How To Choose A Carrier For A Cat Or Dog

Carrying for cats or dogs is, in fact, the “second home” for your beloved pet. Therefore, the choice of this must-have accessory for every pet owner needs to be approached very carefully. It would seem, what can be special in a simple device for transporting a domestic animal? However, there are a number of requirements that must be met. Let’s take a closer look at what these requirements are.

Perhaps we should start with a couple of words about why, in fact, it is necessary to carry. Unfortunately, today many owners of cats and dogs are so obsessed with unrestrained love for their four-legged friends that they do not even admit the thought of the harm they can cause to others. Even the most innocent at first glance mongrel can, if not bite, then surely spoil the clothes of a passerby, defending the natural need in an inappropriate place. And what about the big and aggressive dogs. Of course, cats are less dangerous to society, but in order to avoid conflicts, which, by the way, can lead to problems with the law, it is necessary to isolate their four-legged child from outsiders.

By the way, the danger can sometimes be caused not so much by animals, as on the contrary – the people around them. Despite the fact that we live in a civilized country, where there is criminal liability for cruel treatment of animals, the movements of so-called “dog-hunters” still appear in society. This terrible phrase is familiar not by hearsay to many dog ​​breeders. Dog-Hunter is a man who considers it his duty to kill dogs for profit. It is difficult to understand the motives of these people’s actions and we will give up trying to make it to specialists in the field of psychiatry. In addition, around is full of maniacs, mentally unbalanced citizens, difficult teenagers and many other people representing a potential danger to your pet. Often, even while on a leash, the beast is left without protection. Therefore, the use of carriers today is more relevant than ever. But how to choose the best?

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First you need to think about the friendliness and comfort of your friend. The size of the basket must match the size of the animal and even exceed it slightly. They say that the beast must move freely in the container, having the ability to do at least 3 steps. Also, if you plan to transport the animal over long distances, then it is better to take care of a reliable plastic carrier with a door closing. This is required by the rules of transporting animals, for example, in airplanes and trains.

As we have said, the size of the carrier should be matched to the size of your pet, therefore, depending on the breed, size and other individual characteristics of the animal, you need to select and carry the appropriate size. Speaking of plastic containers, it is worth noting that, in addition to the animal, a bowl of food or a drinking bowl should fit inside it. The animal should not be crowded, because it is not a cage, but only a vehicle, his personal car.

How To Choose A Carrier For A Cat Or Dog

If you are a responsible owner and want to preserve the health and nerves of your pet, buy him a comfortable carrier. After all, your pet deserves the best!

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