How To Remake A Bag For Carrying A Dog

Every pet owner at least once had the need to transport it – in connection with the move, during the journey, while going to the veterinary clinic.

How To Remake A Bag For Carrying A Dog

And if dogs of large breeds, in most cases, move independently and do not need a “house”, then cats and decorative dogs are frequent guests in carrying bags for animals. In order for a pet to travel comfortably, and he gladly set off, from a wide assortment of bags one must choose the one that will be most convenient both for the animal and for its owners.

Types of carriers

Accessories for transportation of our smaller brothers differ in size, rigidity of the frame and appearance. For the owners of women fashionistas, there are options from famous fashion houses with a special style for each season, and for more practical ladies there are specialized models from brands based on the creation of veterinary products, for example, this is the Triol animal carrying bag.

How To Remake A Bag For Carrying A Dog

Triol carrying bag for animals

Shoulder bag

Bulky bag with short handles and a notch in the corner for the head of a dog or cat. The animal can look in the course of the movement or against it, having thrust out a muzzle outside.

How To Remake A Bag For Carrying A Dog

Shoulder bag

Important! This option is convenient for the hostess, but it creates a lot of inconvenience to the pet, if chosen incorrectly, when there is no possibility to change the position or lie down.

Shoulder bags are suitable for transporting young cats and dogs that are full of strength for short distances. And if the pet in old age prefers to lie down, it is better to refuse such a carrying in favor of more suitable options for the animal.

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The accessory with a rigid frame and soft walls is stylized as a travel bag. The rigid base allows the pet to sit comfortably and change the position if desired, and enough air penetrates through the mesh walls and it is clear what is happening around.

How To Remake A Bag For Carrying A Dog

Bag carrying box for dogs

Often models are complemented by a long strap to fasten the bag to the car seat. Carrying a box is the best option for transporting an animal over long distances, although not very convenient for the owner.


This is a type of box with rigid walls made of metal rods or plastic components. Hard frame allows you to protect the four-footed friend from accidental external shocks, but does not protect against wind and other vagaries of the weather. In addition, the cell is even less convenient to use than the standard box from the point of view of the owner.

Baby sling

  • Convenient location pet;
  • Proximity to the host body, which soothes through a mindful of impressionable animals;
  • Mounting over the shoulder allows you to evenly distribute the load on the spine;
  • Hands are always free;
  • Universal models are suitable for women and men.

How To Remake A Bag For Carrying A Dog

Bag-carrying Cascade "Sling"

But among the many "advantages" of using carry-sling, you can find several "minuses":

  • The pet does not have the opportunity to change the position, therefore during long journeys the legs become numb;
  • Miniature slings are designed for hand dogs up to 1.5-2 kilograms, therefore they are not suitable for transporting cats and more weighty doggies.


In essence, such a carrying is an ordinary backpack that has been converted to transport an animal. This bag is placed behind the shoulders and is equipped with several mesh windows.

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How To Remake A Bag For Carrying A Dog

Backpack for cats and dogs of small breeds CosmoPet

There are several types of backpacks:

  • Closed with a soft base

It assumes the sitting position of the animal while carrying. Such a backpack can be without mesh windows – in this case air enters through special openings trimmed with metal rivets.

Attention! Practice shows that pets prefer options with windows, when you can look at what is happening around.

The main drawback of such carrying lies in a soft bottom – it is difficult for an animal to adopt a comfortable posture.

  • Closed with a solid base

This backpack also assumes a sitting position for a cat or dog, but allows you to sit comfortably, feeling a solid base under the paws. As in the previous version, there are models with mesh windows on the sides or without them.

How To Remake A Bag For Carrying A Dog

  • Open

In the open carrying behind the shoulders, there is always a solid base, due to which the strength and reliability of the product is increased. In such backpacks, the upper part can be removed at the request of the owner, due to which the dog or cat can get a better view.

Naturally, open backpacks like pets more than other models, but all such carriers have one major drawback – during transport, the animal constantly shakes, which can sleep causing the motion sickness. And since dogs or cats are not fixed and they have no obstacles, they can easily jump out or fall out.


The model presented in the photo is the best option for the owner and his animal, who are often on the road. This bag is made in the form of a backpack, which can be used in the upright position as a backpack or in the horizontal position as a bag.

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How To Remake A Bag For Carrying A Dog

Many models are equipped with a handle and wheels, which allows you to carry the carrier as a regular suitcase, giving the owner a rest. The extra long strap can be used as a reliable means of fastening in the car. The hard edges of the transformer provide the pet with the necessary space for convenient placement on a long road.

Carrier for visiting the vet

The bag for examination of animals is intended for carrying out medical examination of a pet in a veterinary clinic. It is equipped with handles, so it can be used as a carrying, but only for short distances. This model is designed for rigid fixation of a cat or dog, so it will not even work out to stretch its paws. Long stay in such a "bag" is not recommended by veterinarians.

When choosing a carrier for a four-legged pet, you must first determine the goals and frequency of transportation. Then you should worry about the convenience and safety of the pet, and only in the last place to pay attention to the suitability of carrying the trends. If you prioritize in this order, the cat or dog will surely love long hikes in the fresh air with their owner.

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