Carry For Cats And Dogs, Which One To Choose

Often, many cat owners think about purchasing carriers for them. Cat carriers can help owners make a quick and hassle-free pet carrier.

Carriers for cats must meet many requirements, consider some of them:

A cat carrier purchased by you must be durable, so when you buy it you will definitely appreciate the strength and quality of pens, seams and other fasteners. After all, at the slightest attempt to get the cat out of carrying, it can break.

The feeling of strength and stability is important not only for people, but also for cats, so choose a carrier with a firm bottom, this will give your cat more confidence.

3) the presence of inspection holes in the carrying;

Carry For Cats And Dogs, Which One To Choose

If this item is not observed, the cat in an unfamiliar and confined space will feel unusual and uncomfortable, as a result, will raise a big cry. Therefore, choose a carrier, from which your cat could see what is happening around, it will allow him to become more confident and calmer.

4) large carrying sizes;

In order for the animal to feel most comfortable and safe during the move, it is necessary to select a large and comfortable carrying. When purchasing a carrier for a small kitten, do not forget that soon it can turn into a big cat, therefore, it is necessary to buy a carrier for it taking into account this factor.

Today, there is a huge number of carriers, and they all vary in types of style and quality, which is why the question often arises as to which carrier to choose. Consider some varieties of feline carriers.

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Plastic carry.

Data carrying has many advantages, for example, they are great for long journeys. Same carry for flight It is best to use plastic, because they are perfectly breathable and offer a good view for the cat, which will allow him to feel confident during the entire flight.

Carry For Cats And Dogs, Which One To Choose

Plastic carrying is quite convenient to wash, because if the animal smears it, you can wipe it right away and put the cat back in there.

The disadvantages of this carrying is that the plastic can be very fragile, so it should be warned against strong blows. You should also remember that plastic carrying may not be suitable for transporting a cat in the winter season, because at rather low temperatures the cat will be cold and uncomfortable in it.

Frame-carrying bag.

This type of carrier is very durable. These bags have a solid bottom and walls that will allow the cat to feel most comfortable. The advantages of such a carrying is that it is very warm, so in winter it will be able to protect your pet from cold and snow.

One of the drawbacks of such a carry may be the inconvenience of washing it, because weaving can absorb all smells well and leave a lot of stains on itself, which can later make it quite unpresentable.

Carrying on wheels.

This version of the carrier is very convenient for the transport of cats with an impressive weight, because the whole burden of the animal falls on the wheels. Therefore, on long journeys such transports fit more than ever.

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