Decorative Dogs – Yorkshire Terrier

If you dream of a dog, but for some reason you can’t or don’t want to get a large or medium breed animal, then the Yorkshire terrier will be an ideal option for you. Classical representatives of decorative breeds of dogs, they are the most common and popular in the world. These charming creatures are no bigger than a cat, but with the heart of a lion, they will become a faithful friend and an excellent companion for you.

Yorkshire terrier breed history

The origin of the Yorkshire Terrier is shrouded in many myths and legends. There are several different opinions about the distant ancestors of the yorks. Basically, it is considered that the majority of young terriers participated in the breeding of the Yorkshire terrier, mainly paisley terrier, Clydesdale terrier and Manchester terrier. Yorkshire Terrier is the birthplace of the Yorkshire County in the UK. Initially, the Yorkies were common among the peasants, as they were forbidden to start large dogs. In addition, mobile little dogs were excellent rat catchers and could accompany their owners everywhere.

Decorative Dogs - Yorkshire Terrier

Characteristic breed Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire terriers weigh no more than three kilograms on average and reach a height of maximum 28 centimeters at the withers. The color of the Yorkshire Terrier is predominantly bluish-steel with golden-brown hair on the head and chest, but there are also varieties of black color with white and brown breasts and a muzzle.

Representatives of the Yorkshire Terrier breed are usually divided into three categories:

Decorative Dogs – Yorkshire Terrier

If you dream of a dog, but for some reason you can’t or don’t want to get a large or medium breed animal, then the Yorkshire terrier will be an ideal……

  • dogs of the highest category or the so-called show class – dogs for exhibitions that have every chance of becoming champions;
  • breeding dogs;
  • family dogs.
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By species, Yorkshire terriers are divided into three groups:

  • Yorkshire Terrier Standard – weighing from 2 to 3.1 kg;
  • Yorkshire mini terrier – weight 1.5-2 kg;
  • Yorkshire terrier extra mini – weight of only 900-1.5 kg.

Yorkshire Terrier Character

Yorkshire terriers have all the basic qualities of terriers, despite their small size, they are bold, energetic and inquisitive dogs. They are well aware of changes in the state of the host and always adapt to his mood. Yorks are ready to follow you everywhere, accompanying you on a walk or away, on a short trip or even on a long journey. Yorks are friendly, affectionate and obedient. They are happy to soak in your arms or side by side on the couch. At the same time, they are mobile and playful, and will also gladly frolic on a walk or play with a toy at home.

Decorative Dogs - Yorkshire Terrier

Yorks have a very livable character and get along well with other pets. Also, Yorkshire terriers and for children will be excellent companions for games, so very sociable and completely devoid of aggressiveness. But you need to take into account the small size and very fragile physique of York. Therefore, if there are small children in the house, then you should not start representatives of this breed, since a child can quite easily accidentally injure a dog during a joint game.

Care for the Yorkshire terrier will not make much effort. You should focus on york hair: combing it every day. But if you accustom to the daily procedures of your pet from childhood, they will bring pleasure to both of you. If you purchased a dog not for exhibitions, then the wool should be cut short at least once a couple of months.

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But, despite the small size and charming appearance, still do not forget that the Yorkshire Terrier is still a dog. And, therefore, Yorkies should be educated by implanting rules of behavior. If you treat dogs only as cute "toys" and do not raise your pet, the Yorkshire Terrier can grow into a very nervous and biting creature.

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