How To Sew Clothes For Chihuahuas Yourself

How To Sew Clothes For Chihuahuas Yourself

The need for seasonal wardrobe for purebred dogs, room maintenance skeptics take into question. But trembling fluffy Chihuahua puppies, always evoke the intention to warm them.

The proposal to protect from cold and precipitation of small four-legged friends came precisely from the breeders of this breed. Purchased, knitted or sewn clothes for a chihuahua with their own hands, as well as patterns and measurements, fabrics and yarn – all those who recently got a miniature four-footed friend are interested in all this.

How many clothes are needed

How To Sew Clothes For Chihuahuas Yourself

The culture of keeping pets in the city involves walking at least 3 times a day. It is necessary for the administration of natural needs, non-verbal communication with wildlife and the development of the emotional component of the nature of animals. But the weather is changeable, you have to adjust to it, picking up capes, vests and overalls for dogs according to the season, as in the photo.

If the little dog has grown up in an enclosed space without a collar or harness, he is not used to dog clothes and shoes, perhaps for some time it will resist the hostess’s desire to wear it. This is a matter of habit, the “pocket” pet will be warm and comfortable in frosty and rainy weather under the vestments.

How To Sew Clothes For Chihuahuas Yourself

The first steps of fluffy in woolen socks, or leather slippers will be awkward. You should not retreat in the desire to adapt it to dog shoes.

Tip: Try to warm clothes for sneezing, made with your own hands, was the same aesthetic, as purchased in a luxury salon. Then walking will bring a lot of positive emotions.

Puppies to accustom to costumes is much easier than grown-up individuals. But they did not immediately "appreciate" the desire of the owners to shelter trembling creatures from the weather. The adaptation of the miniature creature to a harness, blanket or rain cover is well underway. They do not hamper the movements during the administration needed, protecting the fur from getting wet.

How To Sew Clothes For Chihuahuas Yourself

Little chihuah is considered "glamorous", it is desirable to dress up under the style of its owner. It looks good if in some elements the look of a cute pet imitates the girl who walks it.

The sporting style or color of the jacket, the edge of the hood, pebbles or sequins in the finish can be repeated. Dressing is an amateur; the dog should look stricter, and the girl should be more romantic than its owner.

How To Sew Clothes For Chihuahuas Yourself

How to knit a sweater, which one to choose the style and color of the set depends on the season and the taste of the owners. There are practical garments for slush and lush vestments on the exit “to the light” and on a special occasion.

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Mini – dog for daily walks will need

  • warm overalls with a hood for frosty days; warm vest or sweatshirt for the off season; a cape is a rain coat when it is damp and overcast; light T-shirts (boy) or dress (girl) for heat; knitted hats or embroidered caps, socks or comfortable “shoes”, etc.

There are designers who dictate fashion for four-footed friends, followed by followers of this breed. Need a little sewing experience – for yourself or dolls. You know how to hold a needle in your hands – you should decide on a “dog studio”. A passion will become a fascinating hobby or additional income – this is how all the masters of the industry began.

How To Sew Clothes For Chihuahuas Yourself

How To Sew Clothes For Chihuahuas Yourself

The need for seasonal wardrobe for purebred dogs, room maintenance skeptics take into question. But trembling fluffy Chihuahua puppies, always evoke the……

  • Tip: Try to sew carefully, a little experience – exercise on old things. It will not work – do not mind throwing it away. Further it will turn out better if to try for a pet.

Sometimes it is useful to unravel one product at the seams in order to cut several others along it, having considered how the craftsmen sewed it. We offer to use a master class video for motivation.

What make wardrobe

Sweater your pet can be sewn from old knitwear, not knowing how to knit. A good vest without a buckle for a puppy will come out of a handmade sock (thick twisted yarn). It remains to add cuts under the paws, and arrange the edges of the product.

It is not necessary to buy new yarn or fabric. A warm vest or a jumpsuit will come out of the sleeves of an old hostess jacket, and an elegant dress out of a T-shirt. Things that are allocated under the dog "block", you need to wash, iron and cut at the seams. This will be the basis on which the patterns are transferred, as in the photo – example.

