Carriers For Dogs

For any animal, any move is a heavy stress – on how it transfers the road depends on its health and mental balance. Therefore, you need to choose the carrier very carefully.

Carriers For Dogs

These are very simple models – a bag with a semicircular top. On the one hand the entrance, on the other – the grid for the review. Flat bottom, carrying handles on the shoulder and in the hands. In principle, quite the same type of models, differing only in size (only 3-4 sizes). Attention should be paid to what the walls are laid. On top of these bags there is a zipper, you can unzip it and see. There are two types: plastic – it keeps its shape well, and a dense synthetic winterizer – it keeps heat well and is comfortable for winter. Both are removable and washable.

There are carrying with a hole for the head. They unfasten only the top, the dog is attached to the carabiner. Maybe stick your head out. Reduces stress in an animal, but we have such carriers "take root" it is not enough – due to weather conditions – in the cold it is not very convenient. Also released version of the backpack shoulder – very convenient. In foreign catalogs you can see the version of the backpack, which is worn in front. We in Russia do not have such.

There is a very fashionable thing abroad – a bag for animals – it is produced by many fashion designers. These bags are very expensive, sometimes they are made from crocodile or snake skin. If you see a star with your favorite york under your armpit and your pet is sitting in a fashionable bag – you know, they sewed it on purpose – it is expensive, it looks fashionable.

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The most common and reliable Russian brand of carriers is Ladioli. Today, this company is one of the few Russian companies that support global trends, that is, they combine design and quality with good company promotion.

At each exhibition, they try to appear, bargain, create and produce new models. Ladioli is always up to date, taking care of the brand, interested in the opinions of customers. For Russia, a very high level of quality.

Plastic carriers in our market are only foreign. Of the notable and stable for a long time working in the Russian market – Atlas (Atlas), the Italian firm Ferplast (Ferplast) and Cayman (Cayman), Clipper (Clipper). Clipper and Cayman has been produced by Valta, Ferplast has its representative office in Moscow since 2005.

The principle of all transports is almost the same. See more in the figure below.
And – the holder and the place for things, ventilation;
B – five blocking holders;
C – hygienic mat;
D – chrome door with a lock.

Of all the transports, the Atlas is a bit cheaper. There are models with a reclining top – the option open (open). Many sizes and very different – up to 7 species. The biggest, of course, for large dogs are equipped with wheels and a handle for transportation, as well as a filter and special sections for things. Inside there is a plastic feeder. Carriers are usually fitted with a mattress of the right size. Moreover, it is possible and necessary to select special mattresses for the size of carriers and for Russians as well.

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Carriers themselves – all collapsible, but are sold, as a rule, already assembled. If you don’t use them, they can be easily assembled. Convenient and reliable assembly and disassembly in the design of the above brands is their main advantage over others. There is nothing comparable with Atlas, Clipper and Cayman.

Wheels for carrying sold separately, because tend to break, well, there’s nothing you can do – rarely, but it happens. In addition, these carriers are recommended for transportation on flights of both our companies and foreign ones.

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