How To Make A Rope For A Dog

Home for cats with their own hands (how and what to do, photo)

Pets, such as cats, for many of us are becoming full members of the family. We are ready to please and delight them at every opportunity, and they are for this, we are reciprocated and affectionately. In addition, cats are still a little bit, but they bring us closer to nature, each time we are ready to observe their behavior as if they were self-sufficient animals, living some kind of life, albeit "closely" with us.

But this article is not about this, in this article we would like to tell you about how to make a house for the cat with your own hands. After reading the materials of the article, you will understand that this is not even a house, but a whole complex that will allow your pet to feel some freedom of action in the territory set aside for him. So, in this house the cat can relax and sharpen its claws and just climb through its design.

House for cats do it yourself

The main material used for the manufacture of the house is chipboard. The plate is cut with an electric jigsaw, with a jigsaw can be cut and shaped parts.

So originally we make the lower compartment. house for our complex. In fact, this is a box with an entrance and door to control our pet and tidy up inside.

As a result, we collect a box with a size of 55 * 30 * 80. The dimensions of the house should be ergonomic relative to your pet, but above all, do not make the box too small. A small box will make your pet’s stay in it not very comfortable.

In order to slam the door without effort and cracks, you may have to choose the holes for the screws, which secure the door to the box. house

For the racks separating the floors, a sewer pipe and furniture corners were used. Initially, the corners were fastened with bolts and washers to the pipe,

Next, collect the top of our

How to make a cat head?

Scratching model

Before you buy a kogtetochku or take up its manufacture, watch your pet. If the cat likes to scratch vertical surfaces – doorways, furniture, walls – it will fit a hanging or cylindrical claw. If the animal is more interested in the floor, then the floor-standing version will become a win-win, which, by the way, will also attract not very active cats who like to lay down and grind their claws at the same time.

Scratch material

The next stage is the choice of material for the scraper. Different cats are attracted to different surfaces: some like to scratch a flat floor, others prefer a soft carpet, and others like trees. Depending on the predilections of the pet, you can choose the most attractive material for the scraper.

The simplest is a tree. A non-dry log is suitable for a scraper, which will need to be cleaned of dirt and lightly polished so that the pet does not hurt itself;

Not too strong and active pets, as well as kittens suitable for scraps made of cardboard or plywood. It will not last long, but it will bring to the pet no less pleasure than any other;

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If you decide to make a scraper from a carpet, then in no case do not wash it with detergents. For cleaning it is better to rinse it several times in water;

When choosing a material, it is important to remember that it should be of medium hardness: too hard can harm the pet, and too soft will not perform its functions, and then the cat will switch to interior items.

Also, the material must be natural: synthetics are too slippery, besides

DIY toys for dogs

All dogs love to play. If the animal is healthy and develops normally, then the game remains its main occupation not only at puppy age. The duty of the owners is to provide the pet with a sufficient number of durable toys so that the dog does not miss. After all, as experience shows, what you buy for animals is very soon eaten or torn. Therefore, the output for the owners is to make toys for dogs with their own hands. Such products are usually much cheaper and safer for a pet than purchased ones.

Most pets love stuffed animals. In order to please your dog, it is not necessary to be a needlewoman. After all, she doesn’t care what it is that she gnaws. Therefore, we consider several ways to sew a toy for a dog.

The main thing is the requirement. so she was safe. Therefore, focus on the quality of the fabric, it is better if it is natural. In addition, it also needs to be stuffed with pieces of material, or even dry food. Your pet will be delighted with this. It is not necessary to choose an unusual shape, you can not even make a pattern.

Even easier to make a toy from a large piece of solid matter. It does not need to be stuffed, which is very important for the owners of those dogs who like to get sintepon from toys. Twist the material tightly into a straw and fasten it with strong threads. Get a long "snake", which just like your dog.

But the best homemade toys for dogs are made from fleece strips intertwined. It is quite easy to make them, and how much joy they bring to your pet! We give instructions for making such a toy:

How To Make A Rope For A Dog

Home for cats with their own hands (how and what to do, photo) Pets, such as cats, for many of us are becoming full members of the family. We are ready……

It turns out you have a bright, funny toy for your pet, which is fun to play with, but it will not tear it soon, as the fleece drags. A similar toy can also be made for a cat.

How to make a cat claw for a cat step by step with your own hands, photo tips

Today, the behavior of cats is studied enough, so the owners are personally familiar with their habit of sharpening their claws. However, one should not think that they act in this way only to annoy their masters. It happens on an instinctive level. This requires their nature. Do not forget that cats are predators, although they differ in size from their wild relatives. This explains the urgent need to sharpen claws. Owners who know what they will have to face before they start a cat in the house must first get a scraper to help keep the furniture in the house.

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Why do I need kogtetochka?

