Frisbee For Dogs

A frisbee is a disc or plate that is thrown to a dog. He must catch her.

This sports game with a dog is already recognized by all and loved in many countries and cities.

It is played with both people and dogs. In the case when the game is played with a dog, it is called a dog frisbee.

Frisbee – a game for dogs

Frisbee is not just throwing a disc, it is a sport. Frisbee, as the game came up with American Alex Stein. He began to think how to attract the attention of the people to this exciting game. And in 1974, on August 4, at a stadium in Los Angeles, he ran out to the baseball field during a baseball game and began throwing his Whippet breed to his dog. Ashley, that was her name, showed herself with dignity, catching the disc at 3 meters high.

The police immediately arrested the violators of order. But, all the same, the main goal was achieved. One of the audience liked this idea so much that by paying a deposit, he saved Stein from prison and gave money for the first dog-frisbee competition. It was a businessman Irv Lander.

In Russia, dog-frisbee competitions have been held for about 10 years. In this game it does not matter the breed and size of dogs. The little sheltie here can compete with the German cheek, and the elegant Maltese with the Bull Terrier.

There are several disciplines in the dog frisbee, in each of which you can break into the lead, becoming the champion:

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Let us examine each discipline in more detail.

№ 1 Shots on accuracy.

Competition organizers make markings on the field with flour. This is done in order to divide the site into 4 points. Why precisely flour? Yes, because if you do the marking paint, there is a risk of poisoning the dog. And the flour is perfect for this purpose. The size of the site is 45 meters long and 18 wide.

The essence of the discipline:

The dog must catch the disc as far as possible from the start line. For this, she gets a certain number of points. A team of judges monitored and recorded hits.

Attempts are given as much as the master can make throws in 1.5 minutes. The timekeepers closely monitor the time. The winner will be the one who has time to make as many successful shots as possible, the further, the more points will be awarded.

Frisbee For Dogs

A frisbee is a disc or plate that is thrown to a dog. He must catch her. This sports game with a dog is already recognized by all and loved in many……

How to throw a "flying disc"?

From the master’s ability to give an accurate throw, very much depends. If the disc is launched into the side, it will fly out of the site. Fly too low, the dog will immediately catch it and earn a few points.

Important: The plate should be run at an angle of 30 degrees and exactly in the center of the site.

And in order for the dog to catch the disc before it touches the ground, it must be given an aport command, then the dog must accelerate and catch the disc.

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How to teach a dog to play frisbee?

  • It is best to train in the company. Dogs quickly grab that. What others do.
  • The plate replaces the bowl puppy, so he gets used to it.
  • And when the puppy is used to the plate, you can start learning.
  • In the form of the game they are taught to drive, encouraging the initiative with a delicacy.
  • Next, learn to grab a plate by the edge and strictly at the command “ketch”, which means in English “catch”.
  • Finally, after a month you can start throwing. Gradually increase the distance, throwing further.
Frisbee For Dogs

In training, the dog must learn to bring the disc not only to the owner, but also to the handler. More experienced dogs are sure to return the disc to the one who threw it.

Therefore, they can participate in competitions not with the owner, but with the handler. So. They call a trainer, a professional who works with a dog to start a disc.

№2 Roll.

At competitions for beginners, young, still inexperienced dogs participate. Puppies compete in only one discipline – rolls. Rollom is a rotating plate. To catch a plate in flight, dogs up to a year early. They can get hurt.

As in competitions for adults, puppies perform for a while. 60 seconds are given for throws. According to the rules, you need to grab the disk by the edge while it rolls, do not let it fall to the ground.

№3 Frisbee freestyle.

This is the most difficult and spectacular discipline in this sport. Freestyle are tricks with a plate. The dog and the owner perform an acrobatic program of 7 compulsory stunts.

  1. Jumps, flights;
  2. Joint movement;
  3. Pass in a straight line;
  4. Jumping with support;
  5. Handler catches the dog in the air;
  6. Cascade – a series of throws;
  7. Throws at a distance.
Frisbee For Dogs

The performance is given only 2 minutes. Each element of the judge is scored from 1 to 10. The champion title is played only among adult participants. Playing frisbee with a dog is very useful for both the owner and his pet. Dogs show all their agility and speed of reaction and get the title.

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So, it’s time to sum up. Today we learned about such an exciting game and at the same time a serious sport like Frisbee. If you have a dog, then by all means try to teach her to catch a flying disc. Who knows, maybe it has the makings of a champion.

And lastly, we suggest watching the video:

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