Dog Yorkshire Terrier

These little dogs came to us from the ancient North American lands. There is an opinion that this breed first appeared on the American Yucatan Peninsula, namely the ancient Maya tribes. From these tribes Chihuahuas fell to the Aztecs and Toltecs (also American tribes). Indian peoples believed that chihuahuas are sacred animals. These little funny creatures played the role of talismans during magical rituals. The Indians believed that Chihuahua dogs possessed truly wonderful abilities, and therefore each member of this breed was relied on to have a personal servant. This person was obliged to take care of the animal, as well as constantly feed it and take care of it in every possible way.

It should be noted that today the attitude to chihuahua breed remains some special. First, this breed of miniature dogs is considered one of the most popular in the world. Secondly, many respected dog breeders claim that the representative of this breed is a real “amulet of happiness" for their owners. There is even such a legend, which says that the ancient Indians read a certain spell over Chihuahua that would protect them from all life’s adversities and troubles. Therefore, many lovers of such decorative dogs believe that the vital purpose of the Chihuahua. it is to give joy to people, to live in love and care.

The name of the breed also appeared by chance. So, in 1850, American archaeologists found paintings carved into stone blocks with the participation of these dogs. This famous find was made in the Mexican state called Chihuahua. This Spanish word became the basis for the name of the breed of these "ancient" dogs. In Russian, the pronunciation was slightly modified.

Chihuahua breed characteristics

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Yorkshire Terrier: photos, puppies, breed

Yorkshire Terrier is a cute, decorative dog. The breed fell in love with dog breeders, but not for outstanding achievements and working qualities, but rather for its incredible appearance and positive character. Yorks are so cute and cunning that the owners, without realizing it, in a short time recognize the dogs as the younger members of the family. Where did this breed of dog come from? And how did the yorkies get worldwide recognition?

Breed history

The Yorkshire Terrier breed was bred at the end of the 19th century in England, in the county of Yorkshire. The ancestors of York – Manchester Terrier, Sky Terrier, Maltese and others. Initially, the dogs were bred by workers in the coal mines of the town of West-Raydenga, which was located in the Yorkshire-Nottingham coal basin.

The task before the Yorkies was not easy – to destroy the crowd of rodents living in the mines, and look for accumulations of ore gases. The terriers turned out to be excellent rat catchers, moreover, bypassing the law banning the appearance of animals in the mines, penetrated there in the sleeves of the workers.

This turn in the history of the breed turned out to be short-lived, since ladies from high society noticed the mids. The Terriers quickly left the coal mines and became lodgers of salons and boudoirs. In the 19th century, under Queen Victoria, it was in a bad form to attend social events without a tiny pet in her arms. And the tinier the pet was, the more he was appreciated and caused envious glances.

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The documented history of the breed began in the 70s of the 19th century, when the English Kennel Club (Kennel Club) was organized and the breeding book of Great Britain appeared. Officially, the club recognized the breed only in 1886, then the dogs were called "Yorkshire terriers". The adoption of the standard occurred later, after 12 years.

The founder of the breed is considered to be U. Eastwood – a connoisseur and a true connoisseur of dog breeds. He acted as an expert on the dog show

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Evaluation of breed characteristics

Brief description of the breed

Yorkshire terriers have long been loyal companions of wealthy people and elderly women who cannot imagine their life without a doorman in the house and without actively participating in various charity events. The popularity of this doggie is constantly growing, it is connected, as already mentioned, with a beautiful, soft, silky coat and insanely expressive eyes of a dog.

The Yorkshire Terrier is very alert, he belongs to the group of easily trained dogs. This is a curious little dog. All its qualities are inherent in dogs of large breeds. The dog’s weight, as a rule, does not exceed 3.5 kilograms, therefore, it is often associated with pocket rocks. Despite their small size, Yorkies, like other dogs, require attention and love. He will be happy to take long walks, and if necessary he can become an excellent watchman.

The rather impudent character of this dog is not a positive trait that would allow keeping the dog in families with children. In addition, its small size is also the reason that says that Yorkies should not be kept if you have small children. During games, Yorkies can overdo and bite, including a child. In communication with their relatives, the Yorkshire terrier is calm enough and does not show much of a temper. Another feature of the glamorous dog is the love of barking. If yorkies start barking, then sometimes it’s hard enough

Dog Yorkshire Terrier

These little dogs came to us from the ancient North American lands. There is an opinion that this breed first appeared on the American Yucatan Peninsula,……

Dog Yorkshire Terrier

Breed dog yorkshire terrier

Dog Yorkshire terrier is one of the most popular decorative breeds. Thanks to their expressive and cute appearance, little Yorkies won the love of breeders, but despite this, they have a very contradictory character. Many perceive yorks as a living toy, and not as a full-fledged dog, which must be educated and trained from an early age. Such an attitude in the future leads to the fact that cute york turns into an evil, aggressive dog. Dogs of this breed are trying to manipulate the owner, trying in every way to attract his attention, extremely unfriendly to strangers and other animals.

