How To Easily And Easily Make A Toy For Your Favorite Dog Or Puppy With Your Own Hands

Toys for puppies and dogs do-it-yourself, soft puzzles, cords

How To Easily And Easily Make A Toy For Your Favorite Dog Or Puppy With Your Own Hands

Ball Puzzle

To make such a toy is very simple. For its manufacture will need (Fig. 1):

  • tennis ball
  • strong scissors
  • some dry food

A 1-2 cm incision is needed along the line of the ball pattern (Fig. 2).

The arcuate incision is more difficult to open than the straight one and the puppy will have to tinker with it. A little dry food should be put inside the ball – the toy is ready (Fig. 3).

For small puppies, you can prepare a simpler version of the puzzle (Fig. 4).

Plastic men

For young dogs, it is advisable to make educational toys so that the animal can practice its skills. To make a little man you need:

  • a couple of plastic jars of candy of different sizes
  • 4 plastic bottle caps
  • piece of rope
  • awl or knife

This toy is convenient because the damaged parts can be replaced periodically with new ones. At will, the toy can be added with any other elements.

In a can of a larger diameter it is necessary to make four holes – two near the neck parallel to each other and two at the bottom.

Previously, it is necessary to drill holes in the covers sufficient to allow the rope to pass through them. The rope should be cut into 4 equal parts.

A rope is threaded into each of the covers and tied at the end. The other end of each of the ropes must be threaded into the hole in the jar and also tied.

The second jar must be stapled with the first. If the thread coincides, one can be screwed into another, if not – the banks can also be sealed together with ropes. The result will be a funny little man (Fig. 5).

Toys for dogs with their own hands should not be too complicated in execution – they will still be enough for a maximum of a week. You can simplify the previous toy, without the second can. In the bottom of the first several holes are drilled into which the ropes are pulled. At the end of each of the ropes must be strong knots (Fig. 6).

Homemade cords

Puppies of any breed love to gnaw around. In order to protect things and furniture, you can make your animal a few ropes. For the manufacture of the cord it is necessary to prepare several pieces of fleece – it is soft enough and will not be able to injure the teeth and gums of the animal. Colors and sizes depend solely on the desire of the master (Fig. 7, 8, 9).

Fleece pieces need to be cut into stripes 2-2.5 cm wide. You can make them already, but this may affect the strength of the finished toy. The optimum width of one tape is 5 cm. Weave is necessary with weaving "lotus". Those who are the first time faced with this technique, can use the scheme (Fig. 10).

Stuffed Toys

Some dogs become attached to ordinary soft toys – sleep with them, carry them everywhere. You can make your pet an individual toy – a bone or a heart (Fig. 11).

For the manufacture of such crafts you need to prepare:

  • trimming thick fabric
  • stuffing material
  • strings
  • scissors
  • needle
  • pencil

The shape of the toy can be arbitrary, it is not necessary to stop at the bone. The pattern can be done independently, or find a sample on the Internet.

It is much easier to draw outlines of the future product with a pencil or a piece of soap on the wrong side of the fabric. It is necessary to leave allowances of 1-1.5 cm for the seam. The toy will consist of two parts.

In order to get them the same shape, you can fold the fabric in half and cut both sides at once.

If it is planned to make a handicraft of a complex shape, it is advisable to fasten the pieces of fabric together with pins.

The parts need to be sewn from the inside, leaving a small hole for the packing at the end of the packing. The last step is to twist the product, fill it with filler and sew up the hole, slightly bending inwards.

When choosing a filler, you should take into account the specifics of using the toy.

So, the best option would be cotton cloth flaps – sooner or later the dog will crack the toy, and the cotton eaten will cause much less harm than cotton or polyester.

If you wish, you can stuff a toy with dry rice – for small puppies this is the safest option. Moreover, rustling things for them seem especially interesting.

Such toys can also be used for training – as an aport, a hidden thing for searching or catching in flight.

You can also make educational toys from ordinary socks (fig. 12), putting yellow boxes from them under the kinder surprise toys. When giving a puppy such a toy, you need to constantly make sure that he does not chew up the remnants of the sock – they can cause problems with digestion.

If you wish, you can make a lot of different toys for your pet – for games and dressage. Their production takes a minimum of time and brings a lot of pleasure.

14 ideas for creating homemade toys for dogs

How To Easily And Easily Make A Toy For Your Favorite Dog Or Puppy With Your Own Hands

Articles " Dog " Clothes and accessories " 14 ideas for creating homemade toys for dogs

Dogs like toys with which to have a good time. They are indifferent to the color, fashion and availability of a label with the image of a cool brand. So why not save money by making toys with your own hands?

The main criterion for the owner should be safety and reliability. Do not use small substances that the dog accidentally swallowed. As a material, choose soft natural fabrics.

We picked up for you 14 interesting ideas homemade toys.

Materials for the creation of this toy will be found in almost every home, and the main advantage is that the dog will be comfortable to wear it around the house in the teeth. Take a clean sock (it is advisable not to use synthetics), put the ball inside and tie the knots tightly on both sides.

