Dog Toys As A Development Tool

People sometimes wonder that their children need toys. For children, they serve as tools for mental, emotional and physical development. Same features toys perform and for dogs.

Dog Toys As A Development Tool

Chewing for good dental health and stress relief. Dogs need to chew something. Pets that gnaw furniture, shoes and household items. This is a real headache for their owners, but if you look at them (dogs) a few years later, you will notice that their teeth are much better preserved than the teeth of those dogs that gnawed on objects just being puppies. This is a good reason to allow puppies and dogs at any age to nibble when they want, the main thing is to use suitable toys for this.

If the dog nibbles on toys, it can help to cope with many problems, including improper bite, as well as changing baby teeth, which will fall out painlessly, and do not have to resort to anesthesia to remove them. Offer the dog a lot of different items that it can safely chew. Note that she likes the most and provide objects and toys of a similar structure. The dog always knows what is needed at the moment for her teeth.

If the dog is very excited, it will enthusiastically nibble his favorite toy until he falls asleep on the go. A toy for her is like a book in bed before bed for you and me. Toys also help dogs cope with loneliness when their beloved owner leaves home.

Another big plus toy. that they distract the animal from licking or biting its body. Give her a favorite toy whenever you see that she starts to lick herself, it will save you and your dog from many unpleasant and expensive health problems in the future.

Dog Toys As A Development Tool

To encourage the dog to nibble and chew more, give it an edible toy. But first, consult a veterinarian about the safety of such a toy or feed that you use and make sure that the dog is not allergic. There are toys, for example, the Kong company, inside which you can put food for your pet.

Invest in toys for your pets, do not save on them. Change toys often so they don’t bother a dog. Toys These are tools that help your pet develop.

Toy safety. Different dogs differently dispose of the fate of toys that fell into their hands. For this reason, it is impossible to say for sure which toy will be safe and effective, and which will not. One dog can quickly crack a toy into small pieces and swallow them. The other one will be busy for a long time, and as a result there will be large parts of the toy that can damage the dog’s digestive system.

Age and experience play a role. That dog that used to play around with the toy for a long time, and you had the opportunity to take it away before the dog cracked it into too small pieces, suddenly becomes an ace in its speedy destruction. If you have another dog, this may cause the first one to increase the rate of crushing, so that nothing gets to the competitor.

Some toys are harmful to dogs, so when you have any doubts, consult a veterinarian.

Dog Toys As A Development Tool

A veterinarian may suggest that it is better to bite a dog so that it does not break its teeth. Dogs quickly learn to cope with soft objects, so it is logical to give them something more solid, but you should always keep in mind that a dog can break teeth. Very hard objects are useless, as the dog simply refuses to nibble them. Some dogs gnaw only what has an attractive taste for them, while others bite off small pieces that can be swallowed. They need compensation for hard chewing, and who dares to blame them?

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In general, you need to start by offering your puppy a few toys of different textures and watching what he will do with them. As the puppy grows, and consequently become stronger than his jaw, you gradually need to offer him toys with which he will find it harder to cope. This will keep his interest in the process. It is important to maintain the interest of the puppy and the grown-up dog to the toys that are allowed to chew. Besides the fact that it preserves the health of the teeth and relieves stress, it also forms the habit of the dog to gnaw at toys, and not things that belong to the owners. Until the dog became an adult. it is a great time to instill in her an extremely useful and valuable habit of nibbling.

A few dogs and toys. You need to be especially vigilant in using toys if you have several dogs living. Your Scout may have done an excellent job with rawhide and pig’s ears, until you took Foxy, and now he expresses his displeasure when she tries what he considers his food. Dissatisfaction. this is putting it mildly, instincts require dogs to fiercely protect their food from other members of the pack.

Dog Toys As A Development Tool

People sometimes wonder that their children need toys. For children, they serve as tools for mental, emotional and physical development. Same features……

Dog Toys As A Development Tool

Dogs that would never start to sort things out may start fighting over food or their favorite toy, which for them is the same as food. Sometimes fights continue even after their cause has been eliminated. So learn how to properly dispose of toys when you take a new dog into the family, before the dogs start fighting among themselves. This rule applies to the case when the dogs just come to visit you.

The first way to competently handle toys is to give dogs favorite toys only when they are separated from each other, for example, one of them is in the carrier. Do not forget to take the toys from them before putting them to each other, otherwise fierce competition will begin. 9/10 of their relationship is law. "do not give anyone what belongs to you." In a situation where the owner gives one toy Foxy, and another. Scout, Foxy will not argue like this: "Daddy gave one toy to me and one. Scout. I chewed my own, and in fairness I should not take it from Scout". Perhaps a man would reason like this, but not a dog! The same is true of Scout. he will begin to take away the toy from Foxy at the same instant as the door of the carrier opens.

