How To Choose A Bag Carrying For Dogs

Why use a carrier?

Carrying is necessary for dogs of different breeds in the following cases:

  • During close and long journeys with the owner. In buses, airplanes there is the possibility of passage of animals in the luggage compartment. Without a bag, this is impossible. This is especially true for medium, large dog breeds. A small dog when traveling in the cabin, sitting in a cozy bag, does not cause safety to passengers.
  • During a long walk, little dogs get tired. It is better to bring them home in a warm cozy house in the form of a bag. At the time of conflict with an aggressive dog, it will protect the pet from the inevitable stress.
  • During a visit to the vet. Vaccinations, preventive examinations, unavoidable situations associated with injuries, tick bites, pet diseases require visits to not-so-pleasant rooms. Many dogs are afraid, they fearfully react to the processes carried out by a stranger. Bag carrying creates additional protection for them, reminiscent of their own home walls. In cases of severe injuries that have created poor mobility in dogs, going to the doctor without a bag is not possible. When participating in exhibitions, the pet will look beautiful, calm, waiting for the queue of performances in a familiar, warm house.

Transportation of dogs carried out using various types of devices, for example, containers, boxes, cages for animals. The principal difference between the bag of carriage is the possibility of close contact with the owner.

Varieties of dog carriers

Bags for transporting dogs may vary in size and shape. In order to transport small rocks, today’s textile industry offers a much larger selection of such products. Average dogs can pick up a special bag with a frame.

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Admirers of fashion trends are offered products with logos of famous brands and other glamorous accessories that have no functional load and are purely decorative.

If you plan to travel with a dog, ask the transport company about the requirements and restrictions for such transfers. It is strictly not recommended to rent such bags from familiar pet owners. Even if the dog bag is well washed, it still retains the smell of another animal.

How To Choose A Bag Carrying For Dogs

If you get a used carry – it must be washed several times, dried in the hot sun and treated from the parasites. You must put your dog’s toys or personal items in the bag. You can rub the inside of the wall with a shred of wool. It is not necessary to use perfume fragrances – this can cause discomfort in an animal.

First of all, on sale you can find bags of various sizes, but, for representatives of decorative rocks, the range of models is much wider. If the owners of the dog follow fashion trends, then they have the opportunity to purchase a carrier, made in the form of branded handbags, equipped with branded logos.

For medium-sized dogs, bags with a skeleton are released. The main types include the following:

  • Bag for carrying on the shoulder – the carrier looks like an ordinary handbag, but it has a hole in which the pet sticks its head out. Equipped with a zipper bag, there are quite short straps for carrying the dog under the arm. This model is not particularly convenient, as the dog is not able to change position freely and there is no free access to air if the dog is in the prone position. Among these, the most successful option is a model made by the beach type.
  • Box – available in two types – frame and without it. The walls of the product are made of transparent materials, so that the animal has the opportunity to watch what is happening around and get oxygen. Most often, the owners choose a carrier for their pets, made in the form of a travel bag, in the form of a soft cozy house, or a covered cage with special compartments for dog things. The last two options can serve as a full bed.
  • Slings and ergonomic backpacks – all parents of young children dream of such an accessory, but today manufacturers of accessories for animals adopted this idea. In this case, the pet is always in the chest area of ​​the owner, this area is considered as the safest place for children and small dogs. And the owner is always free hands and the correct distribution of the load on the spine. You can purchase both an open model and a closed one. In the closed backpack the pet sits, and in a sling it can assume a lying posture. For the wearer, the ergo-backpack is the most convenient, as its design exerts less strain on the back.
  • "Trolley" – made in the form of boxes on wheels. A good type for miniature and medium pets, constantly accompanying the owner. The downside is that the shy little dog does not feel protected separately from the owner and seeing the constant flickering of someone’s legs.

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