If you use long leggings, you can play "rope pulling".

Important: Wash the sock well before use so that it does not leave the smell of the owner.

A little harder, but much more reliable. Take a thick strong rope, cut the ball from two opposite sides (you can use a stationery knife) and pass the rope through the ball. Now tie strong knots near the ball, leaving one end of the rope longer than the other.

And the ball again! Make a cut length of 4-5 cm with a sharp knife. Put some dog biscuits inside the ball. Now he is much more attractive to your four-footed friend, is not it? Not the fact that the ball will last long, but the treat can always be replaced.

Take the usual clear plastic bottle from the water, rinse it well outside and inside, dry and dispose of the paper label. Put some dry food inside, do not screw the lid on. Show the dog that food is pouring out of the bottle.

Now she will do everything to get it. This is a great educational game that takes the dog for a long time. Over time, you can try to complicate the task by screwing the cap loosely. Your pet already knows how to get his way and learn how to unscrew it. Spin it harder. Anyway get? You have achieved the goal!

A slight change to the previous idea. Tie a rope to the bottle if you want to control everything or the dog has already learned how to produce a treat and you need to complicate the task.

Nothing to do with the previous options! The treat will remain inside, and will attract the dog both by smell and tarahtenie.

Take a long bright sock and put it on the bottle with a treat. Tie knots on both sides. It looks tempting, smells good and besides is comfortable to wear in your teeth!

Dogs love to gnaw things, especially when they are teething. Toys, filled with padding polyester, look very cute, but can break through, and then the dog will eat plenty of filler! Why not make a toy, the content of which you will be sure?

You will need a kitchen mitten (tack) made from natural fabric. This is very important: use cotton or linen, not synthetic. Tamp it with socks or clean rags and sew it underneath. Now you can give it to the dog.

Which dog does not like to get a treat for the game? Yes, these simply do not exist! This thought prompted the idea of ​​tying a few dog cookies to a stick for playing. So the dog will get as many delicacies as he can earn.

This "device" is also useful when the dog refuses to come to the call.

Another educational game, the creation of which will take a minute and an empty box. Put some dry food or special snacks on the floor and cover them with a box. Get the dog’s attention. How quickly will he guess what to do?

Complicate the task by putting the treat in the box, and her in another, bigger one.

Do you have an unnecessary scarf? Surely there is! Tie a knot, put a tennis ball inside the fabric, tie another knot. Hide in this way three balls. The toy is ready. If the scarf is long enough, you do not even have to stitch anything.

Pajamas and warm winter sweaters are often made from this soft warm material. Making a toy is easy: cut out three strips of the same length and width. Tie a knot, weave a pigtail and tie a second knot. You can use more bands and more interesting weaving.

This is the case when explaining longer than doing.

Take a thick cloth cut, such as old jeans, scissors, thread, needle, paper, pencil, and stuffing material — rice or pieces of cloth.

Good idea for knitters: you need to make a sock, put a cardboard tube inside (a tube from toilet paper is perfect) and a small metal bell. Of course, you can use the usual fabric sock, but knitted looks much more attractive.

That is the point: a metal or wooden rod passing through the bottles is mounted on a wooden stand. Dry food is poured inside the bottles. The dog gets a treat for the game, if you figure out how to get it. It is not as difficult as it seems.

For other ideas, see the video:

Text translation from the website:

Title photo from

A dog out of cloth, how can you make a dog out of cloth with your own hands?

How To Easily And Easily Make A Toy For Your Favorite Dog Or Puppy With Your Own Hands

The dog is a cute pet and friend who is close in everyday life, as well as the character of numerous fairy tales, stories, cartoons, films, etc. This four-legged hero surrounds the person everywhere: canine dogs, guide dogs.

To create an image of a dog, you can make your own dog out of cloth in a variety of ways, in the most diverse technique and style, from any fabric you can.

Dog of fabrics in the form of crafts – it is a huge springboard for creativity.

You can make a beautiful little dog-appliqué from the fabric and sew / glue it to your clothes, purse, interior items or even on cardboard / plywood by making a picture with a frame.

If the fabric of different colors and textures is glued to the cardboard with the help of PVA and allowed to dry, then later you can cut out cardboard parts with a fabric for a flat handmade applique in the form of a dog together with children for a dog’s fabric postcard.

Also, a fabric dog can be in the form of a volumetric craft – a textile toy dog ​​made of felt, velveteen, denim, linen, cotton fabric texture from soft or thick natural fabric. The craft can be more or less voluminous in space, depending on the pattern, the craft itself and the degree of stuffing with filler.

Easier to make a flat crafts, toys, applique.

And you can have a real volumetric toy with your own hands.

Including from denim, which remained from unnecessary things:

As for dog toys, this is a completely separate topic. The most important thing in it is to indicate what you should find or make yourself a pattern in the form of a dog, and then engage in cutting, cutting out the details on a pattern, sewing them, and stuffing.

For toys you can then make toy clothes.

