Educational Games For Raising Dogs

Many dog ​​breeds possess innate intelligence. But the mind, as you know, must also be trained. Therefore, any dog ​​undergoes training. This is especially true only acquired puppies. To turn the "silly" into an obedient and educated dog by the owner. From the training depends on how pleasant and safe will be the coexistence of the dog and man.

Educational Games For Raising Dogs

Training puppies in the first 8 months of their life should be in the form of a game. For children, a strict and rigid way of education is unacceptable, since there is a chance to instill fear and, on the contrary, discourage any desire for service.

If you adhere to the following rules, playing with a puppy will become a pleasant pastime and will give positive results: 1. Games should take place in a positive way. The dog should not feel anxious and fearful. Encouragement is one of the main incentives for executing teams. Regardless of the results of the lesson, the dog must receive approval and a treat. In training, sequence is important, so only after mastering simple things should the transition to more complex games be made.

Games can be divided into the following categories

Skill Development Games

1. This game develops concentration of attention, it is possible to carry out as soon as the puppy is 3 months old. The dog sniffs under the command of "Scent" a piece of delicacy. Other pieces should be laid out on the floor. That piece, which the dog sniffed, should be thrown in the direction of the others and commanded "Search". Puppy task. collect all the pieces. If he is at a loss, he should be helped. In a complicated version of the food is replaced by inedible items that are laid out in different places.

2. The next game is designed for slightly older puppies. This exercise resembles a game in thimbles: a tidbit is placed under the containers with holes. A dog confused by mixing containers should find a treat. An increase in the number of items will make the task more complicated.

The development of intelligence game

2. Playing with the dog is useful to call used items. Over time, the dog will learn from the multitude to find exactly what the master requires of him. Diseases and Recommendations for Jack Russell Terrier

Teamwork while playing

1. The game in the team should also learn. The dog must understand who the leader is in their tandem with the owner. In this game should be deprived of aggression, its encouragement from the person. The easiest way is to induce enthusiasm in the dog to play with objects, toys. It should approve the actions of the dog.

2. Teaching the Aport team takes place with the help of two similar soft toys. After the dog learns to run after one toy and grab it, you should proceed to the next stage: both toys consistently rush in different directions. Well if the dog, picking up one, reacts to the second. After the dog loves to play in this way, the second toy should be thrown only if the dog makes attempts to bring the first owner. Diseases and recommendations Yorkshire Terrier

Games on the development and maintenance of physical fitness

1. In the lessons with the board, the dog must master the following points: jumping, walking, turning, running along the board and jumping off. Classes can be started from an early age, while it is better to use a small board located on the ground.

2. Playing with a disc, or frisbee, brings both a lot of fun. For a start, the dog must “try” the disc, learn to move behind it, grab in motion, only after that should it be thrown. Before starting the disc, the dog must run some distance in the direction of its flight.

3. Check how much the dog understands its owner in agility. This game is built on overcoming the obstacle course by a dog only with the help of the owner’s voice commands, because old age in dogs comes early. All other stimulants are excluded. Agility is a unique opportunity to show mutual understanding between a person and his ward dog.

Trixie Educational Toy for Dogs

Educational Games For Raising Dogs
Educational Games For Raising Dogs

Developmental toys are needed not only for children, but also for four-legged friends. To feed, treat, care for a pet is not enough. We still have to walk, play, learn. To pass the time and develop the thinking of a pet will help a fascinating toy.

What toys are useful for dogs

There are dogs that know all of their toys and at the request of the owner bring a rope or a bone, a duck or a stick. But mostly game items are divided according to their purpose.

Toys in order to actively nibble

Dogs of any breed love to work with their teeth. If there are no special items for this, sticks and bones will be used at best, at worst. clothes, shoes, furniture, books of the owners. If you value your property, give your pet a reasonable alternative. Perform such toys in different ways. as edible imitations of stones, rubber animals, gum massage designs, ropes. The dog should be able to wag, nibble, squeeze the object without the risk of swallowing it or choking on a torn piece. Such games allow the ward to occupy themselves and train their muscles, form the correct bite, and serve as prevention of the formation of plaque and stone.

