Flying Plates For Dogs

For a popular sport with a dog. dog frisbee, or for amateur games with a pet you need a flying disc, of which there are several types.

Popular disc manufacturers

The Russian company produces discs for frisbee under the brand Doglike. Products are made of plastic, resistant to low temperatures and safe for the health of the animal. They are suitable for games on the water, because the plastic does not sink. Products are produced in diameters of 18 and 25.5 cm. Doglike frisbee starts at 180 rubles.

Company Kong (USA) produces many types of toys for dogs, including wheels for frisbee. Products are durable and resistant to damage. Rubber discs are flexible and at the same time hard, so it is convenient to capture and hold them in the mouth. It should be noted that the products have an excellent range.

Rubber glowing plates produced by an American company Nite ize inc. Products are durable, have good buoyancy, which is important when playing on the water. The material is safe for animals, and the finished product does not damage the teeth during the capture of the disk in flight. Replaceable batteries, responsible for the luminosity of the plate, are protected from moisture by a plug. The price of a drive for dogs Nite Ize Inc starts from 1000 rubles.

Flying Plates For Dogs

Professional wheels Hiperflite (USA) are available in several categories, for example Jawz (in translation – "jaws"), the most durable and resistant to damage. Jawz flying saucers are chosen by athletes, but there are other products designed for dogs of different ages and grip strength. The plates are made of durable plastic, with a diameter of 17.5, 18, 22 and 23 cm, in various colors. The surface of the disc is matte, so they do not glare when throwing. Some products remain stable in flight, even with headwinds. The cost of products is about 630-1300 rubles.

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Flying Plates For Dogs

For a popular sport with a dog. dog frisbee, or for amateur games with a pet you need a flying disc, of which there are several types. Popular disc……

Flying Plates For Dogs

Plates Petstages orka Made from synthetic rubber or silicone, safe for dogs. Products are intended for amateur games, fly well and do not lose plasticity in the cold. The plates are produced with a diameter of 14 and 23 cm. The products are manufactured by an American manufacturer, but in fact they are manufactured in China. The price of toys is 400-800 rubles.

Plastic discs for dogs produced by a Chinese company I.P.T.S. The cost of products starts from 700 rubles, but the quality leaves much to be desired. Toys are not resistant to damage and wear out quickly with frequent use.

StarMark company produces lightweight wheels EasyGlide Durafoam Discs, good buoyancy. The products are made of soft foam, so the toys keep on the water and glide smoothly through the air, but they are short-lived.

How to choose a dog frisbee drive

First of all, you should pay attention to the material from which the plate is made. After all, the distance and speed of flight, durability depends on the material. Basically disks for dogs are made of durable plastic, which is well washed, but rubber products have wear resistance and temperature resistance. There are also fabric plates, which are distinguished by a low price, but due to their lightness they fly badly, and the material is not resistant to damage.

If water games are practiced, then the buoyancy of the product is important. But such toys do not always have good flying qualities.

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On the flight quality of the product affects its shape and weight. Quality should be assessed carefully when it comes to professional dog-frisbee. To check the interest of the dog in the game, it is advisable to purchase inexpensive toys, but it is important that they fly and do not damage the dog’s teeth and gums.

For puppies should choose softer discs. Their puppies will catch with pleasure, while the plates will not have a negative impact on the bite. By the way, you can practice dog frisbee with a puppy from the age of 3 months.

It gets dark early in winter, but dogs enjoy playing in the dark. Therefore, you can buy a plate, glowing in the dark. There are products that glow from batteries or due to the presence of phosphorescent substances.

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