And here are some soft toys, crafts and patterns, like these patterns for a soft dog toys with their own hands:

another pattern for crafts in the form of a soft dog made of cloth

charming hand-made soft toy dog ​​made of soft fabric and a pattern to it

dog soft toy

soft toy dog

pattern for a small dog

soft toy dachshund and pattern

Great pattern for a dog with big ears with your own hands:

You can also make a dog-pillow with your own hands from fabric.

Including, you can quickly make a cloth dog (dog, puppy) out of a sock.

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You can also sew a soft dog bag from fabric, a backpack in the shape of a dog — there are a lot of ideas from a fabric dog.)

And this is a cute fabric needle dog

Soft fabric dog keychain

A fabric dog may simply be in the form of a foot print:

Or stripes with a print, for example, according to this pattern:

In addition to the foot print, you can make another dog attribute from the fabric:

To make a dog-application, you need a template, you can take it on the Internet:

Dog-like appliqué on pillow

Appliqué – a dog-like patch of fabric on a blanket or picture

Stripe "dog" fabric with the help of a typewriter:

A dog made of cloth can be made in a similar manner using patchwork technique, using qusayg technique.

And this is for Valentine’s Day:

Toys for dogs with their own hands: a master class with photos and patterns

How To Easily And Easily Make A Toy For Your Favorite Dog Or Puppy With Your Own Hands

We present to your attention a master class in which we will tell and show how quickly and without extra costs to make toys for dogs with your own hands. Spend some time and be generously rewarded with a portion of your pet’s love.

For many dog ​​owners, it is no secret that dogs simply adore playing with plastic bottles. Why precisely bottles? We cannot answer this question. But we can teach you how to make a safe and interesting toy in the shape of a bone from this very bottle.

Step 1: Pattern

Download the pattern here (details are presented in full size). We print or copy from the screen (as in childhood we copied on the window, remember?), We cut it. We fold the parts as shown in photo 1 (see below). We cut fleece parts – it should turn out 3 pieces.

Step 2: we sew a cover for a toy

The round edge of the details for the front of the toy (on the pattern marked with the word FRONT) is combined with the round edges of the details for the other side (on the pattern BACK). In this case, the BACK parts will be longer – this length is turned up as shown in photo 2 fasten with pins.

We stitch, retreating from the edge of 1 cm. Attention! We do not sew a bent part – we will push a bottle through this hole.

Step 3: turn over face

We make cuts on the rounded sides so that the cover for the toy does not wrinkle. Turn over the blank for the toy on the front side through the hole – photo 3.

Step 4: put the bottle in the case

Through the hole we place an empty plastic bottle inside the case – photo 4. If desired, you can fill the corners of the toy with the same fleece scraps.

That’s all – the toy is ready!

Master class number 2: a toy from the old t-shirt

T-shirt torn? Don’t throw it away – make a dog toy out of it. How? Very simple!

Step 1: Cut the T-shirt

Cut the shirt into pieces as shown in the photo below.

Step 2: hide the ball

Fold 2 wide strips crosswise and place the tennis ball in the middle.

Wrap the ball in all layers, collect the strip at the bottom of the ball. Tie a fabric with a narrow strip, fasten it in a knot. Four wide lanes should hang from the base of the ball.

Step 3: Build Pigtails

Each wide strip (we have exactly 4 of them) is cut lengthwise into 3 parts.

Every three strips are tied in braids. The ends are fixed with a strip of T-shirt.

So quickly we made toys for dogs with our own hands.

Get to the game!

We provide pet leisure with a do-it-yourself toy for dogs and puppies for small and large breeds.

How To Easily And Easily Make A Toy For Your Favorite Dog Or Puppy With Your Own Hands

To have a dog in a house is not only to walk and feed a pet. One question, if the dog is large or medium in size, then there is an element of training. And daily and regular several times a day.

And what can you think of for small dogs? Or the same puppies for whom it is very important to have toys aside from training and to enjoy childhood. Well, if the owner is at home all day and can play catch-up.

There is another drawback – the purchase of ropes, octopuses and other interesting things will cost a lot of money. Quality is not always good because of what they quickly fail.

Ropes are used for dog training and games by all dog breeders. They are considered the most common and popular for both small and large breeds. Accordingly, the length and strength of all different. It is easy to create such a toy with your own hands. At the same time, it is not necessary to look for durable filaments that make up the purchased cords. It is enough to take matter from:

  • old t-shirts and t-shirts;
  • terry robe or towels;
  • old knitwear, but not hand knitted.

The main condition is to choose a strong fabric. If the dog is small in size, then children’s clothes that have come out of use will do. For large breeds need to take a stronger fabric. Independently playing and developing a pet with the help of games is much easier.

Ropes are used for dog training and games by all dog breeders.

For aesthetic appearance and attractiveness, it is desirable to choose a matter of different colors. From the tools you will need only scissors.

Preparation method

Having determined the color of the fabric, we divide it into identical stripes in length and width. For example, 1 meter in length and 10 cm in width (the indicated dimensions are standard). We stretch them for softness and increase in length. Do not be afraid if the strips lose their shape and begin to resemble tubules. This will only help in weaving. Stretching should not be accompanied by force, so as not to tear the workpiece.