Living in the wild, cats and their relatives for sharpening claws use tree trunks. Since their claws are constantly growing, and besides with high speed, they must sharpen them, otherwise they will have difficulty moving around during a hunt. In some animals, the claws can grow into the paws, which is why cats feel severe pain. Therefore, they need a hard surface so that they can sharpen claws and not experience unpleasant sensations.

Pets are limited in this regard, although if an ornamental tree grows in a house, they can use its surface to sharpen their claws. However, if there is no suitable object in the house, then the owners need to resolve this issue as soon as possible and purchase or manufacture a scraper.

What is the purpose of this device? Many cat owners have the wrong impression, as if their pets tearing carpets or sofas on purpose. However, in reality everything is not so: cats only follow the call of nature, keeping their claws in proper condition. Man cannot change this situation. It remains only to do everything possible so that cats can

Kogtetochka do-it-yourself: 15 interesting master classes

Cats, like dogs, require proper care and attention. And since you have already decided to settle a mustache pet at home, take this matter very responsibly. Make sure that the animal has everything you need. In cats, in the first place, it is a claw post – a real magic wand, saving from unwanted scratches and puffs on furniture. And even a beginner carpenter can do it on her own. Take a look at 15 interesting options.

1. Kogtetochka on a patterned rug

Such a device for cats can serve not only for its intended purpose, but also to be a harmonious design complement to the interior.

With the help of special glue fasten the basis for the claw. Use the same adhesive to wipe the edges of the carpet to prevent them from blooming.

Before wrapping our stand, paint a piece of sisal blue. Secure it around the stand with a stapler, alternating with a natural color. And for safety, adjust all the puncture points with a hammer so that the brackets do not look out.

You can choose the color and texture of the carpet to your own taste, as long as it is quite dense and harmoniously combined with the overall interior.

2. Two in one: vazh kogtetka

Such a kogtetochka performs 2 functions at once – an indispensable device for a cat and a luxurious decorative floor vase.

Prepare a ceramic vase of any size and shape, as well as a coil of sisal rope. The vase should be quite heavy and durable. Avoid glass varieties!

Anecdotes about hunters

Almost finish, but the most important part ahead, because the main thing that our design was sustainable. Fill the vase with different stones and other all kinds of weighting. And for reliable stability we will attach slate tiles to the bottom.

3. Global project: two-story

DIY toys for dogs

Puppies are the same children, they can actively explore the world during the game and with the help of toys: try them for a tooth, nibble, squeeze. Modern manufacturers offer a wide range, but toys made with their own hands, will bring joy not only to your pet, but also are significant savings for the family budget.

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Types of puppy toys

It is not easy to choose a toy that will appeal to your puppy, which he does not want to part with. There are several types of dog toys. Consider some of them: rubber toys – perfectly develop the jaws of dogs. You can play the game "catch and bring" with the pet, because toys made of such material are very durable.

There are also vinyl toys that fit comfortably in the jaws of a dog. Usually inside such a toy there is a squeaker that causes additional interest from your pet.

You can make a soft toy made from sheep wool or from high-quality knitwear. Many dogs like to wear them in their teeth, and keep near them.

There are also toys made of rope, sometimes flavored – they can be used for the development of the teeth and jaws of dogs. With the help of such toys you can play with the animal in the "pulling". Very nice rawhide toys. They well remove plaque on the teeth of dogs, maintaining their purity. Usually they are made in the form of pits and add various fragrances – for the greater interest of the animal. For dogs that love to nibble, hard toys are offered.

Dogs instinctively love to gnaw wood, and therefore toy manufacturers began to produce wooden toys, which are made according to all safety rules. When buying a wooden toy, you need to pay attention to what material the toy is made of. Usually their

How To Make A Rope For A Dog

Than play doggy – choose a toy together

Toys for puppies – this is not a luxury, but a necessity, because they will not only occupy a pet, but also help in training and development. They will become a target for the sharp teeth of the dog and will protect your shoe and leg of the chair from damage. We will help you figure out what kinds of toys are available, let’s name the best designs of well-known companies (Petstages, GiGwi, Trixie, Kong). Also, our master class and video tutorials will help to make toys for dogs with their own hands. That will save a lot of money, because dog toys – things are not durable.

What are some toys?

Soft toys are faithful companions of both large and small breeds of dogs, as well as puppies. The soft trinket absorbs the smell of a pet and becomes native for him, so the dog can rush day and night with it, walk and even sleep. Such fun is especially useful for puppies who have recently been separated from their mother – they will warm them like a hot water bottle, so the puppy will sleep more calmly.

Along with the advantages, there is a significant lack of soft toys – they can be dangerous. Such an object is very easy to break, and the filler can easily be swallowed up by a pet. It threatens with digestive problems, so the dog must play under supervision.

Among soft ones, Trixie’s games are especially popular: rat-heater, made of pieces of wool, teddy bear and duck

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