweight, durable food material TPE (Thermoplastic elastomer), which is easy to clean in the dishwasher, even when folded.

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Volume 240ml and 600ml.

Silicone bowls on the road
Lightweight, compact and comfortable. Volume 200ml and 600ml

Volume 240 and 500ml

Folding bowls on a stand

Many dogs are not comfortable to eat if the bowl is without a stand. How to be on a trip? There is a way out; these portable folding kits can be installed both at home and taken on the road. In the set stand and two bowls. Volume 240ml and 600ml. Size in the folded state 22 * ​​41 * 4cm.

Volume 370ml and 1 liter

Dexas Pet Feeder. double bowl on a stand with adjustable legs for dogs

Bowls And Drinkers On The Road

Bowls And Drinkers On The Road


Innovative drinking bowl for dogs traveling with the owner! • best product • Italian design • universally adaptable to any PET bottle • pocket size and……

Dexas Adjustable Height Pet Feeder. innovative development of a stand for food bowls that promotes good digestion and forms an ergonomically correct posture during feeding. Thanks to the adjustable legs, you can change the height of the stand, depending on the height of the dog. Thus, the elevated position of the bowls on the stand reduces the load on the joints that occur when feeding in an inclined position. The kit is especially recommended for animals suffering from arthritis and elderly dogs.

The set includes two removable bowls that are easily folded, acquiring a flat shape, and do not take up much space for storage. Bowls are made from durable and light food grade TPE (Thermoplastic elastomer), which can be washed in the dishwasher and by hand.

Dexas Adjustable Height Pet Feeder is suitable for everyday home use, as well as for hiking, traveling or traveling with an animal.

Adjustable height of legs from 20 to 33 cm.

The height of the stand in the folded state. 7 cm

Colors: purple, pink, blue, green.

Size: 48 x 25 x 7 cm

Silicone drinkers on the road
Drinking bowl is very convenient on the road, on a walk in hot weather. Unbreakable, lightweight, made of silicone. The design allows you to absorb the unfinished water back into the drinking trough.

Kurgo® Collaps-A-Bowl

Bowl of food grade silicone for walking and traveling. Easy and compactly developing. Saves space in your travel bag. Solid stable bottom.
Volume 710 ml. Diameter 9. 15 cm.

Feeding trough
The feeder is made of thick, very durable plastic. The feeder is attached to any bars of the cells with the help of a screw, easily removed to pour water or sprinkle food.
Volume: 300 ml

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Dexas SNACK WITH COMPANION. container for food and water with a folding bowl for dogs and cats

Now drink and food in one bottle!

A double bottle of Snack DuO ™ gives you the opportunity to take on the road and water and food (treat) in one convenient container.

This is the first bottle with two compartments inside. One compartment for liquids, and the other for dry food or treats.

Open the hinged transparent lid and fill in the food or treat, then open the small sealed lid and pour water into the attached folding bowl.

The kit includes a foldable compact bowl with a carabiner for food and water, it can be attached to a bottle and used to quench your thirst and feed your pet.

– Made from non-toxic, sturdy, food grade material.

– Wash the bottle by hand or in the dishwasher

– The set is ideal for traveling, hiking, cycling, use during exhibitions and sporting events

– The total volume of the bottle is 720 ml (360 ml in each chamber)

– The volume of a bowl is 240 ml

Colors: pink, purple, blue, green

Flying Dog Shaker. shaker for making vitamin drinks for dogs

Flying Dog Shaker. Comfortable shaker for easy mixing of Flying Dog Mineral Drink Rehydration or Flying Dog After Drink. The shaker closes easily and tightly, has a hole for convenient dog soldering. The shaker can be used as a regular drinker for dogs.

After use, rinse with water.

Flying Dog, Czech Republic

H-DuO ™ with Companion Cup Double water bottle with foldable bowl for dogs and cats

Two drinks. One Bottle

Now, with a double bottle of H-duo from Dexastm, you have a choice of drinks that you take on the road. This is a double liquid tank that consists of two waterproof adjacent chambers combined into one convenient drinking bottle.

Having two cameras will provide you and your active pet with a drink while walking!

Also, the kit includes a collapsible bowl with a carabiner for food and drink, which folds to a compact size, it can be attached to a bottle and used to quench your thirst or to feed your pet.

– total capacity of the bottle is 720 ml (360 ml in each chamber)

– the volume of a bowl is 240 ml

– made of non-toxic, durable, food-grade material

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– bottles made of material suitable only for hand washing

– The set is ideal for traveling, hiking, using during exhibitions and sporting events.

Plastic box feeder for transportation

Feeding trough with fastenings to the door is a necessary attribute for air transportation of animals. Non-toxic plastic.
Size 9x13cm

Nozzle on the trough with a ball dry mustache

Universal bottle nozzle with a dog drinking ball fits any pet bottle. It is closed by a lid. Convenient to travel and travel, which is especially important for long-haired breeds.

Color pink and light green.

Drinking bowl in a cage “Dry Mustache”

Drinking bowl “Dry mustache”. keep wool in the muzzle! It will always be dry.
Universal drinking bowl holder, suitable for plastic bottles, there is a rotating mechanism (mounted in any convenient plane).

Stainless Steel Pet Water Bottles

Light stainless steel drinking can. Volume 650 ml. The neck is unscrewed for quick filling and easy cleaning.

Metal Bowl

for dogs

Stainless steel bowl with special rim to prevent water spilling. The rubber pad on the bottom of the bowl does not allow it to slide on the floor.
Diameter 19 cm, volume 0.45 l.

Bowl Road Refresher ™

Road Refresher bowl does not only have a bezel that prevents splashing of water, but also a membrane that dispenses water.

Thanks to this patented design, your dog will now drink carefully, and the water will not spill if you touch the bowl, even in the car!

Anti-slip stickers add extra stability to the bowls.

Bowls Road Refresher are especially relevant in the heat, because They will not let a hot dog drink a lot of water at once.

Owners of bearded dogs, as well as dogs with long ears, especially appreciate these bowls. they keep the wool, not allowing it to get wet.

In addition, Road Refresher bowls are ideal for puppies in the arena. even if a wild puppy game takes place around a bowl. it will never turn over, and the water will not pour out and will not even spill from a blow.

great. 1.4 liters
average. 1l

PetGear Bowl

Bowl is ideal for travel and exhibitions. Great for bearded dogs. Has a non-slip base. Size 20 x 8 cm

Stainless Steel Hook Bucket

The bucket, at the expense of the rear flat side, is tightly attached with a hook to the metal cage. Does not interfere with the pet during travel, does not turn over. Water does not spill when moving.
Volume: 1l, 2l, 4l and 6l.

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