The second stage – weaving:

  • tie all bands into a tight knot. At the end of the ligament should be at least 5-7 cm for convenience;
  • spread out the prepared knot in the shape of a cross and fix;
  • we divide into pairs and twist each of them. We fix the ends with an elastic band or make a small bundle;
  • now you need to twist all the pairs in the form of a pigtail or make out the letter S;
  • stretch the ends through the formed loops and gently tighten until the desired length is obtained;
  • we fix everything using a node. Do not forget to leave at the end of 7-10 cm for convenience.

The complexity of the work is average, since it is up to everyone who is more comfortable for himself to choose the method of weaving. For large rocks, if desired, use a rope rope. The time spent on the production of a maximum of 30-45 minutes. Suitable for self-training dog.

How To Easily And Easily Make A Toy For Your Favorite Dog Or Puppy With Your Own Hands

Toys for puppies and dogs do-it-yourself, soft puzzles, cords Ball Puzzle To make such a toy is very simple. For its manufacture will need (Fig. 1):……

For small pets and puppies often use toys in the form of candy or bones. From the necessary material will require not only cloth, but also a plastic bottle. To do much easier and easier previous. We also need scissors, rope or elastic to fix the tips. As for the bone, here you will still have to sew with your hands or stitch it with a machine.

For small pets and puppies often use toys in the form of candy, bones or other similar fakes.


This toy is called "for the laziest." Take a bottle of 0.5 liters. Fall asleep in her beads or dry pasta. It is necessary that sweetie rumbled and attracted a pet.

Well tighten the cap. Wrap in cloth and cut off excess. Best to take a shirt or t-shirt. Carefully wrap in several layers, so as not to uncork the inside.

Fix the ends with a rope or elastic band.


Strictly according to the pattern, cut out our bone. You can decorate it with a pocket or a simple pattern.

Such a case should match the selected plastic bottle and sew the edges, but leave the entrance not sealed on one side. The seam looks inward. Watch for round edges.

Also the joints should have a long distance. So the owner will save the bone from quick damage. After all, the dog will be played, and it will gnaw candy.

Bone for dogs with their own hands (step by step instructions)


One of the main points of manufacture is filling. Rounded edges should be strong. For this they are filled with scraps of fabric. Make them smaller and tamp quite well.

For small pets and puppies, you can completely fill this bone material. In this case, it will be not only a toy, but also a pillow. For dogs, the larger edges are stuffed with cloth pieces, and a bottle is placed in the middle.

In it you can fall asleep pebbles or beads, grits or pasta. Close up the open edge. Our toy bone is ready.

Great toy for all breeds and sizes. The elapsed time for the manufacture of 15-20 minutes. You will need to take an old cloth, a small ball. At will add eyes and nose to our toy.

For the product, cut off one side of the T-shirt completely. We put the ball in the center and fix it with a rubber band. The edges are cut into strips and act exactly as in the manufacture of the rope: stretch and tie in braids. The more braids it turns out, the stronger the legs of an octopus.

The first braids once again weave into a tight braid. Everything is fixed with rubber bands or strings.

60 cool ideas for creating a dog with your own hands – a symbol of 2018

How To Easily And Easily Make A Toy For Your Favorite Dog Or Puppy With Your Own Hands

Good day, dear friends! The 2018 New Year is coming very soon. This means that it’s high time to prepare for the upcoming event, for example, to prepare homemade gifts. A dog with your own hands – what could be better as a souvenir for an upcoming event?

Now many have already begun to prepare for the holiday, which I strongly advise you to do. In this article you will find many representatives of the dog world of the most different breeds and from the most different materials.

This post is so detailed that I would be very surprised if you do not find for yourself what you are looking for. This year will be special for me, since I was born exactly two Eastern calendar cycles ago, also in the year of the dog. So I will try not to lose face and collect as many ideas as possible. There will be warm and soft toys, pillows, crafts, even home comfort items.

Do-it-yourself dog: the symbol of the New Year 2018 with photos and workshops

To make a dog yourself with your own hands, you do not need any special skills or hard-to-reach materials. Almost everything is clear from the master classes, and sometimes even by the photo itself. The main thing is to be patient and do something really good.

By the way, the dog can be presented not only for the New Year. After all, this creature is the personification of loyalty and devotion, so that, presenting it, you seem to want to strengthen the relationship with the person who decided to make such a surprise.

Dog costume

To create a dog costume, it is not necessary to sew a full-fledged outfit to be published. It is enough for him to acquire, for example, a funny mask of this fluffy creature. It can be printed on a color printer or used as a template for cutting out felt.

If you want to make an image full-fledged, then I advise you to look at the following simple ideas for a holiday. What and how can you make a cute costume for the New Year for a child and not only?

Look at the girl: she is wearing a fluffy tutu skirt, which is complemented by a lace top, striped tights and a rim with textile ears. Two cute ponytails will complement the look. A small nose is drawn on the nose.

It is easy to make a pack skirt by yourself, for this you will need a large amount of translucent fabric, which will need to be folded in several layers and gathered on top of an elastic band.

