Dog Carrying Bags

Dog Carrying Bags
Dog Carrying Bags

Dog Carrying Bags
Dog Carrying Bags

Dogs are not allowed in many public places. But, in case you have a small dog, you can take it with you in a carrying bag, which is specially created for such dogs. You will constantly monitor the animal, which will provide an opportunity to avoid scandals and trouble. You can also travel with your pet if you have such a bag. Bag-carrying is ideal for dogs whose weight does not exceed five kilograms. This is a toy poodle, chihuahua, terriers.

Choice of carrying for dogs

The choice of carrying for dogs should be primarily determined by what time of year you will use the carrier.

In winter, a bag whose walls are lined with foam or fur is more suitable. Inside the liner should be covered with material that will withstand the scratches and bites of the dog; it should also be easy to clean. The bottom should be tough and keep in shape, but covered with soft material to make the dog comfortable. In the summer frame frame is better. Its walls are made of either cardboard or plastic, it has a net on the sides, which allows for excellent ventilation. Any carrying bag should fasten: buttons, buttons, hooks. The zipper is most practical.

The size

Bags for dogs are different in size. In a huge carrying dog will be very comfortable, but can you lift it? On the other hand, too compact carrying – mockery of animals. It is necessary to seek a compromise, given the size of the dog, as well as its character: a calm dog will normally transfer the journey in a not very big bag; an active carrier will be required in which she can move. If you buy a puppy carrying bag, keep in mind its future dimensions.

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Useful stuff

Please note that in the carrying there were various useful devices, such as a carbine for fixing the collar. He gives the opportunity to keep the dog in place, in case he gets scared or wants to jump out of the carrying in the game. The dog must be fastened with a carabiner for the collar to a short leash sewn to the inside of the carrier. In this case, you need to consider that the leash should be of sufficient length so as not to obstruct the movement of the dog: five or ten centimeters.

Also external pocket may be useful. It will be convenient to store a leash, a toy, documents or any other thing that the owner of the dog may need. The only thing that should be taken into account is that you should not put food in such a pocket, its presence and inaccessibility will unnerve the dog.

So, the bag-carrying should be spacious enough for your dog, and also it is necessary to have a hole, closed by a net, for normal air circulation. In addition, it is important, at what distance you will carry the pet: in a bus or a passenger car, a cloth one will do; on the train or on the plane – plastic, lockable.

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