How To Play With The Dog Choose The Right Toys For A Pet

If you brought a puppy, then be prepared for the responsibilities that parents bear in relation to their children. A little dog needs to pay a lot of attention, especially if you are not going to chain it to guard the house, but you want to get a loyal friend, helper and a full-fledged family member. If you want to teach your dog to contact you from an early age and get the most out of the animal’s abilities, you need to play with your puppy.

Why are dog games important?

Playing with a dog is not only a way to have a good time or to have a child. Playing with a puppy, you lay the basics of training and teach the dog to communicate with you according to the rules that you set. Regular games with animals will allow you to develop the desired character traits in a dog – sociability, ability to understand simple commands, lack of fear of a person, correct behavior with strangers and much more. Finally, the game – it is good for the health of the pet and the owner, especially if we are talking about outdoor games in the fresh air.

The rules of the game with the four-legged friend

How to play with a dog so that hanging out together brings only pleasure and benefit? First of all, it is necessary to understand the psychology of dogs as a species. It is impossible to completely rid the dog of the instincts laid down by nature, and they must be reckoned with.

The most important thing to understand about dogs is social animals, in natural conditions they live in flocks where they have their own hierarchy. And the lower the position of the animal in the pack, the stronger the desire to take a higher position. Therefore, all dogs tend to desire to compete and fight.

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If the games with the owner and his children contain a component of competition and struggle, then the dog will develop an aggressive strategy of behavior towards those whom it considers weaker or lower than itself in the hierarchy. This can be dangerous for younger family members – children born when the pet is already an adult. A lot of accidents have been described with dogs attacking younger children in the absence of parents – this is how the dog tries to take a dominant position in the family.

How To Play With The Dog Choose The Right Toys For A Pet

If you brought a puppy, then be prepared for the responsibilities that parents bear in relation to their children. A little dog needs to pay a lot of……

Therefore, while playing with a dog, it is not necessary to harshly suppress it, using force or taking toys from him by force, pulling the rope with an obvious dominant component. The game should be aimed at the development of dexterity, coordination, understanding of the simplest teams (“bring”, “catch”, “to me”) and the development of the desired model of behavior.

Opportunities for joint games with the dog

Dog toys include hundreds of varieties and dozens of categories. All products are divided into two broad categories:

  • toys to "play around", run, nibble. various balls, frisbees, ropes, tweeters;
  • devices that develop communication skills and teach the basics of dressure – various tunnels, prefabricated barriers and circles, rocker boards and other devices.

But simplicity does not mean that you have less opportunity to play with your pet. Even such a simple object as a rubber ball, will allow you to extract a lot of benefits from it. Very often dogs enjoy spending time with a ball, gnawing and biting it. Playing with the ball, you can:

How To Play With The Dog Choose The Right Toys For A Pet
  • throw a ball from a different distance, letting the animal catch it on the fly;
  • throw the ball, teaching the dog to carry it in his teeth.
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Buy a ball that has a sufficiently dense and elastic structure, always hollow inside, so that the dog cannot immediately gnaw it and swallow the pieces of rubber. The dense and elastic structure allows the animal to train its jaws. Instead of a ball, you can use other toys from the same material – dumbbells, bones. Frisbee is a great alternative to the ball and the main toy of such a sport as agility.

Natural material ropes are another popular type of pet toy. Most often they are chosen by the owners of large dogs – rottweilers, dobermans, boxers. Ropes make it easy to establish contact between the dog and the host. A simple and fun game – tug of war. It develops the teeth and jaws of the dog, helping to realize the potential of the strength and endurance of the animal.

Recently, many educational toys have appeared that help dogs develop intelligence. For example, toys, feeders in the form of a hollow cylinder with holes through which you can put pieces of dry food and give your pet. The dog will need to extract treats, which will require the animal to strain its wit in accordance with innate abilities.

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