For a boy, you can tailor a fluffy suit made of pajamas (for example, a Japanese Kigurumi) or sew him like her. For this outfit, only approximate parameters of the body will be useful (the height of the child and the waist girth), so that even a not very experienced seamstress will cope with the creation.

Want to make it easier? Make a cap with ears, the process of creating which is described below. Take for her fur, fleece or velor. Also velsoft is suitable, if you can deal with it (it stretches hard enough).

Other options for caps can be seen in the following pictures. For example, such a hat could be a good alternative to the previous version. For her need fleece with a long nap.

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Such a hat in the future can be worn on the street as the main headgear. At the same time to such a hat will be enough to pick up a T-shirt and pants (skirt) in the color of the dog. The image will be almost complete.

Another headdress is sewn on the same patterns, but the face here is completely different, as well as the ears. Fleece here you can take with a much shorter nap.

What about the flirtatious dog hat? Choose any cartoon character and make a catchy addition to your image.

  1. Cut a circle basis from a dense cardboard.
  2. Cut a circle of cloth, the diameter exceeding the base and a half to two times, pull it off with a seam "forward needle", laid along the edge. Inside put a solid foundation.
  3. Similar principle to make the top of the cylinder.
  4. Side: cut a long strip of cardboard and cover it with a cloth so that the edges do not stick out. Connect the back with a secret seam.
  5. Sew or glue the top of the cap to the side of the cap so that the side of the cap fits snugly to the top and forms a cylinder. The design will fasten to the bottom base and decorate the hat.

Attach to the hair can be using hair clips or rim.

You can also sew the ears on the bezel, for this you will need the bezel itself and the pattern of the ears. The first option is more complicated, it means that the inside will be somewhat smaller than the outside. For creation it is best to use fur or fleece.

But ears easier.

To look believable, take the usual gloves of the color you want and a bit of felt. Cut out the details of the future legs from the felt and attach them with a thin layer of glue or threads. It is possible to make such gloves literally in 10-20 minutes!

Crafts from scrap materials and not only

We got the costume, but what about the handicrafts with the Earthen Yellow Dog? We will do them in many different ways. Paper cards and souvenirs, even matchboxes – all this will go into effect and will delight with its unusual appearance.

Paper fantasies: cards and origami

Cardboard and paper can make postcards and original origami. How do you, for example, this little dog from a cartoon? It can be printed and drawn around the contour to get your own original postcard. Congratulations can be written both on the card itself, and attached inside the text part in a separate layer.

The second option with a simpler form looks no less original. And if you try, then such a dog can be done also with a surprise: if you pull the tongue, your ears will open.

Next you will find a whole 3D-model of the yellow dog. Such a beautiful dog can be printed on a color printer and assembled (everything is intuitively clear on the diagram).

Try to translate this dog on felt. So it will last much longer than the paper version and can be used even after the New Year.

The next doggie can be used as a bookmark for books, which is certainly useful in the household. Make it out of ordinary square paper.

From such paper dogs you can create a New Year’s Christmas tree garland, which will remind you of the symbol of the year.

But as follows, you can fold napkins on the holiday table. This form is quite stable, but at the same time it does not take much time to assemble. Scotch terrier lovers will especially appreciate it.

The last one in this series is very cute and inventive of dogs: it is made of a matchbox, and a heartfelt message is left inside. A series of such boxes will make happier all your relatives and friends. If you cover the boxes with a special lacquer for paper, then even snow and rain will not be terrible for such a gift (although you still shouldn’t wash it).

Wooden doggie

Warm material, which is the best way to meet the impending New Year. Make a key holder of plywood or a kind of hanger for dog things. Useful woodworking skills, templates for carving dogs and acrylic paints with specialized varnish on wood.

In childhood many of us made plywood toys. This hobby can be turned into something more by making a complete home sculpture.

And here is a completely children’s way to prepare for the holiday: a dog with movable legs, which can be made of cardboard or plywood.

Christmas toys

On the Christmas tree, in fact, you can hang almost anything. For example, I decorate a green tree with small soft toys – purchased and made by myself. Try to sew the dogs that you see below. They can literally be reduced to a photo and get ready-made patterns.

A great way to surprise friends and relatives will be hand-painted balls on the Christmas tree. To do this, buy solid colored round beads and acrylic paints.

We use polymer clay and clay

Many children like to create figurines of plasticine, dough or polymer clay (by the way, you can do both of these by the uk presented). But it develops fine motor skills and in many respects has a very positive effect on the child’s psyche. Therefore, when preparing for the New Year, we will take into account this important factor and blind several cute dogs.

The manufacture of such figures is generally the same, but it has some differences. If you are good at sculpting techniques, you can immediately proceed to something like a dog below.

If you still consider yourself to be a novice, then start with simpler forms that can be repeated right behind the photo, as in the picture below. Very nice pit bull turned out)

Mopsik also not inferior to his fellow. Due to its simplest form, it will be able to even very young children.

With the following three step-by-step master classes you will create several dogs of completely different breeds. All of them can be done with children.

The souvenir can be as close to real-life dogs as it can have the appearance of a cartoon character (in the second case it may even be more interesting).

