How To Develop Intelligence Dog

How to develop social intelligence

“People exist for each other,” the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius once said. Is it so? Everyone has to answer this question on their own, because for someone the meaning of life is to be the king of the party and constantly be in the spotlight, and for someone to protect themselves from the world and stay alone with themselves for as long as possible. However, we all live among people, which means we should be able to build relationships with them as efficiently as possible. A highly developed social intellect will help us to understand how to achieve this, and we will talk about what it is.

Using the term “social intelligence” for the first time in the 20s of the last century, the American psychologist Edward Lee Thorndike spoke of it as the ability to achieve success in interpersonal situations, to behave wisely in relationships and even the ability to control other people [Torndike, 1920]. In the concept of "social intelligence", he included two abilities: "to understand other people," as well as to know, "how to behave with them." That is, for example, if you turn to Leo Tolstoy’s “War and Peace”, then, according to Thorndike, the handsome Andrei Bolkonsky, he had developed social intelligence, had not only to guess why Natasha Rostov preferred him to Anatol Kuragin, but also to figure out how to behave properly with a non-permanent lady in a similar situation.

In the future, another American psychologist Henry Allport made his contribution, describing social intelligence as one of the eight personality traits necessary to understand people well. He believed that social intelligence is associated with the ability to express fast, almost automatic judgments about people. If you follow the thoughts of Allport, the sloths from Zveropolis are not the owners of high social intelligence.

Russian sociologist and psychologist M.I. Bobneva first described the phenomenon of “social intelligence” in

How To Develop Intelligence Dog

How to develop memory?

Most people realize the important role memory plays in our lives. Indeed, the development of memory has a positive effect on the processes of thinking, imagination, attention. And without this effective mental activity can not be achieved. Psychologists have proven that the connection of memory with the intellect really exists, and it is possible to develop the intellect through the development of memory. The actual topic in our time, how to develop a memory in a child, how to develop a memory in adults, deserves special attention.

How to quickly develop memory

There are a number of conditions, observing which, you will be able to more effectively develop memory in yourself or your children. First of all, take care of a well-ventilated room. Mentally working in a stuffy or smoky room is strictly forbidden, since a sufficient amount of oxygen in the blood is necessary for the normal functioning of the brain.

In addition, the body needs to sleep for a sufficient amount of time. An adult will be 7-8 hours a day, a teenager will need a little more. 9 hours. Without getting enough sleep, the brain will work worse.

If you touch the issue of smoking, then, of course, a smoker who develops memory will have greater success than a person who is not dependent on tobacco and does not work on memory. But the work on memory in a smoker’s person will be slower than in a non-smoker. Drinking alcohol also makes memorization worse, reduces brain performance.

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The first exercise is to describe what exactly your yesterday was doing in minutes. If you have a certain "failure" in the memory, do something else, and after half an hour try to remember again.

Take any item, carefully examine it for 30 seconds, then close your eyes and try to reproduce it as accurately as possible. If some parts are not clearly defined

You can develop your intelligence: 5 ways to maximize your cognitive abilities

Do not pursue goals that are easy to achieve. It is worth aiming at what can be done with difficulty, having made considerable efforts – Albert Einstein

Despite the fact that Einstein was not a neurobiologist, he knew exactly when he spoke about a person’s ability to achieve something. He intuitively guessed that only today we were able to confirm with the help of data, namely: what makes cognitive abilities work at the highest possible level. Essentially: That which does not kill you makes you smarter.

Most recently, my teacher told me that people are not good at controlling their intelligence. It was genetically incorporated at birth. He explained that the efforts made to develop children’s intelligence (for example, using programs like Head Start) were not very successful after putting them into practice, and besides, as soon as the “training” ended, they immediately returned to initial low level of cognitive abilities. Indeed, the data confirmed this, and he (along with many other researchers of intelligence) came to the conclusion that intelligence cannot be improved, or at least the changes will not be lasting.

You see, before embarking on this stage of my research, I started working as a Specialist in Behavioral Therapy, teaching young children with autism. These children had a number of cognitive impairments – my task was to train them in areas that were not sufficiently developed to bring them as close as possible to the level of functioning, like their peers. In order to achieve the goal, in the treatment process we used a variety of methods, or Multimodal Education (when using the maximum number of methods for entering information).

How To Develop Intelligence Dog

How to develop social intelligence “People exist for each other,” the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius once said. Is it so? Everyone has to answer this……

How to develop intelligence. Exercises and recommendations

But for starters, I would like to dispel a number of misconceptions, common myths about intelligence, before going directly to practical recommendations.

How To Develop Intelligence Dog

It is believed that intellectual abilities, a type of thinking (a mathematical-analytical mindset, a humanitarian warehouse) are given from nature and further are determined by upbringing and development in childhood, which sets the basic foundation for our type of thinking and level of intelligence development in adulthood. This is partly true, but only partly.

