Educational Games For Dogs Do It Yourself

Educational Games For Dogs Do It Yourself

Dogs are animals with a highly developed intellect, therefore, for a full life, they need not only physical exertion, but also mental exercise. I already mentioned this in the article “The Kingdom of Smells”. Unfortunately, the lives of most dogs are pretty monotonous. All day they sleep and wait for us, and then in the evening all they get is a walk, they play a little bit – and go back to sleep. As it would be hard for us to live without books, movies and music, the dog also needs to stimulate all its senses. Nose work is one of the best ways to mentally train a dog. This also includes the creation of an enriched environment. Today I will talk about how I developed a development game for Vega and what came of it.

This game is very simple, especially in light of what games for dogs now exist. But, first, it is necessary to start with the most simple games, so that they are a joy to the dog and not tired of it. And secondly, I would like to at least try to play like this with Vega, to make sure that she likes this exercise. Before buying a game that costs more than a thousand.

So, I took a simple cardboard box and in it folded pieces of treats wrapped in newspapers and dog biscuits. The game was offered to Vega in the afternoon, which I later regretted, since In the afternoon, Vega is rather sluggish and sleeps a lot, becoming much more active in the evenings, after walking and feeding. 🙂 However, Vega became interested in my offering and began to dig into the box.

Educational Games For Dogs Do It Yourself

At first she acted only with her nose, stuffing newspapers in different directions and snorting like a shunting locomotive at the station. 🙂 She naturally smelled delicacies, but could not figure out what needs to be done to get them. A couple of times she looked at me searchingly, hoping that I would help her solve this problem. However, I only encouraged her, but did not interfere. Finally, Vega managed to get a couple of delicacies (I still thought that I wrapped them up rather weakly) and she realized that she needed to somehow get to them through the newspaper. She pulled out a one-two “bundle” and took it to her on a lounger, where she dealt with them thoroughly 🙂 However, I noticed that Vega is more inclined to “bite out” the delicacy from the newspaper than to unfold the newspaper (although it was really unfolded). I had to make sure that the animal did not eat enough paper, otherwise it had already begun to enthusiastically tear pieces from it

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Educational Games For Dogs Do It Yourself

Dogs are animals with a highly developed intellect, therefore, for a full life, they need not only physical exertion, but also mental exercise. I already……

After 10–15 minutes Vega grew bolder and climbed into a box with her legs, trying to get to the treats with the help of her paws. The whole game took us about half an hour. Probably, I made too many “convolutions” for the first game, because by the end, Vega started to show signs of fatigue – yawning, licking the nose. And the interest in the game fell. The next time you need to do just a smaller "convolutions", so that she did not have time to get tired and carry out the game in the evening, when Vega herself is set to it.

There are other variants of a similar game – for example, a jackpot is placed at the bottom of the box (say, Kong, stuffed with a delicacy). To get it, the dog needs to turn over a bunch of pieces of paper, plastic bottles, etc. – they may also contain pieces of treats. There is another interesting option, called the “pan” 🙂 Several circles are cut out of the cardboard, with a diameter slightly less than the pan. A “pen” is cut out in the middle of each circle. Then the circles are folded into a saucepan, one on the other, and a delicacy is placed between them – in each layer or only in several. By reducing or increasing the number of laps, you can adjust the duration of the game so that the dog does not get tired and at the same time its ability to concentrate develops.

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Each time a dog plays differently, because the experience gained enriches its intellect and it becomes more and more savvy. It is recommended to start with the most simple intellectual games, gradually moving to more and more complex ones – with various drawers, planks, boxes, etc. In this case, the dog cannot be left alone with the game – as is the case with a small child, such games require the participation of the owner, who monitors the condition of the dog and, if necessary, prompts it (dogs learn well from our example :)). This stage is still ahead with Vega 🙂

If someone is interested in how our game was played, I recorded it on video. True, it is quite long (half an hour), but you can squander 🙂

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