How To Choose Toys For Dogs

The dog, in addition to the equipped personal space, must have interesting objects, namely, a variety of toys that will not only help the child to adapt to the new place, speed up the process of socialization, but also will not allow the dog to be bored when she is alone at home. By their nature, puppies are very curious and quick-witted, and each new interesting object, according to the dog, will definitely be tried for a tooth. If a caring owner does not take care of toys for his pet, the puppy will certainly find entertainment on his own, using slippers, slippers, owner’s personal belongings or home furnishings to play games. In the previous section, we looked at what toys for dogs are, but it is very important that the chosen toys for entertainment and pet games not only please the inquisitive kid, but also be absolutely safe for his health.

What you need to know when choosing toys for a puppy

It is not necessary to take away toys from the dog, give them to other dogs or even children. Never scold a puppy if after a couple of hours a new acquisition has turned into a shapeless object. Replace the toy by choosing a product from a better, more reliable material. To make the dog feel happy, get a lot of various toys to your pet, which should always be in the accessibility zone .. At the same time, you should not immediately give the dog pre-acquired toys, as the dog will quickly lose interest in them or they will become worthless during active games.

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When choosing toys for a puppy, first of all you need to pay attention to their quality parameters and the safety of the materials used to make them. Children’s toys, especially plush stuffed toys, are completely unsuitable for entertaining puppies. They may contain unsafe dog fillers, toxic dyes (especially substandard Chinese-made toys), small items that, once ingested by animals, can cause poisoning and blockage of the digestive tract. In addition, the sharp teeth of an inquisitive pet will very quickly turn the toy into an obscene object, having dealt with it, the dog will lose interest in it.

How To Choose Toys For Dogs

The dog, in addition to the equipped personal space, must have interesting objects, namely, a variety of toys that will not only help the child to adapt……

The materials from which toys for puppies are made should be hypoallergenic, harmless, non-toxic, and not have an unpleasant pungent chemical smell. Preference should be given to vinyl, rubber, latex products. Do not buy too bright toys, as the materials may include toxic dyes. For puppies, fighting dog breeds, choose products from durable materials – latex, reliable plastic, molded rubber.

Features of character, temperament of a dog

When choosing toys, consider temperament, preferences, features of character, interests of your dog. Offer your pet a variety of options, different configurations, size, colors. The dog will independently choose and determine that it is more suitable for entertainment.

For example, hunting dog puppies adore plush soft toys with squeakers, rubber bird figures with dangling legs, which are associated with caught prey. Kids-hunters will gladly wag "prey" in different directions, having fun rushing around with an interesting object around the apartment or hiding it in secluded, inaccessible places for others.

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If you notice that a pet likes to get something from under the sofa, spin around the refrigerator, knowing that there are snacks in the middle, please the dog with interactive toys in which you can hide the treat and the puppy, showing all your intelligence, will get it.

If the kid tries to nibble imperceptibly on your slippers, scold your pet for tricks by offering him some rubber, latex toys, chewing toys, which will become an alternative substitute for your shoes. For active, energetic dogs, Frisbee flying saucers, balls, floating toys, Kottonovye ropes in the form of "8", pullers. Active walks for dogs are vital, so the Frisbee plates will not only help in mastering the Aport team, but will also be a great entertainment for you and your pet. Give preference to plastic or rubber disc plates. For dogs with strong jaws suitable "anti-vandal" flying discs Frisbee. If the pet has an unacceptable energy – ideal version of the pullers (toy-projectiles), which contribute to the mental, physical development of the animal, allowing you to get over the accumulated energy.

Size, age of dog

Choosing toys for a four-legged friend, you need to take into account the age and size of your pet. The fun should be of such a size that the animal can take it into the mouth. Too large toys will not interest small breed dogs, and vice versa, small toys are not suitable for entertaining puppies of large breeds, they can be dangerous for the health of the dog. During the game, the dog may accidentally swallow a small ball. With regards to age, consider the general physiological condition of the pet, the state of the teeth, gums. For a puppy of large breeds latex rubber products are suitable, for old and small dogs – soft cotton options.

How To Choose Toys For Dogs

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