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Educational Games For Raising Dogs

Items for aportiki and scuttle

These things will be needed both during independent entertainment of a four-legged friend, and for classes with the owner. Their dog brings on command, as well as tinkering, as with loot. Use a variety of ropes and cables with a fringe or a ball at the end, convenient for capturing and catching in the air. Also, it can be sticks, small balls or rubber tweeters that imitate caught game.

Separate entertainment from this series. Frisbee wheels. Classes in the fresh air with a flying saucer will benefit the pet and become an active fitness for the owner, will bring a lot of positive emotions to the participants of the game. If you get carried away seriously, you can participate in competitions and win the title of dog frisbee champion with your favorite.

Educational Games For Raising Dogs
Educational Games For Raising Dogs
Educational Games For Raising Dogs

A variety of toys for training aportirovke are light plastic items for use in water. The dog must swim to get to the object thrown into the water and return it to the owner. The thing must be strong enough and keep well on the water surface.

Toys for interactive activities

When the beloved owner is not at home, the dog must be bored and wait for a long time. It gets annoying very quickly, the animal shows signs of depression. You can take a pet with the help of toys, programmed, for example, to start balls or bounce by inertia. For some time, the dog will be distracted from the expectations of this activity, in parallel developing dexterity and speed of reaction.

Educational structures for dogs

The principle of operation of such game sets. search for a tasty morsel in complicated conditions. To get to the desired delicacy, the pet needs to be smart and quick-witted, open something, pull, push, lift or push. Sometimes they are made in the form of complex puzzles that can not be solved by every dog. Do not underestimate your ward. dogs are very intelligent by nature, they will be happy to show not only physical strength and dexterity, but also the ability to think.

Educational Games For Raising Dogs

These are the main types of dog "dowry". Often, toys are multifunctional and allow you to simultaneously solve problems and sharpen claws, develop jaws. Let us dwell on intellectual amusements for four-legged friends.

Toy and dog character

In the selection of interactive and educational toys, it is important to take into account the character and temperament of your pet. For example, a fast moving dog can get on its nerves by having to carefully examine a cunning construction in search of a solution. On the other hand, a calm imposing dog will be surprised by a skipjack that persistently flashes before his eyes or quickly gets fed up with a device that requires constant movement.

Educational Games For Raising Dogs

Many dog ​​breeds possess innate intelligence. But the mind, as you know, must also be trained. Therefore, any dog ​​undergoes training. This is……

Educational Games For Raising Dogs
Educational Games For Raising Dogs

In addition, the need for different types of training varies with age, puppies prefer to just bite and nibble, adult dogs are ready to pull, search, catch, hunt with interest.

Watch out for the safety of the chosen object so that it cannot be swallowed, bit through to sharp traumatic pieces, fill the stomach with the contents of the toy. The material must meet the criteria of strength and non-toxicity. Usually it is cotton, leather, rubber, wood. Unpleasant smell, peeling paint, loose parts attached are unacceptable. This is evidence of poor workmanship. Trixie’s Gamble Tower Toy. what is interesting design

Consider a developing toy for dogs of this company, Gamble Tower, built in the form of a funny tower:

Educational Games For Raising Dogs
Educational Games For Raising Dogs
Educational Games For Raising Dogs
Educational Games For Raising Dogs
Educational Games For Raising Dogs
Educational Games For Raising Dogs

1. Housing. This is a cylindrical transparent structure of four "floors", the partitions between which comprise three neat plastic trays with low sides. The height of the tower. 35 cm, on top it is covered with a tight lid.2. The design is placed on a stable round base, made of lacquered MDF, with a diameter of 25 cm. Under it are attached rubber feet that do not allow the stand to slide along the floor. On the trays, the host folds several pieces of treats and slides them into the slots of the cylinder. Each "plate" on the side has a rope loop, for which the tray is pulled out. When a pet copes with this, the treat falls out and becomes available for eating. On the body of the stand there are three grooves in which a delicacy is also hidden, on top of it is covered with plastic cones. To get to these secluded places, the pet needs to remove the cones upwards, just turn them over.