How to sew a dog made of fabric: patterns like

Stitched dogs will be popular not only on the eve of the New Year holidays, but also in the future.

Stuffed Toys

A fabric dog can be sewn in a variety of ways. How do you doggie below? He is more like a hyena, but due to the similarity with the desired character looks very attractive.

You will surely like avant-garde characters with patterns, which you can see below. They have very big heads and small bodies, thanks to which these little dogs look childishly awkward and naive. The effect is achieved with a very wide insert in the head and fairly modest side parts.

The classic dog in the following version is made of artificial fur and stands on 4 legs, unlike most of the previously mentioned dogs. For the New Year, she will be able to sew a Christmas red cap and a scarf.

In our collection there is a place even for designer dolls with author’s patterns. Just look at this charming basset! The author (Alisa Shangina) even came up with a description: “The world is beautiful, like a basset”. The dog’s nose is felted from dry wool, but it can also be cut out separately, highlighting the corresponding part in the pattern of the muzzle.

If you don’t mind drinking in Dolmatins, then you will definitely like the next idea of ​​a New Year’s surprise. Patterns are high enough, but the result is just awesome. Stock up on white fleece, white and black threads and beads for the eyes. Don’t forget the black marker.

It is better to stitch such a dog with your hands, since you just have to be a virtuoso of a sewing machine in order to well stitch the details of such a dog.

Dog-tilde can be done in the following patterns. For her, take a thin cotton fabric. Character suit dress, pants – whatever you want.

Square dog can be made even without ready-made patterns (create them yourself), if you look closely at its structure.

If you have a few pieces of leather in your stocks, then create a small dog out of them.

We put on the socks

Both versions of the New Year’s dogs are sewn on the same principle, but the result is completely different. The first dog is very bright and cheerful, while the second is discreet and concise, it can be presented even to a serious man.

And what can be made of nylon pantyhose! A couple of mopsies for inspiration from Lyudmila Tkachenko. They are made by stretching and further painting.

We create from felt

Pugs are incredibly charming representatives of the dog kingdom. To make such a dog, you need several colors of thick felt and thread in the color of the fabric. Then this symbol of the year can be turned not only into a key chain, but also into a brooch, a magnet, or simply left as a soft souvenir. Pay attention: clothes are sewn over the already finished body.

Breed scotch terrier inspires designers and artists to create a variety of crafts with him. Below we offer to make a puppy and an adult version of this wonderful dog.

Continuing a series of flat felt toys, it is impossible to pass by this dog. It is sewn a little more difficult than the previous options.

Well, how to get past this charming boule? Try and make it.

A fridge magnet with a chihuahua can also be made from felt. The threads here are not needed – just enough to stock up on transparent glue and scissors.

Dog pillows

Decorative pillows can not only lie on the sofas. This tax, for example, props up the door and protects against drafts. You can sew it on the specified patterns, increasing the animal to the desired size and stretching it in the center. The body can also be made up of a multitude of patches.

Two Dachshund girlfriends are well suited for daytime rest, and at the same time as a cuddle toy for a child.

Do you want more ideas? On the next compilation there are more than enough of them! It is easy and quick to sew them, but each can be presented for the New Year and not only. Use them in the car or at home.

Other gifts with the symbol of the year

If you want to surprise loved ones not only with original toys and key chains, you can make a set of tacks for them. Design them as a fantasy prompt.

When creating a souvenir, you can take into account your favorite breed, to which the bestowed one is bent.

Wool Dogs

They can be dumped from dry wool, and glued or fastened to the back of a brooch or magnet at the back.

Threads and pompons

From thread pompons get very believable dogs. To create pompons, you need special devices or two circles of very thick cardboard, on which the threads will be wound. After winding in several layers, cut the threads along the outer edge and thread the other thread through the rings, tightening them tightly to make a knot.

The most important thing is to learn how to make high-quality pompons. And from them, with the help of various variations of sizes and additional elements, you can get a variety of figures.

Coffee Bean Experiments

Funny doggie can be made from scattered coffee beans. To do this, you only need to outline the contours of the dog and cover the entire surface with glue. So you can take a child and make a beautiful festive mural.

Bottle Dogs

Often crafts and kindergartens require crafts from recycled materials. Bottles here fit perfectly possible. In addition to the basics of plastic bottles can be made and wool and other decorative elements. You can put multicolored glass balls or something similar inside the bottle to make the look more festive.

Fold the towel

And a few more ways to festively roll up a towel. Not only in the form of a dog, but also in the form of other representatives of the fauna surrounding us.

I left the most succulent for last) Just look at this amazing lamp in the form of a dog that you can create yourself. This masterpiece will be a worthy gift for your relatives.

Knitted dogs knitting and crocheting: video MK

Since knitting is not so quick and simple, I decided to make a selection of master classes videos on this topic.

First of all, I suggest that you knit baby booties (this is done with needles). If you or your family has a small child, this will be an excellent gift.

The first one is made of fluffy yarn, from which the dogs become very soft. The rest are made from ordinary threads, but also have their own charm.