The main measurements are taken with elastic tape:
neck volume (at the base in a wide area); paw length (from base to first pad); body volume (under the front legs); the length of the back (from the root of the tail to the first cervical vertebra); waist volume (abdomen at hind legs).

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Not worth tinkering "for growth", all clothes sew for the season. They should be adjacent to the body, but free and quite comfortable. A lot of structural details will be a doggie burden.

Note: The construction of a symmetrical pattern is made in halves (back, sleeves, chest). It is easier to make schemes on a scale of 1: 4, and full-size patterns are for beginners so that the overall look is clear.

It is easy to use ready-made drawings, but they always have to be adjusted by their standards, given:
floor; age; body features (stocky, thin).

The patterns for the girl and the boy (of any breed) differ in the depth of cut under the urethra. Using ready-made patterns for chihuahua, specify where the upper part (to the neck) and the back (to the tail). On the belly for a dog sew with a cut, so as not to smudge when he urinates.

Knit for the representatives of your favorite breed yourself

As is known, only knitwear from natural yarn or mixed warms:
natural wool; mohair or dog fluff (after shedding and combing); wool + acrylic (has similar properties); cotton, viscose or linen base.

Knitwear from synthetics will not have a warming property, but it is suitable for cool rooms and autumn days. The color of the yarn is better to choose a calm, natural range. Knitting patterns – smooth stocking knit, alternating with pigtails and a simple elastic band, which does not hinder movement. You can make leather and fur inserts, it looks expensive and elegant.

If there are things that can be dissolved, new bobbins and hanks should not be bought. Pompons, tassels and laces will go to the strings and decor. Two types of yarn suitable for strips and combined parts. An old pullover or knitted suit for a baby will come out of the old down hat with a lapel, as in the photo.

Note: The pattern of overalls or sweaters is similar to how they are knitted for people. One difference is that the back should be twice as wide as the chest, as the dogs have paws much closer.

A warm chihuahua jumpsuit is easy to tie; if you have experience, patterns are not needed:
The upper part of knit to measure the volume of the body, leaving rounded slots under the legs. We tie the neckline with a rubber band, leaving it wide, it should not interfere with the swallowing functions. From the finished top with completed short sleeves, we collect a row and knit towards the tail and hind legs.

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From the back of the dial further under each hind leg, knit with a decrease – cones under the hind legs. Next make out the gum cutout under the stomach to get neat, as in the photo.

Knitting for an animal is a pleasure, special skills are not needed, after the first thing you will want to add new ones. The most convenient is the twisted yarn of medium thickness for handwork and knitting needles No3 or a hook with the same number. Regarding the decor for knitwear, each needlewoman decides for herself.

Tip: Practical on the back to make a large pocket under the collar and leash. Look for the sale of buttons and clasps in the form of bones and attractive faces of animals.

Interesting ideas are selected in our gallery.

How To Sew Clothes For Chihuahuas Yourself

How To Sew Clothes For Chihuahuas Yourself

How To Sew Clothes For Chihuahuas Yourself

Learning to sew overalls

Warm clothing from head to tail will be needed for winter walks. It seems that it is harder to sew than the summer one – because of the edge, lining and fastener. But the patterns are almost the same. To make the product without lining, it is recommended to choose double-sided artificial fur.

Tip: Neatly designed “denim” hem seams or tidy edges will eliminate the need to work with the lining.

Please note that in jeans and jackets under the zipper locks hem bar. This is more important for dogs than for people – the fur will not fall into the "teeth".

For sewing warm overalls will need:
pattern – scheme (ready or self-built); thick or washable fabric; durable thread No40 (standard for sewing); a sewing machine or a self-sewing needle; scissors, a square, a piece of chalk or a thin remnant for cutting; zipper, Velcro and buttons.

How To Sew Clothes For Chihuahuas Yourself

Recall that the pattern is transferred to the fabric, leaving allowances for seams. Before scribbling, it is recommended to scribe the product so that the seams lie flat and the parts coincide. The main thing is to carefully handle the edges.

If it is conceived, pull the cord around the edge, sew a fur trim and decor. Ready-made examples and explanations about sewing a chihuahua jumpsuit do it yourself to help you figure out how to make adjustments by the standards.

Clothes for a chihuahua, even with their own hands, are not so complicated, for an easier process a master class:

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