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A hungry dog ​​quickly finishes "treasure hunting" and with appetite will destroy the extracted snacks. If time allows and mood. the dog can systematically examine the caches, slowly finding hidden treasures and absorbing them one after another.

The first time a treat should be placed in the tower without the presence of a pet, so that he can reflect on the ways of extracting treats. In the future, the toy will turn into a familiar, but very favorite game. Your four-legged friend will feel the excitement of the earner, the pleasure of successfully overcoming obstacles and communicating with the encouraging owner.

Educational Games For Raising Dogs
Educational Games For Raising Dogs
Educational Games For Raising Dogs

Gamble Tower allows a dog to develop and maintain an intellectual form, it is better to carry out the tasks set before it, to adapt to the environment faster. The toy is designed for the first level of complexity, suitable for training puppies, if their growth allows you to reach all the partitions.

In training the dog, positive and trusting relations with the owner, recognition of his strength, power and gratitude for the care shown, contribute to success. Therefore, the game with the tower promotes the process of training due to the attention and contact with the ward.

Trixie. brand loved by pets and their owners

Toy Gamble Tower. just one example from the company’s many thousands of products. On its production lines houses and trays for cats, cages, feeders and drinkers for rodents and birds, decor for decorating chic aquariums are born.

The main features of the brand. simplicity and functionality of products, and also reasonable prices. The development of new products involved in the marketing department of the company, comprehensively studying the needs of animals. Employees are passionate about work, share love for animals, often personally test new items before launching into production.

Educational Games For Raising Dogs
Educational Games For Raising Dogs

Over the four decades of market presence, the company has evolved from a modest single-player business to Germany’s largest producer in the zoo market segment. Only the company’s warehouse space covers an area of ​​more than 4 hectares.

The head office is located in the town of Tarp in the north of Germany, today it employs 300 people from this small village. Trixie products come from a warehouse in 60 countries around the world.

By purchasing a toy Gamble Tower from Trixie, you deliver a real delight to your pet, and a fascinating observation of the treasure hunt will gather the whole family. Order smart fun and have fun!

Educational games for dogs do it yourself

Dogs are animals with a highly developed intellect, therefore, for a full life, they need not only physical exertion, but also mental exercise. I already mentioned this in the article “The Kingdom of Smells”. Unfortunately, the lives of most dogs are pretty monotonous. All day they sleep and wait for us, and then in the evening all they get is a walk, they play a little bit – and go back to sleep. As it would be hard for us to live without books, movies and music, the dog also needs to stimulate all its senses. Nose work is one of the best ways to mentally train a dog. This also includes the creation of an enriched environment. Today I will talk about how I developed a development game for Vega and what came of it.

This game is very simple, especially in light of what games for dogs now exist. But, first, it is necessary to start with the most simple games, so that they are a joy to the dog and not tired of it. And secondly, I would like to at least try to play like this with Vega, to make sure that she likes this exercise. Before buying a game that costs more than a thousand.

So, I took a simple cardboard box and in it folded pieces of treats wrapped in newspapers and dog biscuits. The game was offered to Vega in the afternoon, which I later regretted, since In the afternoon, Vega is rather sluggish and sleeps a lot, becoming much more active in the evenings, after walking and feeding. 🙂 However, Vega became interested in my offering and began to dig into the box.

