Dog Toys That Can’T Be Cracked

When the dog gnaws everything

In adult dogs, the habit of gnawing remains long. It seems natural to us that most puppies gnaw things because that is how they know the world. Their knowledge is partially the same as that of human babies. through taste, touch and smell. Puppies also have teeth cut and they try to ease their position by nibbling everything. After a year, most dogs stop doing this.

Dog Toys That Can'T Be Cracked

It should be noted that in dogs this desire does not disappear automatically with age, and most of the dogs continue to gnaw toys with pleasure, at least from time to time. for them it is a kind of aerobics for the jaws. To satisfy this desire, dogs need to be given toys. Natural products for this purpose use sterilized beef bones, different in size and thickness. The dog can gnaw them, and then they can be washed and again given to the dog for a long time. Do not use tubular bones. The usefulness of their brain for the dog in question. These bones break down and can cause serious diseases of the dog’s digestive tract. Remember that the bones of just killed prey are much softer and easier to assimilate than the boiled and dehydrated bones from the butcher shop.

Whatever bones you use, try to get the thickest ones.. Do not buy spongy bones or cracked bones. Buy bones larger than you think are suitable for your dog’s mouth. If the bone is larger than the mouth of the dog, then there is less likelihood that the dog will split it and eat fragments that are dangerous to its health.

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Dog Toys That Can’T Be Cracked

When the dog gnaws everything In adult dogs, the habit of gnawing remains long. It seems natural to us that most puppies gnaw things because that is how……

Bones made from artificial material with the smell of ham or beef are also very good toys, and the dog can enjoy them for hours. They can also be washed and sterilized, minimizing the risk of infection of the gums and teeth.

Dog Toys That Can'T Be Cracked

If your dog nibbles on the legs of the sofas, mattresses and pillows, or an adult dog starts suddenly gnawing household items, which is not typical for her, see if the reason for this is in the condition of the dog’s teeth. Check if the gums are bleeding, smell from the mouth, check the teeth: there are tartar, broken teeth, loose teeth, abscesses; See if food is stuck between your teeth. If there is a medical problem, you first need to cure the dog, and then solve the problem of gnawing.

Adult dogs may chew on objects from anxiety, boredom, frustration or anger. Adult dogs become restless because they do not like to be alone. They suffer from separation. All day the dog is in the company of its owners, and suddenly the owners go to work, the children go to college or go to summer camp. The dog has to get used to the new conditions, and she begins to worry.

If the dog is restless, because she was left alone, it is best to give her toys that are saturated with the smell of food. If the dog is left alone and she is nervous, then she especially wants to nibble during the first 15 minutes. If you relieve her tension in the first minutes after she is left alone, then you have a chance to solve this problem. The setting is also very important. Try leaving some quiet music or an appropriate TV program. But not a program about animal life that can drive your dog crazy!

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Dog Toys That Can'T Be Cracked

This will help gradually lengthen the time the dog is alone. Alternate short periods of time with long ones so that the dog can cope with this problem.

Dogs that are terribly destructive can be dangerous for themselves and for their homes. In severe cases, you will want to lock the dog somewhere. And this is really necessary if the dog, left alone, gnaws the wires or other dangerous objects. But even in such cases, you can gradually accustom the dog to greater freedom.

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