Do not flatter yourself if the dogs live peacefully in the first few weeks of their acquaintance. At any time the situation may change. It is best to simply prevent problems between the dogs due to toys. You must be a leader in the pack, and it will be good for both the dogs and the rest of your family.

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Dogs use toys to establish aspects of their relationships, which can be difficult for us humans to understand. It is often possible to leave inedible toys to several dogs if there are enough toys so that dogs do not have to compete for the right to possess them. However, they will still compete, and you will have to decide how serious this rivalry is and whether it is safe to leave such toys for them when they are together.

Sometimes this is just a one-time action of one dog, which, while maintaining its authority in the pack, shows that it has the right to take the toy away from the subordinate dog when it wants. Give the dog, which took the toy, the other, without taking the first one from the one that took it away. If she takes away both this toy and the next one, it means that she wants to convey some information through her actions. If the dog gives up the toy without much resistance, perhaps the most appropriate solution would be simply to allow the dogs to communicate. It is only necessary to give the dog the opportunity to nibble something in such a way that it will not be selected, it is useful for its teeth.

It is clear that if a dog lives alone, then for her it is very beneficial, since all the pleasure from owning toys comes only to her.

Dogs use toys as a means of communication. Sometimes they use other dogs to play with toys. for example, when one dog snatches something from another and runs off with it, inviting them to start stalking. A pack leader can use this method when the toy is not very interested in him, but he wants to encourage a subordinate dog that is afraid to join the game. You can do the same thing so that a dog that does not know you well will stop being afraid.

Instinct. In the wild, dogs get food when there is a chance, and therefore surplus is always hiding on a rainy day. Therefore, your dog sometimes buries his toys or bones. If your dog likes to dig your yard, use this instinct. Enclose a small area (you can use stones, branches, whatever) and dig in there what the dog likes. Finding your favorite toy is much more useful than digging up your flower bed.

If you are going to play this game with several dogs, then bury more toys, otherwise, instead of searching, they will begin to take away from each other.

Toys that help people and dogs communicate. When dealing with a dog toys are for you the same tools as for her. The way you use them has a big impact on the quality of your relationship.

The most useful and safe game. aporting It is not at all necessary to train the dog with tough methods in order for her to understand what is required of her. Trainers have developed many effective methods to teach a dog to bring objects. When a person himself understands the essence of aportation, then the dog learns easily.

Dogs that have learned to bring objects, consider this in itself a reward. Perhaps they do not like some moments in the learning process, but as soon as they catch the essence, it immediately becomes a favorite game. In the end, they have a powerful instinct to carry prey in the mouth. When else will they do it ?! When a dog carries something for his beloved master, he becomes even more interesting and beloved for him.

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Aporting allows you to give your dog physical exertion, without really straining yourself. To prevent dogs from having problems with their feet, throw the object low above the ground so that it does not land on the hind legs in a jump. This is an unstable position for a dog, and it can lead to injuries. Due to the difficulties of controlling the altitude of the flying discs, which can get into the air stream, it is better not to use them to play with the dog. DO NOT throw too heavy objects to your dog, as it may break his teeth or get other injuries.

The game "tug of war" is controversial. On the one hand, it can be part of professional training, and on the other, it is very unsafe for both people and the dog itself. If you are not a qualified trainer, then it is better not to play this game. DON’T allow this to your children. If the dog becomes aggressive during pulling and gets out of control, no more pulling. When a dog has such an aggressive reaction, this is another reason to teach it to aport. So you can better control her mouth, and she will learn to give you objects.

Toys as powerful motivators. There are dogs for whom the toy is a stronger motivator than a treat. You can use the power of toys from the day the dog appeared in your home. Teach the dog to bring you the item from the very first meeting. Keep a lot of different toys on hand and watch which one you like best for your pet.

Use toys so that the dog has to contact you when it wants to play, but at the same time your dog must have toys that she could chew on, it is useful for her mental, emotional and physical condition. Toys that you cannot leave a dog because of the risk that it will quickly deal with them are the best motivation during the learning process. Your dog will do anything for you just to get an opportunity to nibble this particular toy in return!

Aporting motivates dogs so much that they will try their best to please you. They get much more drive from this than from a treat for a successfully completed trick. Sometimes the best reward for your pet will be a treat, sometimes. the opportunity to play your favorite game "bring a toy", and perhaps both. Your praise, joyful voice, body language can enhance the effect of these motivators, and at the same time, thanks to these motivators (games and toys), the dog will literally catch any word and movement on the fly. Toys really influence your mutual understanding with your furry friend.

Invest money wisely. It will take a little time, and you will understand the benefits of investing money in toys for dogs. Your pet may already have a lot of toys, but if he does bite furniture, bring him a new toy, and you will be surprised how much it will raise his interest in old toys. Sometimes the toy, which is most fond of the dog, can cause surprise to the owner. You should take note of your pet’s preferences when you want to use a toy as a motivator. A toy. Here is the key to the happy life of your furry pets!

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