How To Choose A Carrier For Cats And Dogs

How To Choose A Carrier For Cats And Dogs

Time Out Pets tells how to choose a carrier for cats and dogs

Your pets also sometimes travel, they can go with you to visit, on vacation, to the country. It happens that the pet has to be carried to the vet. Any caring owner has a question, what is the best way to transport an animal so that it is comfortable for him.

Some believe that there is enough bag for small dogs or cats, it is simple, practical and does not attract too much attention. But in reality, bags for animals are completely inconvenient: they almost do not allow air in them, it becomes hot and stuffy in them, the bottom of the bag bends under the weight of the pet. Ordinary bags can only be used if you need to move an animal nearby. In all other cases, it is worth purchasing a special carrier, since the choice is very large today.

How To Choose A Carrier For Cats And Dogs

This option is good because it has a hard bottom, on which a cat or small dog will sit comfortably. When purchasing such a carrier, make sure that the frame is flexible, elastic and at the same time stable. The disadvantage of such bags is that they are most often made of synthetic materials, so animals can be hot in them. Choose carry with special nets for ventilation.

Such a carrying will be safer for the animal and will protect it in the event of a sudden fall or collision with any objects. This box is convenient to wash and clean, and inside you can lay a mat or absorbent diaper to make your pet more comfortable. These boxes are well ventilated, and for those who have a large and heavy animal, there are boxes on wheels.

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How To Choose A Carrier For Cats And Dogs

Backpack or sling

The main advantage of such a carrying is that the hands of the owner remain free. Backpacks are quite roomy, with good ventilation, so the cats and dogs in them will be comfortable. But do not forget that a four-legged friend should not remain in a backpack for a long time, since an animal can only be in a sitting posture. In addition, it can shake and rock while walking. Slings are suitable for animals whose weight does not exceed 8 kilograms. Sitting in a sling, a cat or dog looks to the side, besides, he can lie down calmly. When choosing a backpack or sling, check that the seams are firmly and well stitched and all accessories are in order.

How To Choose A Carrier For Cats And Dogs

In fact, it is a bag on wheels for transportation of an animal. The trolley bag can be both fabric and plastic. You need to choose it as an ordinary suitcase – for the strength of the wheels and the handle, and also for it to be well ventilated. The minus of the trolley bag is that the roar of the wheels may frighten the animal, therefore it is better to teach the animal to this type of transportation in advance.

Most cells are used to transport large animals, some airlines recommend them. The advantages of the cage are that it is well washed and ventilated and serves for a long time.

Worth remembering

When choosing a carrier, make sure that the pet feels spacious in it, consider that the drinker and the tray should be placed in the carrier. The dog must have enough space to turn 360 degrees. For a cat, choose a carrier to have enough space for two cats. All fasteners, belts and handles must be durable.

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Your pet should have its own carrying, take the device from a friend, even if you only need it once, it is unhygienic. For any carrying you need to begin to teach the animal a few days before the trip.

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