How To Care For A Puppy

Before, he carelessly floundered in the tummy of his mom-dog. And then something pushed him out of the cozy cradle. A wondrous world surrounds the newborn puppy with various smells, sounds and sensations.

The baby has learned to warm up, having nestled on the warm abdomen of a caring mommy or having gathered together with brothers and sisters. Sometimes he was taken into the hands of huge two-legged creatures. His beauty touched them and played with him. As soon as he got used to this situation, several unknown giants took a puppy in their arms and took it with them.

It was like a new birth. The roar of cars and the smells of city streets, bright lights and voices of passersby. Then the frightened and confused baby was brought into an unfamiliar room and placed on the floor. Every puppy is experiencing such feelings on the way to his family.


Surely, as soon as the four-legged pet appears in your apartment, all the households will want to stroke it, hold it in their hands and please with some yummy. But for the puppy, the new owners are still strangers. He may be frightened by loud cries, hugs and hid in a corner.

  • Let the baby get used to, get used to the new smells and sounds.
  • When he is interested in you, iron him and gently pick up.
  • Take two hands at the same time under the seat and chest.
  • Remember, puppies are very clumsy, and therefore sensitive to falls from a height.

This is the most difficult

How To Care For A Puppy

The acquaintance was successful. But ahead is the first night, which can turn into a test for both the owners and the pet. Most likely, the puppy will not be able to sleep alone without mom and brothers. Strange Sounds from the street and the neighbouring apartments, shadows and outlines of objects – all this will frighten the crumb.

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Perhaps he will whine for fear, or even howl. Alas, it is impossible to take a touching pet with you to bed. After a year, he will turn into an adult dog, and you will not explain to her that you have washed your laundry, bought an expensive bed, or got married. Solve this issue before the puppy.

Place the dog bed away from radiators and drafts. Blowing this corner will be near your bed. You can calm the pet, not getting out of bed and not including the light. It is better to equip the bed in a basket or house. There the puppy will feel safe.

Litter to fit the size of the pet. You can make it out of an old blanket or sweater. Sew for her several schematic covers – it will be easier to keep clean. Feed the puppy an hour before bedtime, and before bedding, you reduce it to the toilet tray. Yes, this, too, should be at your home at first.

How To Care For A Puppy

Before, he carelessly floundered in the tummy of his mom-dog. And then something pushed him out of the cozy cradle. The newborn puppy is surrounded by a……

Did the pet doze off on the cold floor? Immediately transfer it to the litter. You can put a warm heating pad under the bed and a soft toy nearby. If the baby starts to whine, gently talk to him and stroke. Let it pass several nights, but soon he will get used to the apartment and stop worrying at night.

How to live without the street?

How To Care For A Puppy

If the breeders have not vaccinated the puppy, you will have to vaccinate it yourself. Note: this is a mandatory measure of pet health care! In any case, before the procedure and within a month after it, it is impossible to take the baby to the street, and this rule has no exceptions. That is why the baby will need the house at home.

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Highlight a puppy place for "wet cases." It is better to choose a corner in the toilet, near the balcony or at the front door. Then it will be easier to teach the dog to the street.

  • Spread newsprint, diaper on the floor or use a cat tray with a special filler that absorbs liquids and odours. You can slightly soak these materials with dog urine so that the place gives the pet the right association.
  • As a rule, puppies go to the toilet after eating, playing and sleeping. So be extremely careful at this time and do not leave your pet a single step. Is the kid spinning and crouching?
  • Carefully transfer it to the prepared place.
  • When he does his work, be sure to praise him in a kind, calm voice. But do not flatter yourself if everything was successful the first time.
  • Reinsure and clean the carpets in the rooms where the dog is allowed to go.

A puppy will not just make a puddle in the wrong place. Just do not scold him for it. He still does not know how to tolerate and does not understand the reasons for your anger. If “trouble” happened, take the baby to the tray, and next time be more vigilant.

Mutual education

How To Care For A Puppy

For the full development of the young dog need to communicate. She loves to play with people and explore the environment. Therefore it is impossible to leave her alone for long. It is better to take a vacation or a few days off at a time until the puppy masters in a new place. Need to be away for a while? Leave plenty of toys so that the baby doesn’t get bored.

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Do not use in this quality the old unnecessary things that have the smell of the owners. Subsequently, the baby will not be able to distinguish such toys from your shoes and clothes – and write disappeared. It is better to buy him cast rings and a ball made of rubber, toys for dogs that cannot be instantly gnawed or, especially, swallowed.

Of course, even a slide of sports equipment can not help if the kid is bored, while you are not at home, and he, left to himself, has a great experience. So you have to change a lot in your lifestyle. You can no longer scatter shoes anywhere, leave unattended a trash can or half-eaten lunch, open doors in all rooms or entrance.

If you came home and found that the puppy chewed shoes or "opened" the chair, late curse. Punishment should follow immediately after the offence. The dog has long forgotten about the incident and happily meets the returning owner. She is waiting for affection, and if she gets a beating, she will start fearing you as an unpredictable and aggressive "subject."

To wean the pet from bad habits, try another method. For example, tie it to his favourite slippers … pot covers and places them on a table nearby. When the dog tries to drag off the slippers or starts frolicking with them, the covers will crash to the floor and scare her. A couple of such incidents – and the puppy will bypass the side of the slipper, like any other object with a homemade "alarm".

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