Educational Toy For Dogs – Gamble Tower

Many dogs lack mental and physical stress, which leads to boredom and disturbed behavior.

Interactive toys are designed to occupy and stimulate your pet’s active activities.

Also encourage interaction between the owner and the dog, help in establishing good relationships.

– the dog must pull out the crates in the correct order to get the treat

– tower with 3 drawers and additionally with 3 cones

– non-slip due to rubber feet

1. This game is intended for joint games of the dog and the owner. Do not leave the dog with a toy unattended.

2. Put the toy somewhere so that the dog can look at it from all sides and find the most convenient place to play.

3. Create a tranquil environment for dog training. We recommend individual training (if you have more than 1 dog, train one dog, preferably in a separate room).

4. Set small goals and do not expect too much from your dog. Thus, you will have fun time training.

5. To avoid overloading your dog, training should be short (maximum 15 minutes), you need to repeat them several times a day.

6. First, help your dog perform tasks to maintain motivation. It is necessary, especially at the beginning, to associate the game with a positive result when she quickly achieves results and receives a reward. First, you can give the dog a treat when she looks at and tries the toy . As soon as your dog realizes that this is a “game for food”, she will soon understand the task and will be glad to carry it out.

7. If your dog does not perform the task, try to cheer her with praise and strokes. It is better to return to the previous, easier task if it has not reached the next goal. Never scold or punish your dog.

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8. To awaken your dog’s interest, first fill the containers with a treat. In the future, to increase the level of complexity, you can do it in her absence.

9. Choose the right start time. After the dog has been fed, wait approximately 1.5 hours before the game begins. You can also feed the dog during the game, using treats instead of regular dry food.

Educational Toy For Dogs – Gamble Tower


Many dogs lack mental and physical stress, which leads to boredom and disturbed behavior. Interactive toys are designed to occupy and stimulate your……

10. Always start the game with a signal (for example, PLAY!) And end with a signal (for example, STOP!) Immediately after the dog has eaten all the goodies. If your dog understands the signal, award it with an additional delicacy and finish the game positively.

11. Training should always end successfully.

Attention: There are no “right” or “wrong” concepts in this game. Each dog, like a human, is individual and will find its own ways. Let your dog decide: do the task with a muzzle or with his paws, pull or push parts and in what order . This means your dog may differ from these instructions, which are tips for finding an approach to your dog. However, your dog may show inclinations that are not described in these instructions. However, do not allow your dog to take toys or break them (often, it is a sign of frustration or excessive demands).

We wish you and your dog have fun and success in training.

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It is necessary to perform workouts one by one. Increase the level of difficulty of training only if your dog has successfully mastered the previous stage of training. Praise the dog after each successful action.

You can start training:

1. Use dry delicacies to make them easy to get from the tower.

2. First remove all sliding shutters. Place a treat inside the tower to show the dog how it is pulled out of the hole at the base of the tower. Let the dog eat the treat and repeat this exercise several times. The dog will understand that he will always get the treat through the hole at the base of the tower.

3. Put a treat in the presence of the dog on the bottom flap. To make it easier for the dog, do not slide the valve completely inside the tower. Thus, even slightly pulling, the treat will fall. Give the dog a signal, for example, PLAY! Now the dog will try to pull and pull the flap. Help her if there are any difficulties. Show the dog how to pull the flap using hinges. To attract the attention of the dog to the loops, you can reward the dog with a treat for touching the nose or the muzzle. Praise the dog, especially during the first attempts.

4. Repeat this exercise until the dog understands that she is getting a treat when she pulls out the flap.

5. To increase the level of difficulty, slide the valve a little further into the tower a little further.

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6. When the dog has understood how to get treats, also use the second flap. Put treats in both dampers.

7. After your dog has learned how to push both flaps, you can also start using the third flap. Make sure that the lid is at the top of the tower, so that the dog does not get the treat through the hole.

8. When the dog has learned to play with all three valves, you can again increase the level of difficulty. Put the treat at the top and / or in the second flap, with all the flaps must be in the tower. Now the dog has to push all the flaps, even empty ones, to get a treat.

1. Start training with one cone. Put the treat under the cone and place the cone in the existing hole on the stand. Raise the cone and show the dog what is hidden under it.

Now let the dog try to raise the cone to get a treat.

2. Repeat this exercise several times until the dog can easily lift the cone and pick up the treat under it. Then complicate the task by placing another cone with a delicious delicacy under it on a wooden stand. In order not to overstrain the dog from the very beginning, put a delicacy under each cone.

When the dog learns to play with the tower and cones, connect these two elements, and each time create new games for your dog.

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