How To Choose A Dog And Vitamins For Her

How to choose a dog

If you decide to have a dog, it is advisable to carefully consider the choice of pet. You choose not a toy that will fulfill your whims and desires. First of all, you get a friend. Therefore, you need to carefully study his habits, character and appearance. Of course, the pet has an effect on the owner. The acquisition of a four-legged friend has a particularly positive effect on children. The dog should act well on their development. If you buy an animal for a baby, then explain to the child that it is not a toy, but a friend for whom he is now responsible. You can take care of a puppy together. This will not only bring you closer to your child, but will also teach him responsibility. In order for a dog to become a true friend, and not a burden, you need to take a serious and responsible approach to choosing a dog breed. After all, each breed has its own character and needs.

When choosing a long-haired dog, consider whether you have the opportunity and time to look after your appearance.

If you have a busy schedule, it may be better to choose a dog with short hair, for example, a pug dog. But short hair does not mean no care. It is also necessary to bathe and comb the dog, although much less often. Diseases and recommendations for Huskies

Some dogs have almost no wool, and they molt very little. Choosing such an animal, you will not constantly rush around the house with a brush or vacuum cleaner. But they sometimes need hair removal, especially if you want to participate in exhibitions. These breeds sometimes have hairs, and the dog loses its attractiveness. For example, bare crested breed. For hair removal, there is such a procedure as epilation. Small dogs are very easy to carry. With them it is easier to travel, take out for a walk, transport in a car or public transport. They occupy less space in the apartment. If you are told that little dogs constantly bark, then this is a controversial opinion. Much depends on education and, again, character. If you teach your dog to behave correctly, then such problems will most likely not arise. In order to properly raise an animal, you need to do a lot with it. From a very young age puppy needs to pay more attention. Diseases and recommendations for the French Bulldog

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How To Choose A Dog And Vitamins For Her


How to choose a dog If you decide to have a dog, it is advisable to carefully consider the choice of pet. You choose not a toy that will fulfill your……

When choosing a breed, it should also be noted that all dogs have different degrees of learning.

Some dogs are trained very easily. Others need time to learn and correctly execute commands. But even small dogs should be trained. You want to grow a good friend and companion, and not a capricious whimsical creature. Not the last place in the choice of breed plays and your material condition. The dog needs to be fed. Also consider and spending on the services of a veterinarian, vaccinations. Some animals require special care: haircuts, gurming, hair removal. Many short-haired dogs in the winter will be cold and may have to buy them clothes.

After carefully studying the breed, choose a suitable dog so that it fits not only in your interior, but also in the family. First of all, when choosing a dog, discuss the breed you like with your pets, because everyone living with you will have to communicate with a new family member. Check with dog breeders and veterinarians. Consider different options, because you are buying not a toy for a while, but acquiring a friend. And even having defined the breed, look at a few individuals. Maybe, just looking at the puppy, you realize that this is exactly what you were looking for. Even if the puppy is mongrel, it does not matter. Find your advantages in this: dogs of mixed breeds Klamber Spaniel less susceptible to genetic problems than pedigree.

How To Choose A Dog And Vitamins For Her

But it’s up to you how to greet an unfamiliar dog. After all, choosing a dog, you must love him and take care of him, paying maximum attention.

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