How To Sew A Bone For A Dog

How to feed chihuahua

Chihuahua, perhaps the smallest dog in the world. The weight of an adult individual rarely exceeds 3 kilograms. At the same time, tiny dogs are surprisingly courageous, active and good-natured. Their curiosity has no limits. So that your dog will delight you with its playful character and good looks, do not forget about proper feeding. It. the guarantee of health and long life of your pet.

The Chihuahua is a small and energetic dog, therefore the replenishment of a large amount of energy should be at the expense of the quality of the food, not its quantity.

If your dog is a lot and actively moving, often walking on the street, at least two-thirds of its diet should be protein food. For 1 kg of live weight the dog should consume 50-80 grams of the full ration.

Let the chicken boiled, without bones and skin. Chicken bones are too fragile and sharp, they can damage a dog’s esophagus. Chicken meat is not recommended to give too often. 1-2 times a week is enough.

Fish give only sea dogs, cleared of bones, fins and heads. Fish give only boiled, once or twice a week. Exclude pollock.

Porridge should not form the basis of the dog’s diet. Boiled cereals can be mixed with protein food, for example, with cottage cheese.

Milk causes upset stomach in adult dogs, so give preference to fermented milk products. Cottage cheese, soft cheeses, kefir – fats and calcium. Mix them with finely chopped greens.

Vegetables are best cooked. Raw vegetables should be chopped, for example, on a fine grater. Very useful carrots. It improves the condition of the dog’s coat and a little anthelmintic. Add a drop of vegetable oil or sour cream to vegetables.

Avoid fried foods, legumes, onions, nuts and sweets from the Chihuahua diet. Do not let the dog eat food from your table.

Adult doggy d

Fashion for dogs: how to make a stylish jumpsuit do it yourself

Our four-legged pets need warmth and care as well as young children. In cold and windy weather a short-haired dog can be completely uncomfortable, but you still need to walk. We are happy to knit hats and waistcoats. A good solution will be also tailoring the jumpsuit with your own hands.

The right material for dog clothes

In the choice of material, the main role is not played by beauty, but by practicality. Judge for yourself, the dog will be much warmer and more comfortable in waterproof thick fabric than in artificial clothes with network inserts. Good in all respects overalls for dogs, it is more expedient to sew from a raincoat fabric, bolognevogo material, dense microfiber or any other fabric that repels moisture. For a better insulating effect, you can also supplement the product with an inner warm lining, which can be knitted or made from insulation.

If you are "friends" with the needles, you can tie a simple sleeveless jacket to your dog, which you will wear under overalls in cold weather. Fur, viscose can also play the role of insulation. Warm little things will keep your pet healthy and clean during the cold season. Master class on knitting and patterns, read below in the article.

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Cooking pattern

So, let’s begin our master class for making standard jumpsuit for dogs of any breed, small or medium size. To begin with, we will prepare a pattern on paper, which we will later use to transfer the measurements to the fabric. In fact, the jumpsuit for dogs with their own hands to sew is not so difficult. Well, if we knit, then we should enjoy the process altogether!

The standard pattern of tailoring warm overalls looks the same for small, medium and large breeds. Its description is easy to find on the Internet, you can build on a computer or make

I bring to your attention the creation of a pleasant gift for your dog or for your friend’s pet. If your dog is cheerful and loves to play, if she is young and nibbles everything she sees, such a gift to her will be very useful. After all, you can pleasantly stick your teeth into it and try to tear pieces of skin from it.

So, we need: pieces of fleece or other fabric. And pieces of leather. Fleece – very easy to use and very soft to the touch material. Therefore, it is pleasant and easy to sew from it. And to play too – even more so!

Next, cut out the skin of the desired figures, which will sew to the bone. Sew them on every detail of the bone on a typewriter or by hand. You can sew any thread and any stitch. The main thing is that it was interesting to tear off pieces of leather, but it was very difficult to tear off!

How To Sew A Bone For A Dog

How to feed chihuahua Chi huahua , perhaps the smallest dog in the world. The weight of an adult individual rarely exceeds 3 kilograms. At the same time,……

Sew the hole seam over the edge. Our bone is ready! We present our gift to our dear friend. The dog is pleased, he now has a new toy.

The gift is tested on our small and super-active puppy. She is now gnawing at everything that comes her way. Bone she really liked. She gladly runs after her, throws herself up and catches her, and in the evening falls asleep with her in her arms.

