Games For Dogs At Home

Is the weather forecast disappointing for the coming weeks? Your dog is not quite healthy right now and are you looking for an opportunity to do something with it? You and your pet do not understand why games for dogs should always be on the street? In this you are absolutely right. You will need: a couple of square meters of area where your dog can safely turn. What else? Nothing, except that there is in any household. And, of course, a favorite treat.


For this game, literally anything can serve as a barrier – flower pots, twisted blankets, shoe boxes, the master’s foot. Put a barrier (or several barriers) so that the dog could not crawl under him or bypass.

You motivate the dog with a toy or treat to jump over an obstacle. It often helps if you first go this way together. And if you have a large family, you can unite by two people, and each couple will make a barrier, taking each other’s hands. When the dog has mastered it, you can add a voice command "Barrier". When calculating the height of the barrier, consider the height of the dog.


Games For Dogs At Home

Surely you at home or in the country there is a hula hoop hoop. Teaching the dog to jump over him, as always, start with a simple one. For starters, you can clamp the hoop between four chairs – two on the left and two on the right, so that it does not fall. At the beginning of the study, the hoop must be touching the floor. Now you have free hands, and you can start the game.

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As soon as you explain to the dog (with the help of a treat) what it should do, you can remove the chairs and take the hula-hoop in hand. Again with the help of a treat, show the dog with your other hand where to go (inside the ring). It should get a little familiar, because the chairs are removed, which means that the conditions have changed a little.

Games For Dogs At Home

Is the weather forecast disappointing for the coming weeks? Your dog is not quite healthy right now and are you looking for an opportunity to do……

Gradually, you can tear off the ring from the floor, offering the dog not to “enter” the ring, but jump. When your pet succeeds in playing this game already well, you can add a voice command. Another version of this exercise is to fold your arms so that you can make a ring (one hand on top, the other on the bottom), and squat down. The dog will have to jump through the ring from your hands.


A game for experienced dogs. Purpose: the pet climbs into the tunnel, which ends with a kind of "bag", your dog must get out of this tunnel. To play you will need a chair or bedside table and a cotton blanket. Lay the rug on a chair so that its sides hang down and create a tunnel effect. The front part should hang down so that it seemed that the hanging part of the blanket formed a “bag”. Well, if you train the dog in this game you will be with an assistant.

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The dog sits down in front of the tunnel. You go to the other end of the obstacle, where our “bag” is located, pick up the part of the plaid lying on the floor, make eye contact with the sitting dog and call it. As soon as she passes through the tunnel and is near you, praise her and give him a treat. In the next step, lower the edge of the rug a little, covering the exit, but still not completely. Your voice is an additional guide for the dog. So gradually, again and again, lower the rug to the floor until a “bag” is formed and the tunnel becomes longer due to this.

Please note that the blanket should be well fixed on the chair so that it will not fall when the dog is marching through the tunnel.

It is also important that if during the exercise you find yourself near the tunnel, and not at the end of it, avoid talking. This can lead to the fact that the dog will be guided by your voice and just get confused in the tunnel. And we can not allow this.


Why not try parkour at home? Put the chair back to the table or bookshelf. Put something interesting (toy) on the shelf. To get it, the dog will have to jump on the chair at the beginning. Beginning dog insure against falls.


Put the ladder on the floor. Explain to the dog, with the help of a treat, that when walking on it, she should step on the floor in the space between the steps. Gradually lift one end of the ladder above, you can put it on a pile of books or a shoebox – so that at the end of the obstacle the dog would have to step on the steps without touching the floor. If the dog is afraid, do not force it, complicate the game gradually. Ensure that the surface of the ladder is not slippery.

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