The next two dogs are knitted on the principle of amigurumi, a very popular type of knitting. Thanks to him, you can create very nice creatures.

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Finally, I suggest you make just such a square dog. Here is a detailed description of the creation process, along with patterns at the end of the document.

That’s all for today. Happy New Year to you, friends! Create creative dogs with their own hands and often come to visit. I would be glad to see you here and in other articles of my blog. See you soon!

Sincerely, Anastasia Skoreeva

Pattern the dog from the fabric with your own hands: it will turn out even for beginners!

How To Easily And Easily Make A Toy For Your Favorite Dog Or Puppy With Your Own Hands

Soft fabric toys are very cute and delicate. There are plenty of reasons to sew a beautiful new toy, and children love to play with it, and it looks great in the interior! The dog is a faithful, courageous and loyal animal.

Let this fabric toy, sewn with your own hands, bring you true friends, stability and excellent family relationships.

To make all these wishes come true, you must have a small dog made by yourself.

If you like to sew soft toys and make handicrafts made of cloth, then you will definitely need a toy dog ​​pattern.

Look at what hand made dog fabric patterns we have prepared for you! Arm with a cloth and a needle to make your most beautiful toy dog.

Inspired by the process, you can make a lot of toys that will be a great do-it-yourself gift for children and loved ones.

What materials to choose and how to sew a dog out of cloth with your own hands

The dog is a furry and shaggy animal, it is pleasant to stroke it. Therefore, the materials for the handicrafts of dogs with their own hands from the fabric should be the same:

  1. felt and fleece;
  2. cotton and cotton;
  3. velveteen;
  4. jeans;
  5. other fabrics that will be quite pleasant to the touch.

For stuffing you will need a synthetic winterizer or a filler for soft toys.

Pattern dog fabric with their own hands

Long dachshund dogs are very cute and curious. There is an excellent dachshund dog pattern in several versions. It can be easily and simply sewn even to the beginning dressmakers. Here for example a graceful dachshund, which can be decorated with all kinds of ribbons and bows. It will appeal to girls.

Pattern dog soft toy can be adapted to any size toys. You can make it big or small, depending on what kind of dog you want to stitch.

Miniature dogs made of soft fleece or felt will be a wonderful homemade gift. Also, such toys can be hung on the Christmas tree or put to children in sweet gifts.

We picked up such patterns of dogs that are easy to sew and can be upgraded if desired. For example, it is not necessary to sew the frontal part, sometimes it is very difficult. If you have failed to sew it neatly, you can sew the dog without it.

Experiment with fabric colors. Bright, colorful fabric will make soft toys very cute and loved.

Simple dachshund dog pattern for doors from drafts.

Dachshund has a big advantage – its long body, which allows it to climb into the holes. It can be used in everyday life to create comfort in the apartment. Sew a dachshund to protect against drafts that penetrate the door. You will have a practical toy, especially since the pattern of a dog made of fabric for a pillow from drafts is very simple.

When translating and printing a dog’s pattern, do not forget to scale it so that the size of the pillow fits to the door.

The dog – the character of many fairy tales, cartoons, movies. Remember how children adore a film about 101 Dalmatians? We are sure that you will love making dogs out of cloth, and our patterns to sew a dog with your own hands will help you with this!

There is one trick for newbies. You can cut only the front, front side of the dog’s pattern in the amount of 2 pieces and sew together. And then sew the ears on both sides. Such a dog will have only two legs and it will make excellent key rings or souvenirs for friends. And you can sew them twice as fast.

Usually beginners have difficulty sewing the abdomen in dogs. But there is nothing wrong with that! You only learn and your main task is to enjoy the process of creating soft toys. Let your friends have as many friendship and good luck symbols as possible!

DIY toys for dogs – Dog in the house

How To Easily And Easily Make A Toy For Your Favorite Dog Or Puppy With Your Own Hands

Puppies are the same children, they can actively explore the world during the game and with the help of toys: try them for a tooth, nibble, squeeze. Modern manufacturers offer a wide range, but toys made with their own hands, will bring joy not only to your pet, but also are significant savings for the family budget.

Types of puppy toys

It is not easy to choose a toy that will appeal to your puppy, which he does not want to part with. There are several types of dog toys. Consider some of them: rubber toys – perfectly develop the jaws of dogs. You can play the game "catch and bring" with the pet, because toys made of such material are very durable.

There are also vinyl toys that fit comfortably in the jaws of a dog. Usually inside such a toy there is a squeaker that causes additional interest from your pet.

You can make a soft toy made from sheep wool or from high-quality knitwear. Many dogs like to wear them in their teeth, and keep near them.

There are also toys made of rope, sometimes flavored – they can be used for the development of the teeth and jaws of dogs. With the help of such toys you can play with the animal in the "pulling".

Very nice rawhide toys. They well remove plaque on the teeth of dogs, maintaining their purity. Usually they are made in the form of pits and add various fragrances – for the greater interest of the animal.

For dogs that love to nibble, hard toys are offered.

