Dog Breed Toy Terrier Care And Maintenance

Breed toy terrier from old years enjoyed great demand and respect. In world history, there are many references to these beautiful creatures. So, the German chronicles say that even at the end of the 8th century AD, the Czech ambassador presented the small dog of a black-brown color to Charles the Great as a symbol of the world, which was placed on the palm of his hand. And in the middle of the 11th century, the Polish King Boleslav II had several Toy Terriers at once. In Russia, this breed became popular closer to the end of the 1960s.

How to choose a toy terrier

The first thing when buying a puppy is to ask the breeders to show his mother. It would be useful to see the father of the baby, but most of the males are from other owners. When examining a mother, it is important to pay attention to whether she is a calm and balanced dog with traditional anatomical composition. If she begins to tremble, fear, or show excessive aggression, this indicates the instability of her mental state, which can be transmitted at the genetic level.

Also pay attention to the behavior of the puppy. Breed toy terrier is distinguished by its activity and playfulness. Of the external signs, the puppy should have a shiny coat with no visible bald patches. It is worth noting that the young toy terrier has several zones where skin can peep, for example, at the temples and in the chest area. It is important that the ears and eyes of the dog are clean. Any discharge in these areas indicates puppy disease. The nose should be wet and shine slightly.

Dog Breed Toy Terrier Care And Maintenance

When choosing a pet is recommended to pay attention to his teeth. Toy terrier should have the right bite, even if he is only about a month old. It is important that the fangs are not moved forward or backward. By the age of 1.5 months, a puppy should have 12 milk incisors.

When buying a toy terrier, you should also find out its pedigree, which is recorded in a special passport of its parents. After the first vaccinations, the puppy has a document certifying its main veterinary indicators. In small dogs, many diseases are widespread, which can later be transmitted to both other animals and their owners. Therefore, when choosing a pet, his veterinary passport is so important, in which vaccinations given to him, and then his pedigree, must be noted.

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Care for a toy terrier

Dogs of this breed are very unpretentious, and special care is not required. Most often, toy terriers do not need haircuts and regular combing. Trimming these pets is also not needed.

If family members are constantly busy and do not have a lot of free time to give it to the dog, then the toy terrier will be the ideal option. Care and maintenance of this breed will require a minimum of effort. This is one of the many advantages of toy terriers. What needs to be paid attention to is eyes, ears, hair, and claws.

Pet content

When purchasing a puppy, you should first take care of its place to sleep indoors. It should not be in the aisle, where it will constantly blow through the wind, near heating devices and batteries. The puppy should sleep in a cozy and warm place, which is a kind of house, that is, a closed space so that the baby can quietly retire to sleep. Often, pets hide toys or food in their nests.

Dog Breed Toy Terrier Care And Maintenance

Breed toy terrier from old years enjoyed great demand and respect. In world history, there are many references to these beautiful creatures. So, the……

What should look like a place where a toy terrier will rest? Care and maintenance of these dogs is to create for the pet the most comfortable environment for his life and growth. In the early stages of development, any puppy with a special zeal learns the world around him, starting with his rightful place. Therefore, it is useful to choose a suitable litter that your pet could nibble and null in it during sleep. The best option would be an old sweater or a large fluffy towel. Pillows or mattresses are strictly excluded, as they contain stuffing, which later turns out to be all over the apartment or can get stuck in the puppy’s airways.

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Dog Breed Toy Terrier Care And Maintenance

The most important points that need to be paid attention to when a toy terrier appears in the house are care and maintenance, as well as an understanding of what the puppy needs and what we should urgently wean. You can not take a pet with you to bed. The temptation is great, but in the end it can lead to disastrous consequences. The bone system in such breeds of dogs is very fragile, so a jump even from the height of the sofa can lead to a serious fracture. There were cases when adult toy-terriers in a dream fell from a bed and died from their injuries.

Representatives of this breed are always very curious, so it is important to limit their access to electrical wires. You should also pay special attention to the content of the toy terrier during vaccination. Within a few days after the injection, the pet’s body is very weakened, so it is necessary to exclude its contact with outdoor shoes and dirty floors in the hallway. During this period, the dog’s immune system is particularly vulnerable to infections.

In the case of repair or cleaning on the floor there should not be small items, since for a toy terrier there is enough a small piece of wallpaper with a pea to choke.

The basics of proper feeding

Despite their tiny size, toy terriers are predators, so they need constant protein food. The daily menu of representatives of this breed must include meat. It is worth noting that they are strictly contraindicated pork and lamb. The diet of terriers should also contain dairy products, cereals and boiled eggs. It would be useful once a day to enrich the pet menu with boiled vegetables. In turn, it is recommended to protect the dog from sweet and flour products, as well as from legumes and spicy dishes.

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Upbringing pet

The toy terrier gives in to training much easier, than representatives of many other breeds. This is a very clever dog that can easily absorb any commands. When raising a pet, it is important that he understands and fulfills the master’s requirements from the first time. Teams are recommended to work on the street and at home so that the dog performs them regardless of its environment.

Dog Breed Toy Terrier Care And Maintenance

How to teach to the toilet

Teaching a puppy to cleanliness is a priority for its owners. It is best to teach your pet to the toilet in the age of two months. For this, a special cell with a pallet is well suited. Puppies often defecate in the same place where they sleep. After a few days, the tray becomes saturated with odor and can be removed from under the cage. Subsequently, the puppy will need to be put on it regularly, so that he will understand where he will continue to need.

Walking tips

Argued that representatives of this breed can not walk on the street, as they may well dispense in the tray, like cats. In the case when outside the window a bitter cold or windy rainy weather, this option is the most acceptable. However, nature always takes its toll, and if you sharpen a pet in four walls, whining and barking will not take long to wait.

Caring for a toy terrier involves regular walks in the fresh air. On the street, the dog may be for a long time, if the weather is to that extent. Upon returning home, you should wash your paws and wipe dry.

Vaccinations for toy terriers

Traditionally, they are divided into 2 stages: the first is done by a puppy at the age of 6 weeks, and the second is done in a month.

For travel, you need to vaccinate a pet against the plague of carnivores, leptospirosis, hepatitis and enteritis. Vaccinations of toy-terriers for rabies are done at the age of 3 months.

Information about all injections made is recorded in the pet’s veterinary passport. Each vaccination must be certified by the appropriate seal.

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