Every dog ​​breeder has ever encountered the issue of transporting his pet from point A to point B. And if the owner is a lover of travel or just country picnics, then more than once or twice. And the point here is not so much in choosing the type of transport, but in creating a comfortable environment during the trip both for the pet and for those around him. If you want your trip to become a holiday for everyone, pick up a suitable option for carrying a dog.

Dog Carrier

Types of carriers

There are only a few basic types of carriers:

    So, the most popular is a fabric bag with a shoulder strap. It is used as a carrier for small dogs. This is what causes its particular prevalence. After all, "toechs" are therefore called "pocket" because they want to accompany their masters everywhere. Such a desire is complicated by social and legislative norms, according to which not all establishments will be happy for you with a dog on a leash.

Another thing is carrying! Often made in the form of a stylish female accessory, it allows you to constantly keep a pet under direct control. As a rule, the owners of restaurants and boutiques in this case absolutely do not object to the presence of four-legged clients.

We must pay tribute to modern technologies and materials: these bags are completely comfortable for the owner of a fashionable dog and for the dog itself, placed in a soft, cozy and seasonally selected handbag (there are winter and summer carrying bags for small dogs).

As for the second type of popular boxes, they are carriers for medium dogs. Here we are talking not so much about visual effects, designed to meet social standards, but about absolute utilitarianism: take the dog to the vet, take it with you on a trip. Following precisely these considerations of convenience and functionality, a carrier for dogs on wheels was created for owners of average pets.

Dog Carrier

Such a carrying looks like a small suitcase with mesh inserts. Such inserts not only facilitate the access of oxygen to your pet, but also allow him not to lose contact with the environment. It should be emphasized that the latter is especially important for medium breeds. Indeed, unlike “toechek”, it is not enough for such dogs just to be with the owner. They need to fully participate in the process. That is why you will also have to think carefully about how to teach an average dog to a fairly closed carrier. The standard way to work with tasty baits, as well as with your favorite toys, hidden in the carrier.

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  • Well, another version of the popular boxes, which you need to remember, is a backpack carrying for dogs. It should be noted that they are not very practical, and can be used only in the case of the balanced nature of the pet and his calm reaction to the journey. This is due to the fact that the backpack complicates communication between the dog and the owner, which means that the pet can feel the fear of the unknown more sharply. At the same time, the backpack leaves the owner free hands, which is especially convenient for long journeys and a large total amount of luggage.
  • On this list of basic types of carriers for small and medium dogs ends. Regarding carriers for large dogs, they are rarely used. As a rule, for the transportation of such breeds only individual transport is required, as well as a reliable muzzle with a strong leash.

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