How To Sew A Toy Dog ​​With Their Own Hands

How to sew a toy: dog do it yourself

A soft toy doggie can be sewn in more than one way. The most classic is with the help of a pattern where each detail of a future dog is cut out separately; then the whole toy is stitched.

And not one detail usually goes to the head, but two or even three – such a dog will turn out to be more realistic, because a real animal has a slightly elongated muzzle, and not a round one. For the paws, it is also desirable to make "soles" – this will not allow the toy to stand, after all, there is no frame in it, but it will add a nice detail. In general, you should have 24 pieces cut from the fabric; but their exact number and shape always depend on the pattern.

It is best to stuff a toy with a synthetic winter coat – it is both soft and light, and keeps its shape. Opinions about the fabric diverge. Of course, the choice of fabric depends on the purpose of the future toys. If the dog is sewn as a talisman and interior decoration and will stand in one place, the main thing is the appearance of the fabric.

If it is sometimes used, such as, for example, a cushion-pillow, the fabric is needed more tightly and non-slip. And if it is a toy for a child, it is best to choose a natural or at least very durable fabric.

Remember that toys can have small parts – most often buttons are used for dogs noses and eyes. Do not expect that you will be able to sew them tightly enough – if a very small child plays with a toy, it is better to sew the eyes and nose with an appliqué-cloth, and not buttons.

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But the easiest and fastest way to sew a stylized dog, which does not require any special expense of either fabric or time, is to sew it out of socks.

How to sew a dog socks

How To Sew A Toy Dog ​​With Their Own Hands

How to sew a toy: dog do it yourself A soft toy doggie can be sewn in more than one way. The most classic is with the help of a pattern where each detail……

For this you will need:

  • two socks with high or medium shin. Their color is not important, but the option in which socks and heels of socks of a different color than the rest of the fabric looks most attractive looks the best.

Socks can be with prints and embroidery, and striped – just the same will be a dog.

  • threads (preferably two colors – to match the socks and the heel and to the tone of the rest of the socks) and a needle;
  • two large buttons (without legs) for the eyes;
  • round bead for the nose;
  • sintepukh;
  • scissors;
  • ribbon.

Buttons and beads can also be of any color, but usually take black or brown. It will be great if they have some unusual texture (matte, or “under the skin”, for example).

1. Cut off both socks socks exactly along the line where their color ends, if they differ in color, either along the seam or just at the distance of the toes, if not.

2. Snip both socks along so that they can "open." Fold in half, in triangles.

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3. Sew each sock from the inside out, stitching both sides of the triangle together, and then turn it out. Two triangular ears turned out.

4. Cut off the upper part of the socks, approximately 3-4 cm from the heel. The rest of the sock is a kind of open cloth cylinder.

5. Sew the edge of the cylinder from one toe, tamper it with padding (as tight as possible) and sew up the other end. This will be the body of the toy.

6. Turn the body part so that the heel is on top. The heel of the sock will be the back of the head – immediately after not the sock is slightly bent, like a muzzle, which is preserved even after it has been stuffed with padding.

Sew on the heel ears.

How To Sew A Toy Dog ​​With Their Own Hands

7. Take a second sock. It should be divided into five parts – four of them are equal (for the paws) and one is longer – for the tail. These strips of cloth will be as folded as ears, and filled with down, so count their length or width twice as much as the size of the dog’s limbs.

8. Sew separately the legs and tail, stuffing them with fluff, and sew them to the toy.

9. Now sew to the muzzle eyes-buttons (they should be located as if on opposite sides, approximately on the lines of the ears, held down) and the nose-bead, to its very edge.

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