How To Choose A Toy For A Dog

Games are an integral part of every dog’s healthy, fulfilling, happy life. Special toys help to keep the pet active and cheerful.
If you have a puppy in your home, you can help the newcomer get comfortable faster by surrounding him with care and his personal belongings. special toys and accessories. You will not always have time for games and communication, and the dog-being active and inquisitive, unlike a cat, will not be able to lie for hours on the couch in a meditative posture removed from society. It is worth taking this purchase seriously, as a toy. This is not just entertainment for a young dog, but a way to experience the outside world. The puppy in the hours-long game prepares for adult life, learns to protect its territory and “hunt”. Adult dogs also play with pleasure.

What are toys for?

How To Choose A Toy For A Dog

one Health. Puppies, like young children, all try to a tooth. This is due to the period of the change of teeth, and kids know the world in this way. Therefore, toys for puppies should be not only for games, but also for teeth. In addition, toys for puppies will help get rid of loose teeth during the game, and avoid going to the dentist and anesthesia to remove milk teeth. Another advantage of toys is that they can distract the puppy from licking and biting its body. Adult dogs with the help of special toys get rid of plaque, massage the gums.

2 Antistress. It happens that the dog is left alone at home, in this case it is very important that she had something to occupy herself with. Therefore, a sufficient number of toys will save furniture and things from the teeth and paws of the pet. Experts note that for a dog the process of chewing a toy is equivalent to reading a book at bedtime for a person. allows you to calm down and tune in to sleep.

3 Training apparatus. Active games help dogs throw out the accumulated energy and keep themselves in good physical shape, and many toys are designed for joint games with the owner, which in turn makes their relationship more trustworthy.

four Attribute for training. Favorite toy can be a kind of stimulus or even encouragement during training. For example, it is possible with a regular or glowing ball to teach the command “aport”. Also with the help of toys you can improve discipline.

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five Development. There are so-called interactive toys. Such toys are used for the development of intelligence. These toys can be used for both small and large dogs.

When choosing toys should pay attention to:

• Material from which the toy is made latex, rubber, fabric, plastic. Beware of children’s toys are not suitable for dog games, as they can be dangerous, small parts can be torn off and swallowed.
• Consider the size of the toy, it should not be too small for the pet to swallow, and not too large for it to fit comfortably in the mouth
• Your pet’s temperament. Not all toys are suitable for a particular dog. A dog with a phlegmatic type of character is unlikely to enjoy a frisbee, rather it will bring more pleasure to him toys that can be chewed.

 Does the dog spend a lot of time around the fridge trying to get something tasty out of it? Delight her with a toy in which you can put a piece of delicacy.

Does your puppy guard a pair of socks? Probably, soft toys will suit him.

How To Choose A Toy For A Dog

Games are an integral part of every dog’s healthy, fulfilling, happy life. Special toys help to keep the pet active and cheerful. If you have a puppy in……

 Did your dog chew on more than one pair of shoes? The best for her acquisition will be durable rubber toys that she can chew

 Maybe your dog is very energetic and will never give up the fun game? Stop your choice on balls, frisbees or floating toys.
If you only brought a small puppy into the house and do not know what his temperament is, buy him 5-6 different types of toys to figure out which ones you like best.

• The pet’s age plays an important role when choosing a toy. So for puppies and older dogs it is worth buying toys from softer materials, fabric, soft rubber. For adult dogs, purchase toys that are more durable.
• Toys with irritants such as squeaking or making a sound, glowing. You can interest any dog ​​with such toys, and therefore the purchase of such a toy will be justified. Attention, sound toys must be quiet, otherwise you risk losing the interest of the pet, due to his constant stress from the loud sound.
• Where will be used at home or on the street. It is important that the dog can use a toy on the street for active physical exertion: balls, frisbees, tug-of-war ropes. For the home, it is better to choose soft, interactive, rubber or rubber to nibble.
• Toys must be made of safe non-toxic materials that do not have an unpleasant peculiar smell.
Regularly check the integrity of the toys: if you find that your puppy’s toy is damaged, be sure to replace it. In no case should the dog be allowed to swallow gnawed parts. This can lead to gastrointestinal problems.

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Here is a list of the most common toys.

one. Ropes (ropes for dogs) These toys perform three functions:
• Firstly, they are the so-called broomstick toys. The dog stuttering the rope, imitating a fight with the prey, so we advise you to choose a larger rope so that the dog feels its weight and the “prey” is realistic.
• Secondly, due to its elongated shape, the ropes are great for training the team "aport".
• Thirdly, ropes for dogs are good for the mouth. Teeth, penetrating the inside of cotton fibers, gently cleaned.
Toys-rope differ in size, so you can choose the right one for your dog. Also ropes can be with additional toys, such as rings, sticks.

2 Balls for dogs Playing with the ball will help the dog throw out the accumulated energy and be in good physical shape. There are several types of balls for dogs: floating, with squeakers that are suitable for active games with the dog at home or for a walk.

3 Stuffed Toys. Many dogs love toys with squeakers very much: it is pleasant to sleep with them, it is convenient to carry them in their teeth and you can even nibble them a little. However, they are not suitable for all dog breeds! When buying such a toy for the first time, follow the reaction of your puppy. If he quickly breaks through it and tries to eat the filling, take it away and replace it with a stronger one, for example, rubber.

four. Frisbee. Great toy for older puppies and adult dogs. Fun and active game with frisbee, which are suitable for active games with a dog for a walk. Diversify your walks and help you learn to feel each other better. For dogs with strong jaws durable rubber frisbee will do. Smaller discs are a good fit for small dogs.

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five. Chewing toys. Such toys help the dog to relieve stress, clean the teeth, massage the gums and are especially necessary for the puppy during the period of changing teeth. Chewables are most often made from rubber, vinyl, or rubber. Latex or vinyl toys are best for puppies – they are more elastic and soft, they do not injure bite. For rodent dogs it is recommended to choose toys more carefully. Such toys may have additional openings for filling with food or treat, which will attract the attention of the dog.

6 Interactive toys. They will be learning and entertainment for your dog at the same time. They are designed in such a way that the dog has to take complex and diverse actions to achieve the desired result. As a rule, food acts as an incentive: dry food, small pieces of treats. Most interactive toys. This, in fact, trough, but unusual: complex structures in the form of stones, balls, irregularly shaped figures with holes from which food is poured out.
This type of game and feeding at the same time is suitable for dogs that are reluctant to eat from normal feeders. or, on the contrary, they swallow food too greedily and hastily, which may cause problems with digestion. In the process of playing with an interactive feeder, the dog gets a little food, in small pieces.
Interaction with interactive toys activates the brain, trains the memory and keeps the dog in good shape.

Old sneakers, shoes and other clothes are not suitable for games, as the puppy will grow up, he will understand that the shoes standing at the door are also his toys and they can be nibbled.

It should be remembered that it is not right to simply offer a puppy or an adult dog a toy and leave, leaving him alone. You need to teach your pet to play, so that he becomes interested and understand what he needs to do.

Toys are a great help, they provide an opportunity not only for our pupils to have fun and develop, but also for us to experience vigorous impressions. Do not forget that, taking home a puppy, you take the responsibility for a living creature dependent on you.

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