So, for her, such a bone should be made larger with the knowledge that she needs such a short time 🙂 Such a bone can probably be small and medium-sized dogs and puppies

Yes. but she is still 2.5 months old. That’s why I made a gift for her, because now she is nibbling everything. And she likes to nibble a soft bone 🙂

Thank. Dog is the most that neither is real. Rather, the real one. This soft pile, live eyes and inside self-charging battery, which rarely weakens 😀

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This is not for a big dog. And we have it whole and even without holes. For puppies and small dogs a very good and comfortable toy 🙂

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DIY toys for dogs

Puppies are the same children, they can actively explore the world during the game and with the help of toys: try them for a tooth, nibble, squeeze. Modern manufacturers offer a wide range, but toys made with their own hands, will bring joy not only to your pet, but also are significant savings for the family budget.

Types of puppy toys

It is not easy to choose a toy that will appeal to your puppy, which he does not want to part with. There are several types of dog toys. Consider some of them: rubber toys – perfectly develop the jaws of dogs. You can play the game "catch and bring" with the pet, because toys made of such material are very durable.

There are also vinyl toys that fit comfortably in the jaws of a dog. Usually inside such a toy there is a squeaker that causes additional interest from your pet.

You can make a soft toy made from sheep wool or from high-quality knitwear. Many dogs like to wear them in their teeth, and keep near them.

There are also toys made of rope, sometimes flavored – they can be used for the development of the teeth and jaws of dogs. With the help of such toys you can play with the animal in the "pulling". Very nice rawhide toys. They well remove plaque on the teeth of dogs, maintaining their purity. Usually they are made in the form of pits and add various fragrances – for the greater interest of the animal. For dogs that love to nibble, hard toys are offered.

Dogs instinctively love to gnaw wood, and therefore toy manufacturers began to produce wooden toys, which are made according to all safety rules. When buying a wooden toy, you need to pay attention to what material the toy is made of. Usually their

How to sew clothes for the dog yourself

On the Internet you can find a lot of detailed information on this subject, there are good patterns and step-by-step instructions that clearly and clearly tell and show in the photos how to sew clothes for dogs. Therefore, for those who have at least some skills to sew, it will be easy to build a simple ass for your pet, which will protect it from rain and wind or from overheating. Those who are well acquainted with the needle and thread, and even better with the sewing machine, will be able to bestow on their pet this full-fledged wardrobe, where, among the necessary and simple clothes, there will be quite stylish gizmos and accessories.

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Before you sew clothes for dogs, you need to clearly know its purpose. Small breeds of dogs and short-haired dogs freeze while walking. In long-haired dogs during the rain, the fur coat becomes wet and greasy

Toys for puppies and dogs with their own hands

Ball Puzzle

The arcuate incision is more difficult to open than the straight one and the puppy will have to tinker with it. A little dry food should be put inside the ball – the toy is ready (Fig. 3).

Plastic men

For young dogs, it is advisable to make educational toys so that the animal can practice its skills. To make a little man you need:

This toy is convenient because the damaged parts can be replaced periodically with new ones. At will, the toy can be added with any other elements.

In a can of a larger diameter it is necessary to make four holes – two near the neck parallel to each other and two at the bottom. Previously, it is necessary to drill holes in the covers sufficient to allow the rope to pass through them. The rope should be cut into 4 equal parts. A rope is threaded into each of the covers and tied at the end. The other end of each of the ropes must be threaded into the hole in the jar and also tied.

The second jar must be stapled with the first. If the thread coincides, one can be screwed into another, if not – the banks can also be sealed together with ropes. The result will be a funny little man (Fig. 5).

Toys for dogs with their own hands should not be too complicated in execution – they will still be enough for a maximum of a week. You can simplify the previous toy, without the second can. In the bottom of the first several holes are drilled into which the ropes are pulled. At the end of each of the ropes must be strong knots (Fig. 6).

Homemade cords

How To Sew A Bone For A Dog

Master bedding for cats and dogs: master.klassy and ideas

Beds for pets can be anything, the main thing. so that they are soft, warm, comfortable and easily cleaned from wool. Best of all, if the covers on the pads can be removed and washed, because the animal sometimes pulls to itself in a secluded corner tidbits or "toys" with which it intends to get rid of. As if your pet is not accustomed to order, but in the absence of the owners, he will find what to do. especially if there are some interesting things in the vicinity. So instead of complaining about a hopelessly spoiled beautiful bedding, make sure that it can be easily cleaned.

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An old tapestry blanket, a woolen or flannel blanket, a coat or a suit that has long gone out of fashion, but to

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