At first she acted only with her nose, stuffing newspapers in different directions and snorting like a shunting locomotive at the station. 🙂 She naturally smelled delicacies, but could not figure out what needs to be done to get them. A couple of times she looked at me searchingly, hoping that I would help her solve this problem. However, I only encouraged her, but did not interfere. Finally, Vega managed to get a couple of delicacies (I still thought that I wrapped them up rather weakly) and she realized that she needed to somehow get to them through the newspaper. She pulled out a one-two “bundle” and took it to her on a lounger, where she dealt with them thoroughly 🙂 However, I noticed that Vega is more inclined to “bite out” the delicacy from the newspaper than to unfold the newspaper (although it was really unfolded). I had to make sure that the animal did not eat enough paper, otherwise it had already begun to enthusiastically tear pieces from it

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After 10–15 minutes Vega grew bolder and climbed into a box with her legs, trying to get to the treats with the help of her paws. The whole game took us about half an hour. Probably, I made too many “convolutions” for the first game, because by the end, Vega started to show signs of fatigue – yawning, licking the nose. And the interest in the game fell. The next time you need to do just a smaller "convolutions", so that she did not have time to get tired and carry out the game in the evening, when Vega herself is set to it.

There are other variants of a similar game – for example, a jackpot is placed at the bottom of the box (say, Kong, stuffed with a delicacy). To get it, the dog needs to turn over a bunch of pieces of paper, plastic bottles, etc. – they may also contain pieces of treats. There is another interesting option, called the “pan” 🙂 Several circles are cut out of the cardboard, with a diameter slightly less than the pan. A “pen” is cut out in the middle of each circle. Then the circles are folded into a saucepan, one on the other, and a delicacy is placed between them – in each layer or only in several. By reducing or increasing the number of laps, you can adjust the duration of the game so that the dog does not get tired and at the same time its ability to concentrate develops.

Each time a dog plays differently, because the experience gained enriches its intellect and it becomes more and more savvy. It is recommended to start with the most simple intellectual games, gradually moving to more and more complex ones – with various drawers, planks, boxes, etc. In this case, the dog cannot be left alone with the game – as is the case with a small child, such games require the participation of the owner, who monitors the condition of the dog and, if necessary, prompts it (dogs learn well from our example :)). This stage is still ahead with Vega 🙂

If someone is interested in how our game was played, I recorded it on video. True, it is quite long (half an hour), but you can squander 🙂

The similar

Toys for dogs, educational and interactive

Educational toys for dogs

Developmental toys are needed for every child in order to better and comprehensively explore the world. A puppy. This is also a child, albeit a dog. Toys are a link between the owner and the dog, and also give the opportunity to the puppy not to be bored while you are away. What toys may most interest our four-legged friend. Need to remember that puppy. This is a small predator. In the toy, he is attracted not by the brightness (dogs do not distinguish between yellow-green and orange-red gamma), but functionality, the ability to wag, nibble, and catch up with the toy.

These characteristics are quite consistent with different balls * cast (when buying, pay attention to the size of the ball, it should fit in the mouth and not be too small to avoid swallowing it) * hollow, thanks to the ability not to sink, are suitable for playing in water (material from which the toy is made should not be too soft, so that small pieces are not swallowed), it is not recommended to leave the puppy with this toy alone * soft, cloth (it is easy to make independently of old rags or tights * tennis m are loved by all little dogs (it is advisable to use second-hand balls, their pile will rise and not clog your pet’s stomach) – soft toys (made by DEZZIE) – Bundles or ropes will suit puppies that have teeth changed. Pick up the size according to the dogs mouth and your pet can feel like a hunter seizing prey.

-Rubber toys * with squeakers will suit puppies that are in a tooth change, they will be happy to massage the jaw, but always in your presence (a huge selection of shapes from Trixie toys) * with a treat inside (Ferplast. A toy with a treat dispenser, KONG, VITAKRAFT- balls for treats)

-Toys from plastic. excellent prevention against deposits of stones on the teeth, pay only close attention to the quality of the claimed material

-Dog racetracks released by Fit Fur Life, thanks to this device you can fight obesity and increase the lifespan of your pet. Prices range from $ 1,200. $ 3,500

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