The origin of the breed

In appearance, it may seem that decorative sands were bred as pets, which would be presented as gifts to high-ranking officials. But it is not. In fact, a small Yorkshire terrier was created purposefully in the territory of the small town of West-Raydenga and its main task was to destroy a large number of rodents who lived in the mines. Nimble Yorkies were perfect for this job and deftly caught many rats. They were also used to search for the accumulation of ore gases. Despite the fact that it was strictly forbidden by law to let animals into the mines, workers hid Yorkies in their sleeves and secretly brought them inside.

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Soon the dogs became extremely decorative and ceased to "serve" as rat catchers. Queen Victoria, who ruled in Great Britain in the 19th century, introduced a mandatory rule, and all events were attended by ladies only together with little York.

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Yorkshire Terrier: photos, price and features

Many who see yorkshire terrier for the first time, they may think that there is a decorative dog in front of him. A kind of accessory in addition to a handbag or mobile phone. And they will be right and wrong at the same time. The most interesting thing is that Yorkshire Terrier. very mysterious dog. And the main mystery is connected with the appearance of this breed.

Breeding history

So let’s try to sort this puzzle together. The most interesting thing is created breed Yorkshire Terrier was relatively recently – about 200 years ago. But there is no reliable information about where and when these dogs first appeared. There is a theory that derived yorkshire terriers, They were coal miners in Yorkshire-Nottenham coal basin. Workers in their mines were overcome by rats. And so, in their free time, they decided to start breeding a special Pied Piper Dog.

And by crossing three breeds of terriers, they did it. Unfortunately, accurate data on what types of terriers were used to obtain the breed has not been preserved. There is a version that was used as a peysley-terrier, boterside and clydesdem, but the representatives of these dogs did not get to our days.

There are three types of Yorkshire terriers in the world. They differ from each other in size and weight. Standard York weighs from 2 to 3 kilograms. Pygmy Yorkshire Terrier or Mini Terrier weighs less than the standard and weighs only 1.5-2 kilograms. And there is still a tiny terrier, its weight rarely falls to 1 kilogram and it can rightly be called a pocket dog. Such a dog can easily fit in a handbag.

The Yorkshire terriers are about the same in color. They are born dark and then with time they appear burnt. Color change begins with a bare

Dog Yorkshire Terrier

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Yorkshire Terrier

Coat color: Puppies are usually born black or light brown. Wool in adult Yorkshire is lighter: bluish and light brown hues appear

The Yorkshire Terrier is a room-decorative breed and is very popular all over the world. Such dogs are unpretentious to any conditions, it is easy for them to find a common language with everyone.


At first glance, the Yorkshire terrier seems to be a small toy breed, attracting the attention of beautiful silky hair and manly character. However, it has a lot of features that explain the popularity of this breed. York is a watchdog with excellent hearing who hears guests before the doorbell rings. He has no fear, it often seems that he is not aware of his small size.

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York loves his owners very much and will even sleep with them in the same bed, if allowed. The Yorkshire Terrier is energetic and loves to play with children. However, due to the small size of the dog for such games you need to carefully monitor.

Despite the cute and funny appearance, York can show character and get angry if he is forced to do what he doesn’t want to do. A certain toy appearance of this dog does not prevent it from retaining many features of the terrier’s character.

This breed is distinguished by curiosity and courage. Yorkshire terrier can be very aggressive with other animals. By nature, he is energetic and mobile, it is important for him to constantly show his originality and individuality.

Breed history

Previously, the Yorkshire Terrier breed was not decorative. It was the result of crossing different terriers that were common in England, in Yorkshire. The new breed combines the features of a black and tan terrier, paisley terrier and cladesdale terrier.

With the advent in 1873

Dog Yorkshire Terrier

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Yorkshire Mini Terrier: photos, price and features

Yorkshire Mini Terrier is a dog with a miniature size. She has a rather playful and lively disposition. Long and straight coat completely covers his body and legs. York’s muzzles give a square shape to a shaggy mustache. The character of the dog is impulsive and lively, as well as enough self-confidence.

Children and noisy campaigns are not acceptable for her, for the reason that she can react to them aggressively. The Yorkshire Terrier is ready to bark all the time and everything that moves. He is able to rush even to the biggest dog, absolutely not paying attention to the fact that the opponent is much stronger, because he does not feel his weight or height.

In order to control the emotions and behavior of the pet, it is necessary to educate him properly. Buy yorkshire mini terrier will allow you to purchase one of the friendliest dogs. She is very sociable and cheerful. Thanks to these qualities can find a common language with a host of any age.

Features breed Yorkshire terrier

With proper upbringing, York will be able to get along with other pets, whether cat or dog. The Yorkshire Terrier adores children, because of its playful nature. There is a stereotype that the Yorkshire terrier super mini does not have an intellectual, but this is not at all the case. York’s ancestors – terriers, gave him their very best qualities: fortitude, the joy of life, courage and a good mind. The dog is able to adjust his life, to the rhythm and lifestyle of his owner. Yorkshire Terrier Mini, photo which allows you to consider how this breed is miniature. Often, the pet’s weight can reach up to 4 kilograms.

York is one of the smallest breeds of dogs bred by man. His main character traits are courage and daring. Good

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