How To Choose The Right Carrier For The Animal

The bag should have enough space so as not to hinder the movement of the animal, it should be possible to sit, lie down, stand up and even curl up. Be sure to have in the bag ventilated space for access of air.

Casual carrying bags vary by winter, summer and all season.

Winter handbag more warmed, sheathed with natural or artificial fur. If you dress your dog in a warm winter suit, then take care that the bag is a little more usual so as not to hinder the movement of the dog.

Summer the handbag is more ventilated so that our pet is comfortable in hot and sultry weather. It is advisable to choose more breathable material for the summer bag; the more ventilated windows the better.

All season carrying, mainly made of dense water-repellent fabric, can be insulated. With one mesh window.

Bag carrying plastic.

Indispensable for transporting animals in airplanes. The container must comply with the standard of the International Air Transport Association – ІАТА. The main rule of the air carriers is that from the withers of the dog to the ceiling of the container there should not be less than 10 cm, and the dog should also be able to lie down, sit down and stand in a carrying bag.

For transportation in the cabin, only one pet per cage is allowed.

In the cabin of the aircraft allowed transportation of animals weighing no more than 8 kg, the animal must be in a special container, the sum of three dimensions of the container should not exceed 115 cm, standard dimensions: 55x40x20 cm. The container must be well ventilated and be airtight. The animal is forbidden to leave the limits of the container during the flight. The container should be under the seat in front of the chair.

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The pet is not included in the free baggage allowance and is charged separately at the reception.

Plastic carrying is not interchangeable when transporting an animal in a car and public transport. For convenience, put your pet in a soft pad or mattress.

Plastic carrying is very easy to clean, completely disassembled. Wheels are mounted on some models, which is very convenient for transporting animals in bulk and heavy containers.

Carrying awning or exhibition tent.

How To Choose The Right Carrier For The Animal

It is necessary for an animal who frequently travels to exhibitions, tournaments or to nature. They weigh little and are waterproof and can be used as a pet house anywhere.

Bag carrying backpack.

This model is made in the form of a backpack, shoulder straps, rigid frame, mesh for ventilation.

Bag carrying house.

Unique design, very comfortable soft plush bottom, a lot of nets for ventilation. It is used as a bag, but if you unfasten the top, it turns into a comfortable bed.

Bag carrying hole for the head.

Comfortable handbag, worn under the shoulder. Inside the bag there is a special attachment to the collar, to hold the animal. Such bags differ in seasonal, light ventilated and warmed.

Cage carrying.

Relevant for the transport of fighting dog breeds. It has a rigid metal frame and is suitable for air travel standards.

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