How To Choose A Toy For The Dog

How To Choose A Toy For The Dog

Pets are like little children. They also need care and attention. They have the same energy pouring over the edge and there is no limit to their pranks. They are also naughty and are in a bad mood. Both those and others with curiosity learn about the world around them and strive for all that is unknown. And because adults always have to anxiously watch them, sometimes not only with affection, but also with a share of excitement no matter how it happens.

And kiddies and mischievous shaggy creatures need a variety of exercises and exercises. They should be not only interesting and entertaining, but also developing them intellectually and physically. Neither the little ones nor our little friends can be left to themselves. Such independence can turn into a series of unpleasant surprises. This remark is especially true of four-legged fidgets.

id = "1 ″> Why do dogs need toys?

Dog nature from nature tend to constantly try on the tooth all sorts of objects. Because they often gnaw everything that comes their way. Puppies thus relieve pain in the process of changing teeth. Adult dogs strengthen their jaws and clean their teeth. Chewing helps them overcome boredom, get rid of the fear of separation and anxiety. Correction of behavior is to start with a puppy age, then the owner will acquire an obedient dog and his things will be in order.

How to choose toys for a dog correctly?

It is important to know! The size of the toy is of great importance. When choosing it, you should consider the age and breed of the dog. Dangerous is the one that is completely placed in the mouth of the animal. He will not be difficult to swallow it. But too much will have a puppy too tough and will be inconvenient to play.

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How To Choose A Toy For The Dog

How To Choose A Toy For The Dog

Pets are like little children. They also need care and attention. They have the same energy pouring over the edge and there is no limit to their pranks…….

Tennis balls also often arouse interest in dogs in their shape and mobility, but in no case should owners be allowed to play with them, as they grind down their puppies.

Toys are:

Round. Animals love to play with them at any age. Most often, these are elastic balls of various sizes made of smooth or corrugated rubber, hollow inside.

Stuffed Toys. They are made of fabric and look like children. For playful creation, they will be an excellent substitute for master sneakers. He with great pleasure wears her down to the holes. However, it should not be plastic stripes and parts that the dog could swallow, carried away by the game.

Soft latex toys with a squeaker inside. A puppy is attracted by the beep, which they emit when it squeezes or bites them.

Solid toys. Made from dried veins or rubber, they will be useful for a dog during a tooth change. Some of them are presented as a delicacy. When the dog gnaws such treats in the form of artificial bones, at the same time, mechanical cleaning of the teeth occurs at the same time. Also, a special compound produces an antibacterial effect, eliminating the unpleasant smell from the mouth.

Flying saucers, as well as toys for fitting. With them it will be easy for the owner to conduct active outdoor activities with his pet. Thrown object causes the desire of the animal to immediately get involved in the game and rush after him in pursuit. Such training is especially useful for the physical health of the dog.

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In addition, whether it be a plate, special dumbbells or jute sticks, all of them are designed to inculcate in the pet the habit of returning them back to the owner, and therefore such activities can be excellent lessons on obedience and loyalty to the owner.

Toys "constriction". Such fun resembles a well-known children’s competition – tug of war. In its role can act as a rope braided rope, and a ring of different diameter and thickness (hauling in the form of a ring can also be used as an apportable object).

In this game, the owner must always win. Otherwise, the dog will feel its superiority and its character will be formed in the wrong way. If the owner is the winner, he thus establishes his unconditional leadership.

It is worth noting that such games are permissible only with pets that have reached one and a half years. Usually by this time their bite is already completely formed and such exercises will not harm it.

Interactive toys. These are all kinds of designs of different levels of complexity. They develop the intelligence of the dog and motivate its behavior. Some of them look like labyrinths with hiding places in which a delicacy is hidden. It makes the pet think how to get it.

In some cases, the animal needs to work hard to get it. Shaggy prankster will need to move the puzzles and lift the pyramids, using the nose, legs and teeth.

Any of the presented toys can be excellent entertainment for the whole family. But it is worth considering that not all animals are equally interested in the same toys. Therefore, owners need insight. For a while, they should watch what attracts their mischievous people most of all.

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