How To Make A Bag Carrying A Dog For Yourself

What is needed?

To prepare this thing, we will need any fabric as a base: leather, suede, chintz, and so on, at your discretion in any colors and shades. It should be noted that simpler fabrics are as strong as expensive ones, for example, leather. However, the process of cleaning them is much easier. Considering the fact that pets can quickly get their bags dirty with anything, we recommend to make a choice towards the first ones.

To make the bag shape will need to use paralon. To secure these two layers, you can take a simple fabric. We will use it as a lining. For the formation of pens, you can use carbines and stickies. If you plan to go further and decorate the bag, you can use wooden rings or large rope rope. This can serve as entertainment for your pet during transport. Also, we need a needle with thick threads, scissors.

Manufacturing technology

So, having collected everything, we can start sewing the bag. To do this, we take all our sheets of fabric, paralon, cut out the details of the bag: the upper strap, bottom, side, pockets, bottom line, leaving reserves for bends according to this picture.

How To Make A Bag Carrying A Dog For Yourself

Then, we sew all these parts together from the inside of the main material, paralon, lining from the upper edge.

Next, sew the bottom to the side of the bag. We find a convenient place for the location of the pocket, sew it.

As you can see, we have effortlessly formed the main part of the bag-carrying. After that, you can start sewing pens. The top handle will be sewn from item “A”, and the bottom handle – from item “BV”, according to our picture. To ensure height adjustment it is necessary to sew Velcro to them. Given that dogs love to frolic and cannot sit still for a long time, it is necessary to provide ways of fixing our pet’s collar in such a purse. To do this, in the main compartment we will make a seam, and also fix it with an elastic band and a carabiner.

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This is how our uncomplicated crafts will look like as a result. You can make holes in the bag for the legs of the dog, while increasing the bottom of the bag, you can add decorations. If the season is cool enough, the bag can be warmed up by adding a synthetic winterizer to the inner layer, or the main layer of the bag can be simply knitted from warm threads. All this for every taste is available to anyone. It is only necessary to determine their desires, look at the materials around you. Often at hand is almost a complete list of things that can be used when sewing this tool to transport a pet. There are a lot of bag models. Imagine!

How To Make A Bag Carrying A Dog For Yourself

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