How To Make Toys From The Boxes

Toys from the boxes – it sounds weird, but in fact there is nothing easier!

You can breathe life into the old cardboard with your own hands, and the imagination of children will help to make a real house, an attraction or even a fairytale character out of the box!

Crocodile Gena

How To Make Toys From The Boxes

Making a Cheburashka best friend is pretty simple. True, this toy is probably for the youngest children.

We will need:

  • The box is rectangular; the capacity from under the juice is perfect;
  • Color paper;
  • Duct tape
  • Eyes made of paper – that is, white ovals with painted black pupils.

We cut the box in half, but not completely, leaving the bottom layer of paper intact. Wrap the surface with colored paper – you can turn green if you want an authentic crocodile, or you can make it of any color. Joints of paper joints are taped.

Fold the workpiece so as to make the mouth of a crocodile. We get two jaws. Attach the eyes to the top. Here is the muzzle of the animal.

Of course, our crocodile is very simple, but if you put a toy on your hand, then you can play a puppet theater and talk for a character. For children of two or three years old, this will be enough to believe that the toy has come to life.


Making a new building out of the box with your own hands is already more complicated than the face of the beast. But for children of five, six, this is quite a feasible task.

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How To Make Toys From The Boxes

Toys from the boxes – it sounds weird, but in fact there is nothing easier! You can breathe life into the old cardboard with your own hands, and the……

We will need:

  • one liter juice box;
  • paper;
  • colored self-adhesive paper;
  • pencil, ruler, scissors, glue;
  • a piece of cardboard.

First, we turn down the upper “ears” that a box of juice has. They are needed to make the roof in the last stage of construction.

Then we accurately measure out how much self-adhesive film we need in order to glue the building. Color – to your taste.

Cut out the right amount of film and paste over the box. Cut off excess film by gently connecting the seams. So the skeleton and the foundation of our house are ready.

ATTENTION: “Ears” are pasted over in the same way as the whole box.

Cut out the windows from a sheet of white paper. If you wish, you can draw on them sash and vents. From the paper of a different color to make the door.

We glue the door to the base of the house, evenly distribute the windows over the entire area of ​​the box.

From a piece of cardboard we bend a gable roof. It is attached with glue to the "ears".

The house is out of the box ready!

Glass Ball Toy

Perhaps the most difficult creation that can be made for children with their own hands out of the box.

How To Make Toys From The Boxes

We will need:

  • box without front wall;
  • cardboard strips, preferably dense;
  • scissors;
  • glass balls.
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In the walls of the box we make holes and fix jumpers in them. From the side it looks like an open cupboard with shelves. Nuance: the shelves must be tilted so that the balls that will roll along them make movements themselves, naturally, under the force of gravity.

In the upper part of the box we make a hole where we launch the ball. He falls on the first shelf, rolls down – and also falls into the hole that we cut in advance. Falls to the bottom shelf. And so on.

The hardest part of this design is to make a stable base for the box. For this, thick cardboard or plywood may be suitable.

As we see, it is very easy to make toys for children. Take the boxes, arm yourself with fantasy and call your child’s assistants. Good luck!

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