How To Store Food For Dogs And Cats

How to properly store dry pet food

Many pet owners often wonder how to properly store dry food in order to avoid losing their healthy and palatable qualities. After all, sometimes it happens that a large supply of food is bought (for example, 10-15 kg) for several months, and the animal stops eating it when there is still more than half of the package.

Proper storage of any pet food is of great importance to the health of your pet. Properly stored food will be able to provide the animal with all the beneficial substances and will maintain its freshness and, consequently, its taste for a long time, which is no less important for the good appetite of pets.

The first and most important rule for storing dry food. its dryness and tightness. The manufacturer’s packaging has good environmental protection, but as soon as the bag is opened, the feed immediately begins to be exposed to this adverse factor. Therefore, as a bag of food is open, it must be poured into a special dry clean container for food. Containers are made of various materials, from plastic to metal, they come in a variety of sizes, but always with a lid that protects the food from moisture and dust.

The second, but no less important condition for storing food, is to store it in a dry and cool place. That is, the feed should not stand in the immediate vicinity of batteries or any other heat source, and you should not store containers with feed on the balcony or windowsill. The most optimal temperature for storing dry food is a temperature of 18-20 ºС, and the humidity of the air should not exceed 70%. If the temperature in the room is 23-26 ºС, then you should not keep food in these conditions for longer than one month, since high room temperature accelerates the natural oxidation of the feed, which directly affects its nutritional value.

It is important that the containers protect the feed from insects and mites. Of course, cereals that are part of any dry food will attract insects that can lay eggs in it, so food should only be stored in a cool place. If the food for some reason or other becomes wet, it is likely that it will start mites or mold.

Below are some other principles for storing dry food:

– Do not store dry food in the freezer, as this will affect its taste and characteristics;

– In no case should you mix in an old dry food container with a new one. Before pouring new food into the container, it should be thoroughly washed with hot water and detergent and dried. It is very important before pouring the food, to check whether the container has dried to the end, whether moisture has remained somewhere on the walls or bottom;

– If you have several closed bags of dry food before you open one of them, check the expiration dates and open the one with the expiration date earlier.

All these simple observance rules suggest that an airtight container is the best way to store dry food, protecting it from all harmful influences and factors, allowing your pets to eat properly.

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How to store outdoor feed properly

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How To Store Food For Dogs And Cats

This question concerns all owners of four-legged pets. After all, good food does not get free, but bought with honestly earned money. And to allow delicious food for an animal to spoil is a chagrin for any host. How to make food for the animal arrive without interruption due to improper storage? Just follow the special rules!

Wet food – storage secrets

  • Before you open canned food or pouches, keep them in a dry and cool place. Make sure that the direct rays of the merciless sun do not fall on them.
  • If you opened the canned food, you must transfer the contents from the tin can into a glass with a lid or in a special container made of plastic. Do not store food in an open tin can! Otherwise, the bank will begin to oxidize and release harmful substances into the pet’s food.
  • The contents of canned or spider can be stored for 24 hours, but only in the refrigerator.
  • If you doubt that your dog or cat will master an open feed for a day, then you can freeze the feed. It is advisable to do this immediately after opening the can. Otherwise, you will have to throw it away after the expiration date so that your pet does not get poisoned.

Secrets of storage of dry food

How To Store Food For Dogs And Cats

Follow these simple rules and your pets will always enjoy fresh, tasty, fragrant and healthy food!

How to store food for dogs Hills

Most manufacturers, including Hills, argue that food can be stored for up to six months in the open, but little of the useful in such nutrition will remain with this method of storage. You can see the types of this feed and variety on the website Yes, and the taste it will not be very attractive. To avoid this, it is necessary to take into account certain specific conditions for the safety of this product.

How To Store Food For Dogs And Cats

How to properly store dry pet food Many pet owners often wonder how to properly store dry food in order to avoid losing their healthy and palatable……

Hills dry food preservation rules:

Observing all these simple rules of storage, you provide your four-legged friend with tasty and healthy food that will be pleasant to him and contain all the substances necessary for health in the declared amount. You can read more about feed storage in a specialized forum for pet owners here.

How to store dog food

Feed Storage Tips

How to keep food for dogs and cats dry, in bags, canned food

It is convenient to feed your fluffy or not very fluffy friend with ready-made food, from a sachet or dry. But you need to properly store the food for dogs and cats that you bought for future use, so that your four-legged friend in the bowl always had delicious food.

How to store dry food for dogs and cats

Dry food, if it is not a cheap substitute for food for animals, always has a fully balanced composition, which includes proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins.

Sealed dog and cat food should be stored in a dry place, at a temperature not higher than + 20 ° С.

Printed dry food can be stored in the kitchen, if it is a small pack and sprinkle food to the animal every day. A large amount should be put in a dry cool place (on the balcony, in the pantry) and stored for the shelf life specified by the manufacturer.

