Clothes For Dogs Do-It-Yourself Patterns

Clothes For Dogs Do-It-Yourself Patterns

In inclement weather, people muffle up in warm, comfortable, waterproof clothing that is comfortable and in line with fashion trends. Our faithful, faithful brothers, our smaller ones — the dogs — no less suffer from heat, wind, and bad weather. Being responsible for those who were taken into the family and tamed, we take care of the four-legged friends, worrying about their health and well-being. Clothes for dogs with their own hands, the patterns of which are modeled according to the parameters of your pet, will warm you in cold, hide from the rain, and emphasize the stylish, fashionable "fit" of the pet.

Clothes For Dogs Do-It-Yourself Patterns

Tips for making clothes for dogs of different breeds

The quality of the pattern of clothing for a dog depends largely on the correctness of taking measurements. Then the process of designing, modeling clothes with your own hands will require from you assiduity, attention and drawing skills. It is easy to transfer the finished pattern to the fabric, and the main point at this stage will be the process of choosing the material. Do not forget about the accessories: zippers, fasteners, Velcro, finishing tapes and elastic bands are present in most models of clothes for dogs.

How to take measurements correctly

So that the clothes created with your own hands sit perfectly on the dog – without restricting movements, without rubbing the skin – consider the basic rules for measuring a pet:

  • All measurements are performed in a standing position.
  • For the parameters to be correct, and the pattern follows the contours of the dog’s body, it is necessary to take measurements in the widest places:
  • neck circumference equals collar volume;
  • chest volume is measured directly behind the front paws;
  • the length of the back is determined by the distance from the withers to the base of the tail of the dog in a standing position.
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Clothes For Dogs Do-It-Yourself Patterns

In inclement weather, people muffle up in warm, comfortable, waterproof clothing that is comfortable and in line with fashion trends. Our faithful,……

  • Do not forget to add from 1 to 3 cm to the pattern when cutting the material: these will be allowances for seams and free fitting of clothes.
  • Material selection

    Summer heat is not the best reason to dress your beloved dog in a variety of clothes. Allow your four-legged friend to breathe freely and not to overheat. On a cool evening, cotton, knit shirts and t-shirts are perfect. Spring-autumn season brings inclement, rainy weather, so at the time there will be waterproof bologna, raincoat.

    To make the dog warmer, put a jumper under your bottom, a sweater tied with your own hands, in which thread the share of wool or cotton should be at least 40%. Natural or artificial fur, fleece, sintepon (as the lining of the jumpsuit) will reliably protect your pet from frost and snow. Wool fabrics for coats, drape, use for sewing on patterns of outerwear.

    Build a basic pattern for modeling and sewing

    So that every detail of clothes for dogs with your own hands, the patterns of which you find or design, sat perfectly on a four-legged friend, you will need patience and time:

    • Draw a rectangle, one side of which is equal to the length of the clothes.
    • Set aside the points corresponding to the measurements of the waist and chest line.
    • Then you need to note the width of the back, extending the line of the pattern.
    • Dividing into 2 equal parts the width of the back, we get the intersection point, from which measure 1/3 of the neck circumference of the dog.
    • Connecting a semicircle of the point, we get the line of the neck.
    • Then you need to build a shoulder cut, calculate the size of the armhole for the front and hind legs of the dog.
    • Cutting out clothes with your own hands, do not forget to leave a cut for the tail.
    • For the sleeve pattern you will need to measure the length of each dog paw, the volume – according to the bones of the upper joint.
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    Model clothes for dogs with patterns and job description

    Clothing for dogs is not a whim or a whim of glamorous ladies. Ornamental babies – toy terriers, yorkies, chihuahuas, short-haired dachshunds, pinschers and other dog breeds are strongly influenced by weather conditions. And what about the now popular Chinese crested – graceful, funny and funny doggies, whose wool is present only on the head, ears, tail and paws, and the body freezes.

    Rain or snow, frost, strong wind can cause hypothermia little pet family. Warm clothing will protect in bad weather; elegant models emphasize the exquisitely glamorous image of a dog. Please yourself and your little friend with a collection of clothes created by yourself on the basis of patterns and patterns. The trends of the season of 2019 in the world of dog fashion remain checkered fabrics, materials with graphic prints. Want to create your own bright outfits? Sew clothes to your beloved dog by developing a pattern and cutting fabric according to your pet’s standards.

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