Dogs instinctively love to gnaw wood, and therefore toy manufacturers began to produce wooden toys, which are made according to all safety rules. When buying a wooden toy, you need to pay attention to what material the toy is made of.

Usually they are made of hard wood: walnut, beech, ash, maple. You can not buy toys made of coniferous tree species, because it contains resin, which will negatively affect the condition of your pet’s coat.

You can not buy toys made of soft wood, as the dogs quickly chew it up to slivers and can get hurt by them. To protect the dog, the toy can be sheathed with thick leather or coarse cloth.

Dogs love to play with sticks, but one rule must be observed: the stick must be longer than the distance from the dog’s muzzle to the ground. This will allow the animal to not be injured during the game.

When crushing, they break into small pieces, which can lead to injury of the esophagus or intestines.

It is not recommended to take pigs bones, as they are fat and can cause upset the digestive system. Cow or horse bones are perfect for your dogs.

Interesting toys for dogs with their own hands

Toys made by your hands will be ideal for your pets. The most primitive toy is a tightly wound material with a straw and fastened with thick threads in the form of a snake. This toy will please your dog.

No less common toy is a ball of different woven cords. If you have accumulated a lot of colored cords, strings and ribbon, then all this can be woven into one ball, leaving small ends on all sides. You can make such a ball and fleece.

To do this, you need to take a few fleece flowers, cut strips with a thickness of 10-15 mm and interweave them, knotting them together. If you want a soft toy, do not tighten the knot too much. Continue to make knots along the entire length of the fleece strip you cut. You will have such a bright toy, which can be given a different shape.

Here you have to rely on your taste and preferences of your animal. You can make a toy in the form of a heart, bones, snakes.

On the fabric we draw a sketch with a pen or chalk, We make allowances for seams and cut out the blank. Then we cut out the second part of our toy.

Sew them together on the wrong side, leaving a small hole to fill the inside of the toy. As a filler, you can use various scraps of fabric, foam rubber, synthetic winterizer, cotton wool.

Having turned out our toy, we fill it with a filler and sew up a hole through which our toy was filled.

What is good toy for the dog, made by hand? – you yourself will be able to make sure that the fabric you use for sewing is natural (linen, cotton), it is safer for your dog.

For stuffing it is better to use small cotton rags, which will do less harm than synthetic winterizer or cotton wool, if the pet accidentally swallows them. You can stuff toys and dry rice: the toy will rustle and will cause genuine interest of your pet.

Before sewing, you must observe the following prerequisite: wash the material from which your toy will be made so that your smell does not remain.

Such toys can be long loved for your dog. They can be used as an aport, as a subject that can be hidden for a search, it can even be used as a pillow. The lifespan of your toy depends on your pet, but it will pay off with ease of manufacture and very low cost.

Knitted soft bone for dogs

A more difficult toy to make is a bone bound on the needles. For making you need a few balls of wool, batting, needle and knitting needles No. 4.

We collect 30 loops, go to 3 needles of 10 loops for each knitting needle. Then we knit 12 rows in one color, turn to a thread of a different color, and so we knit a few more rows.

The beauty of your toy will depend on the number of colors you have chosen.

Having knitted 7 cm on 30 loops, we begin reducing the loops to 20, and then gradually return to the initial 30 loops (gradually adding 10 loops).

You will have such a 15-18 centimeter multi-colored stone, which then must be filled with filler and sewed in the place of stuffing. A lovely toy for your dog is ready!

Plastic bottles

For an educational game, a plastic bottle can be used, washed and dried both outside and inside, with paper labels removed and necessarily transparent. For large breeds, we take a 2-liter bottle, for medium-sized ones – a 1.5-liter bottle, and a half-liter bottle for small ones.

Inside the bottle pour dry food or crackers. The neck of the bottle is not screwed. We put the bottle in front of the dog and beat it with the hand so that several crackers fall out of it. As soon as the pet understands how to get food, you can leave it and go about your business: your pet will have a job.

In case of damage to plastic, you need to change the bottle to another. Over time, you can complicate the task: close the neck with a cork. At first, screw the cork slightly so that the dog can remove the cork, and then we twist it to the end. The dog knows what to do and unscrews the cork.

Some dogs learn to unscrew the bottle for several days, and some even take weeks or even months.

Another kind of educational games for animals. It is necessary to take a pack of tea or make yourself out of thick cardboard. Put there something tasty and show the animal. The dog must get it in any way. We complicate the task: seal the box with food and put it on the floor.

Make sure that the dog does not eat cardboard. Now let’s complicate the task: we hide the box with food in the big box. The task is the same – to find and eat.

As soon as the dog learns to correctly execute this command, we will complicate the task: add another box, then another, gradually replacing the cardboard with a more durable material – plastic or wood.

Find a treat

It is necessary to gradually accustom the animal to open doors and doors. First you need to leave a small gap for the paw, so that the animal understands how to open the door, then gradually make the gap smaller.

Ultimately, the animal will learn to open the door on their own. Try to put a tasty bait in a box with a lid, let the dog think and open the box.

Such exercises are aimed at developing the intelligence of your pet, and over time will be your faithful protector and friend.

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