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How to store food in bags for dogs and cats

Of course, most often cat food is sold in bags, but for small breeds of dogs, their owners also buy 80-100 g packs of wet food.

Closed bags of dog and cat food can be stored in the refrigerator for the period specified by the manufacturer, or at a temperature not higher than room temperature.

Open food should be placed in the refrigerator, if the animal does not eat the entire portion immediately and give a supplement no later than six hours after opening the bag, otherwise its contents will dry.

How to keep dog and cat food in cans

It is convenient to buy food for cats and dogs in large cans of 400 grams or more.

Closed cans can be stored in the same way as all conservation, at a temperature not higher than room temperature. A open jar of food must be refrigerated and at a temperature not higher than + 5 ° C should be stored no more than a day.

Therefore, it is important to buy and store food for cats and dogs, which they can eat after opening the package if it is wet. Large feed cans are designed to feed an entire company of animals, so dispense the amount correctly.

How to store dog and cat food from minced meat

There are cat and dog food in many supermarkets, which is made from the meat of mechanical deboning, that is, from the remnants of the carcass. It is inexpensive because it contains offal such as cicatrix, udder, etc. Such stuffing for cats and dogs should be stored exclusively in the freezer, before it cut portions for ease of use.

How to store cat food?

If you use ready-made wet cat food – after opening the package, they should be stored in the refrigerator and strictly limited time – carefully read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Never give a cat food in an open tin can – it can get hurt about sharp edges. Naturally, the shelf life of wet food is only a couple of days, then they deteriorate and can harm the health of the cat.

Sealed cans are stored for a very long time (up to several years), trays and pouches – of course, less. In any case, you need to focus on the manufacturer’s recommendations. If the can is damaged (for example, a large dent appeared on it) – it is better to use such feed as soon as possible: its shelf life may be reduced.

If you opened a can and something made you doubt the quality of the feed, it is better not to use it.

Wet or homemade food can not stand in a bowl all day: it dries out, loses its attractiveness and useful properties. If the cat has not eaten all the wet food at a time, then after 1 hour it is better to throw out the entire eaten food, and next time reduce the portion.

How to store dry food for cats?

With dry food, everything is much simpler, however, here you should follow certain rules. The shelf life of dry food in sealed packages is 1–1.5 years. But besides the obvious damage – for example, the appearance of mold – cat food with improper storage in the first place lose their flavor and palatability. Cats are gourmets by nature, and this situation is critical for them.

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Try not to buy dry food by weight, take in sealed packages in which the food is filled in under special conditions, “under a controlled atmosphere”. Oxygen is removed from such a package: it is necessary for this to prevent the oxidation of fats, which ultimately affects the palatability of dry food.

From the opened packages, dry food should be immediately poured into sealed containers and put in a dark dry place where the temperature does not rise above 20C. The sun’s rays and humidity adversely affect its taste.

After buying a new portion of food, you do not need to mix it with the old one; it is better to completely feed the old product to the cat first, then wash and dry the container well and then fill up the new portion.

How to properly store food for dogs Nutra Gold.

Every breeder knows that feeding a dog is a responsible event on which the pet’s health and well-being depend. Food for the dog can be either home-made, cooked by the owner or ready-made, purchased. Today, ready-made factory dog ​​food is becoming increasingly popular, as they already contain a complex of essential nutrients and nutrients for the health of the dog, taking into account all the individual characteristics of an organism of a particular individual.

What conditions must be adhered to in order to preserve the good and taste of Nutra Gold dry food for dogs:

How To Store Food For Dogs And Cats

1. First, when buying dry food in a large package, you should not rush and open all the packs at once, in order to deliver the taste pleasure from the variety of food to your pet. Believe me, dogs are not as demanding in food as humans do not require a variety of dishes three times a day.

2. Secondly, when opening a large packet of feed, immediately pour a little one serving into a clean and dry container and put it in a dark place. It is important that the feed does not fall into the sun. Food that remains in its original packaging must be protected from the penetration of both air masses and moisture. Humid environment is generally totally unacceptable in relation to dry food, as it is an excellent medium for parasites. Food is stored at a moisture content of not more than 70%. Close the pack with the remaining ration tightly with something.

3. Thirdly, the storage temperature of the feed should not exceed 20 degrees. Freezing is strictly not allowed, so you just spoil the product. In the refrigerator, food is stored no more than a month.

How To Store Food For Dogs And Cats

4. Fourth, do not mix the remnants of undernourished food and a new batch in the same container. After the dog eats a portion of the feed, wash and dry the container and then just pour more feed at one time.

Only if you follow these simple rules for storing dry food Nutra Gold, you can be sure that your pet will receive only good and pure pleasure from food!

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