Educational Games For Dogs Do It Yourself

Even the most loving owners sometimes forget that a dog is a smart animal, mental activity is just as important for it as physical activity. The development of mental abilities, concentration exercises and stimulation of the senses will make her happier, more obedient and calm. It is not necessary to lay out a fortune on expensive educational games for dogs, no less exciting can be made from scrap materials with your own hands.

Physical and mental activity of a dog is a guarantee of a healthy mind.

A study by the zoopsychologist Anders Hallgren showed that about 50% of the dogs rest 20 hours a day, 80% of the subjects experienced various behavioral problems. The main reason for such a long vacation is the lack of classes. Most owners work too much and often simply do not know what to do with a dog in an apartment. The other extreme is overly active hosts. They run around with the dog in the morning, go on long hikes and are confident that the four-legged friend is happy if every day he returns home and falls down from exhaustion. But it is also fraught with stress.

Further study of the stress caused by excessive or insufficient load led Hallgren to a theory of mental motivation. He proposed four classes of exercises and games that would give the necessary stimulation to the brain and made it possible to avoid the stress of domestic boredom:

  • "Work nose": classes and search games;
  • Educational games;
  • Exercises for the coordination of movements;
  • Learning tricks.
  • Educational games are used for the rehabilitation of aggressive dogs, in the fight against boredom and just for fun.


For the construction of toys need a cardboard or plastic tube (diameter depends on the size of the dog). Departing a little from the bottom edge, make a cross-cut into the 1/3 section of the pipe and insert a cardboard rectangle into it. It will be a kind of flap. The finished "drainpipe" is fixed to the wall vertically. Treats wrapped in a piece of paper and thrown into the cylinder. It will not fall to the floor until the dog pulls out the flap with his teeth. The number of such obstacles gradually increase. Of course, first the pet is shown what to do.

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Educational Games For Dogs Do It Yourself

Game for dogs "Drain"

Work nose on the street

To play you will need a dog (where can you go without it?) And a big tree with relief bark on which you can put a treat. First, the treat is placed at the level of the head of the dog, and then they complicate the task: they hide it at the bottom, forcing it to bend down, and high so that it becomes necessary for it to become on its hind legs.

Educational Games For Dogs Do It Yourself

Game for dogs "Work nose on the street"


If you pay attention to the industrial intellectual games, you can see that they require a lot of ingenuity from the dog. Some elements need to be pushed back, others should be lifted. Something similar and even more interesting, you can do it yourself. As a basis it is convenient to use a tray for seedlings for 6, 9 or 12 holes. Each hole will have separate tasks. For example, such:

Educational Games For Dogs Do It Yourself

Even the most loving owners sometimes forget that a dog is a smart animal, mental activity is just as important for it as physical activity. The……

  • Wrapped in paper delicacy;
  • The hole is closed cut the top of the bottle. It will need to lift the cover with his teeth.
  • High plastic cup with a yummy at the bottom;
  • The hole is covered with a cardboard with an eyelet, for which you need to pull.
  • Above the corner holes glue cut fabric. The flap will need to lift the nose.
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You can think of their own options, given the ability of the dog.

Educational Games For Dogs Do It Yourself

Sobaak game "hodgepodge"

Snuff pad

And again the sensitive nose is connected to the game. Enthusiasts in the Netherlands invented the snuffy rug. The dog’s task is to find pieces of treats hidden in the “thick forest” of fleece tapes.

You will need a mud-cleaning rubber mat of the honeycomb type, on which a multitude of tapes of fleece or other thick fabric are imposed. At first, the delicacy is hidden under the upper ribbons, then the task is complicated by “burying” the delicacies deeper and deeper.

Educational Games For Dogs Do It Yourself

Game for dogs "Snuff Mat"

Gingerbread Man

For the manufacture of toys need a piece of plastic pipe and two caps. In the segment make several holes. Inside dry asleep food or treat, for example, sliced ​​jerky. On the sides of the pipe closed with plugs and ready. When the dog rolls the toy across the floor, sweets will fall out of the holes.

Educational Games For Dogs Do It Yourself

Game for dogs "Kolobok"

Surprise box

You will need a box and several sheets of paper. Always start with a simple, familiar with the game. A piece of delicacy is wrapped in paper and placed on the bottom of the box. They let the dog down, which must have already smelled the treat, and are allowed to get a surprise. Unfolding paper is usually not difficult.

Gradually, the task can and should be complicated. Increase the number of boxes and convolutions, some may be empty, others also put in the package. It is important that the dog remains interested, so the game should not be too difficult and long.

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Small bottle

A brilliant idea for those who do not know what to do with a dog when it is alone at home. The volume of the bottle must match the size of the pet. For large two-liter, and for the smallest – a volume of 0.5 liters. For the game make a tripod. It can have a different design and is made of any available materials. The main thing is that the bottles can be "strung" on the upper bar. Instead of a tripod, you can use a well-stretched rope.

Just above the middle of the bottle, make two parallel holes through which it is put on the bar or rope. Dry food is poured inside. To get a treat, the dog will have to paw or muzzle the bottle neck down.


To play you will need a plastic bucket or any other container appropriate for the size of the dog. To the brim it is filled with cardboard cylinders, cork stoppers, tennis balls, any other small things and poured a handful of food. The task of the dog is to get through many small obstacles to a tasty reward.

Seasoned players can complicate the task: to divide the bucket into several sections. To do this, cut a circle from cardboard of the same diameter. An u-shaped cut is made in the middle and it is bent down. This will be the handle for which you will need to pull out the interference with your teeth.

Educational Games For Dogs Do It Yourself

Game for dogs "Edible-inedible"

Educational games for dogs with their own hands will bring a lot of pleasure to the owner, and his four-legged friend.

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