Diy Toy For Cats And Dogs

The good owners of four-legged friends (I mean cats and dogs) probably know that they are quickly bored with toys.

DIY toy

Therefore, your pet must sometimes be pampered. And we no longer sewed new toys. The truth is that recently my friend with granddaughter Sonechka came to us.

They did not appear empty-handed, they presented a new ball to my two darling dogs Lylechka and Bead.

You can even read my story, which is on this page.

With the ball already played enough and driven, honestly, I do not know where. Now they are dragging old, completely battered hare and hedgehogs.

Therefore, I chose the time and took up crafts, and at the same time decided to share with you.

DIY toy for cats and dogs

which you can give your beloved dog or cat. I assure you your pet will be happy to receive such an unusual surprise.

The trick is that instead of a body in this toy spring, which I accidentally found on the mezzanine.

Spring for toys

I decided to make a tiger for which there were several pieces of fabric, a bit of fur and padding polyester.

Diy Toy For Cats And Dogs

The pattern of my toy looks like this:

Pattern toys

We transfer the pattern to the fabric and cut out all the details:

Cut fabric parts

I started to sew a toy from the nose of my tiger:

Sew the details of the nose

Nose filled with padding polyester

Make a thread with a needle mustache:

Diy Toy For Cats And Dogs

The good owners of four-legged friends (I mean cats and dogs) probably know that they are quickly bored with toys. DIY toy Therefore, your pet must……

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Make a mustache

The mouth can be drawn with a marker or stitched with a needle.

We sew two parts of the toy’s head:

Sew the details of the head toys

On the front part of the head along the edge we sew ears and fur.

Sewing ears and fur

And now we press the ears and fur inside on the front side of the head:

We press the ears and fur inside

We cover face to face the second part of the head and weave sewing stitches.

Face to face two sides of the head

We sew both sides together, but do not touch the bottom and turn out the part there:

We turn out the part there

Fill the head with padding polyester and gently sew the tiger’s nose:

Sew the nose of the tiger

Apply a circle of fabric to the bottom of the head and sew up:

We put a circle and sew

Cut out the eyes from thick paper or cardboard and glue them to the right place:

Tiger head

We sew the feet to the bottom of the head and glue the head with the feet to the spring:

Unfinished toy.

It remains to sew shoes. Fold the strip of fabric in half (its width is equal to the circumference of the circle, and the height is at your discretion, I have 2 cm) and sew the sides. And then we sew circles to it:

Diy Toy For Cats And Dogs



Do not forget to leave a hole to fill the shoe with padding polyester. We decorate shoes with bows:

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Tiger shoes

Glue shoes to the spring:

DIY toy

The last stroke is sewing a rope, and preferably a rubber band to the tiger’s head:

Sewing gum

Now the toy is handmade, and this is our tiger, ready, the master class is over. You can hang it in any convenient place for your pet and let it play for fun! Our toys, and other useful crafts you can see in the heading

Tiger among friends

It is time to give a gift to my beloved dogs: you can read about the Chinese crested dog Lyalechka here,

Everyone is here

And this Businka gets acquainted closer!

The bead and our tiger

I suggest you look at the little dog Lyalechka and Frosya the cat, how they play with a ball and another toy-mouse. The mouse has long been “eaten”; now a tiger will appear in its place.

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