Myths and Misconceptions about Intelligence

This leads to the erroneous conviction that once the formation of the mind and the abilities of the brain has already taken place, then the intellect is not at all what you need to look after, what needs to be trained and developed. This is a special case of what I am talking about in the article about whether you can change yourself; in which I exposed the well-known myth that you cannot change yourself. Only I spoke about character and abilities in general, but this is also true of the capabilities of the brain.

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Yes, I agree that you need a very happy set of circumstances to become Einstein: on the one hand conditions conducive to the formation of the mind at the level of the genome, on the other – correct from the point of view of genius personality formation, upbringing and development of abilities in childhood. But I categorically do not share the conviction that a person is not able to develop intelligence, since his abilities did not receive the necessary impetus at a young age or were not given from birth.

Each of us can achieve an acceptable level of intellectual qualities, you just need to make an effort and not give up. It may seem that I am repeating myself somewhere, but in fact I’m just going back to the principle that underlies my system of self-development: within each person there is a potential and you just need to show these

We take a puppy girl toy poodle, she is only two months old. It seemed very frisky and clever. + breed. upper class. But what about the mind ?? After all, we take a family member for many years.

Everyone knows that you need to develop dogs exercise, but do not forget about the intelligence of dogs, their memory and determination. Dogs have an instinctive need to adapt to the environment in which they live, it can be stressful if they are not psychologically prepared and their skills: adaptability, memory and reaction are not developed. With the help of various games we will achieve that our dog develops intellect and has fun. With these exercises we will ensure that our dog or puppy increases its ability to solve problems.

The first thing we have to keep in mind while playing with our dog is that, regardless of the game, we are in power and we decide when the game starts and when it ends.

One of the exercises that stimulates the intelligence of dogs is “running with obstacles”. This test helps the dog to solve problems and motivates the dog to get a reward.

We can stack the two chairs together on the floor, forming a barrier. Leave the prize on the opposite side of the dog, while she sees it. When everything is ready, let the dog decide how to get to the prize. Instead of two chairs, we can put any apparatus or furniture that will allow to surround the dog, pass from above or below.

We can complicate the exercise, adding obstacles, time the dog so that it is faster each time or indicate with the help of the teams which road it should follow. With this type of test we will achieve to increase the determination of our dog. And also, with the help of this type of games / exercises, we can test our dog’s ability for sports requiring dexterity.

Hide a prize for some

All trainers recognize that there are certain differences in the level of intelligence and ability to train in different breeds. However, there is no doubt that there are significant differences in abilities and between dogs within the same breed. Therefore, not all winners. collie and not all collie. winners

Much depends on the skill level of the trainer. "If you are a good enough trainer, then you can transform a dog of a ‘stupid’ breed into a truly ‘smart’ one." The difference when working with dogs of different breeds is in the degree of difficulty or ease with which a certain level of training of a dog of a given breed can be achieved, and in what the absolute maximum of training is. Stanley Coren, a psychology professor at the University of British Columbia and author of The Intelligence of Dogs, compiled a scale of intelligence for dogs of 133 breeds. The basis for his research was the answers to his questionnaire, sent to them to all the judges of the dog rings of North America.

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The places from the 1st to the 10th divided the breeds of dogs that are distinguished by the highest intelligence in terms of obedience and working qualities. Most of these dogs will be able to demonstrate an understanding of simple commands in five or less demonstrations, as well as are able to memorize them without the particular need for repetition. They obey the trainer’s team on average in 95% of cases. Moreover, they react to the command almost instantly, even if the owner is at a considerable distance.

Places from the 11th to the 26th divided the breeds of dogs, characterized by excellent working qualities. Training a team can take from five to 15 repetitions. Dogs will remember teams perfectly, although practice can improve results. Such dogs will react to the first team in 85% of cases or more often. In the case of complex commands, they may experience some

How to develop intelligence. Effective exercises and recommendations

Those who are interested in how to develop intelligence, exercises and recommendations can be given different. There are people who believe that after graduating, they will no longer have to work on their mental abilities, memory, thinking, and attention. But psychologists have long proven that the lack of development leads to degradation, so the recommendations given below are always relevant.

Intellect properties

The analytical unit helps to split information, divide it into logical fragments. These abilities help to compare and compare different pieces of data, to find relationships between them.

Logic is responsible for the ability to reason and think. This feature of intelligence is necessary for the ability to make clear consistent conclusions.

Predictive capabilities are aimed at planning the future, taking into account possible alternative scenarios.

The properties of intelligence are no less important. Among them are the speed of performing mental operations, the autonomy of the mind from the senses and external stimuli, the depth and breadth of the mind.

Tip! To determine the degree of development of certain intellectual properties, special psychological tests are used. One of the most popular and reliable diagnostics for IQ (IQ) is a study developed by Eysenck. But it should be remembered that it is mainly aimed at studying only one side of intellectual activity – the logical one.

Importance of reading

Despite the fact that modern technology allows you to enjoy video shows and audio books, this cannot be a complete replacement for reading. Moreover, the choice of themes of works should be approached very seriously. There are books leading to development, and there are those that seek to counter

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