Dog Transportation Rules

Dog Transportation Rules

What could be nicer than traveling in the company of a faithful four-legged friend? However, before you go on such a journey, you must carefully study the current rules for transporting dogs, otherwise a pleasant journey can result in fines and a big headache. Of course, transporting dogs in the car is your own business, but transporting dogs in a train, train or city public transport requires mandatory compliance with the rules for transporting dogs to ensure the safety and convenience of other passengers.

Transportation of dogs in public transport should be subject to the following rules:

Transportation of dogs on the bus is also carried out either in special containers or on a leash and with a muzzle. For the transport of dogs in the bus used back ground, and the passage of large dogs must be paid.

Transportation of dogs in the subway can be made in special bags for transportation (for small dogs). For transportation of small dogs, it is best to use a special container for transporting dogs, which, thanks to the durable mesh walls, provides good air exchange and comfortable conditions for the animal. Transportation of dogs of large breeds is carried out with the obligatory presence of a leash and a muzzle. The most traumatic place for a dog in the metro is an escalator – be careful and use stairs if possible. In addition, remember that it is you who are fully responsible for your dog’s violation of sanitary and hygienic standards.

The rules for transporting dogs in trains are established by the railroad management. According to current rules, dogs can be transported across Russia in trains of all categories, and the dog’s weight is not taken into account when calculating the weight of hand luggage. For the transportation of dogs on the train, all types of cars can be used, except the luxury car and the main carriage. Small dogs or puppies are allowed to carry with themselves with their mandatory placement in special containers. Transportation of large dogs is carried out on a leash and in a muzzle, with the obligatory presence of a veterinary certificate. Payment for transportation of dogs is carried out as for one piece or 20 kg of luggage. Carriage of dogs whose ches exceeds 20 kg. It is paid in accordance with their actual weight.

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Transportation of dogs is carried out either in a container with an accompanying, passing in the same car, or in a non-working vestibule of the first car behind the locomotive (no more than two dogs). It is also possible to transport dogs in a separate compartment (no more than two dogs), except for luxury cars. When transporting dogs in a compartment, the owner pays for all compartments. In any case, care and feeding is provided by the owner or accompanying person.

Only guide dogs are allowed free of charge in cars of any categories on the territory of Russia.

Dog Transportation Rules

When transporting through the territory of the Russian Federation, you must have the following documents for the transport of dogs:

Veterinary passport with marks of all necessary vaccinations and information on the treatment against ecto-and endoparasites. Vaccinations must be made no later than 30 days and no earlier than 12 months before the date of travel.

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