Funny Gifts, Soft Dog Bone Master Class

Master class on creating soft bones for the dog

I bring to your attention the creation of a pleasant gift for your dog or for your friend’s pet. If your dog is cheerful and loves to play, if she is young and nibbles everything she sees, such a gift to her will be very useful. After all, you can pleasantly stick your teeth into it and try to tear pieces of skin from it.

So, we need: pieces of fleece or other fabric. And pieces of leather. Fleece – very easy to use and very soft to the touch material. Therefore, it is pleasant and easy to sew from it. And to play too – even more so!

From the fleece cut out two parts of the bone.

Next, cut out the skin of the desired figures, which will sew to the bone. Sew them on every detail of the bone on a typewriter or by hand. You can sew any thread and any stitch. The main thing is that it was interesting to tear off pieces of leather, but it was very difficult to tear off!

Funny Gifts, Soft Dog Bone Master Class

Master class on creating soft bones for the dog If your dog bites, If, playing, he rushes to his feet, You give her a soft gift, With your own hands do……

I cut out hearts, diamonds and a bow. You can come up with many more options – cats, booth, bone.

Funny Gifts, Soft Dog Bone Master Class

Here are two such funny details.

Next, fold the two parts of the bone with leather pieces inside and sew them, leaving a small hole.

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We turn the bone through the left small hole, through it we fill the bone with a padding polyester.

Funny Gifts, Soft Dog Bone Master Class

Sew the hole seam over the edge. Our bone is ready! We present our gift to our dear friend. The dog is pleased, he now has a new toy.

And at the same time a pillow!

The gift is tested on our small and super-active puppy. She is now gnawing at everything that comes her way. Bone she really liked. She gladly runs after her, throws herself up and catches her, and in the evening falls asleep with her in her arms.

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