How To Teach A Dog To Play And Play With It Correctly

You, probably, often had to see dogs chasing other animals, rushing to passing cars and cyclists, creating in the apartment the feeling that the Mongol horde had just “ run here” We can safely say that these four-legged people are simply unlucky, they are not accustomed to the game, and for the owners they are just “ear-lap-tails” protecting the house from strangers.

The importance of the game for the dog

Experienced dog breeders say: nothing can bring the owner and pet closer together than the game. For the dog, it is a pleasant and fun pastime when she learns new skills and reinforces the previously learned commands. For the owner – earning credibility “ leader of the pack” without the use of force. That’s why you need to play with your pet, and as much as possible.
You can often hear the puzzling question: why does a dog have toys? And if you ask why children need them, a completely logical answer will follow: for proper mental, emotional and mental development, for developing motor skills and relieving stress. All the same, can be said for four-legged pets.

Do all dogs love to play?

Most dogs get the greatest pleasure from the game; for them, it is the most popular and exciting activity. Ending the game is often very frustrating tailed mischievous, so you have to force to take away her toys. To prevent this problem, you need to train the command “ Give!” To do this, while she is holding the toy, bring a treat to her nose and give the command. Not so much time will pass, and in the mind of the animal, a conviction is developed that with the return of the object, the entertainment does not end. You can also encourage team execution by continuing the game.

However, sometimes some dogs do not want to play. They are distracted, timid, do not understand the owner. Let us tell in brief about how to help them relax and learn how to play with the owner.

How to teach an animal to play

Let’s set the following goal: to correct the dog and owner relations, to teach them interactive games, to develop pet’s interest, to improve his attention and physical form.

And now we will learn a few important rules, the observance of which is extremely necessary:

How To Teach A Dog To Play And Play With It Correctly

1. Start teaching the dog to play where it is at ease, and it feels happy. After the first successes, classes can be continued in other places.

2. For classes, choose a time when your pet is most energetic and enthusiastic. Anyone who loves his pet will easily answer that this happens after the owner returns home. Your friend finally waited for you and, as a person, longs for affection and a kind word. Please forget that you want to drink coffee and you need to view the mail. The mutual pleasure that you and your pet will get from joint fun will charge you with a huge amount of good and cheerful mood. Keep your toys at the entrance in the corridor or the car if the dog meets you at the gate.

3. Before the game, do not iron or scratch the dog, do not take it in your arms, do not cuddle with it. When learning such host behaviour is unacceptable.

4. Do not lisp and coo with your pet when you start playing with it.

5. Determine the time when the lesson should be completed so that the dog does not have time to get tired and lose interest. It is better to cut it in half than to allow the decrease of the joy and energy of your pet by the end of the session.

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6. If you made several attempts, but the animal did not become interested in the game, isolate it for a short time or stop paying attention to it. This should not be taken as a punishment. You make it clear that the only occupation that currently interests you is the game, all other forms of communication are not interesting to you at the moment.

7. Toys should be available to the dog only when you are playing with it. This rule is especially necessary in the case of pets, who play well on their own but refuse to do so with the owner.

The animal must be taught to switch from one object to another. Praise him when the dog prefers the object that is in his teeth, the object that you hold in your hands. Gradually, the promotion should be a toy, not food.

If you can not accustom the dog to the game

You used everything, and you give up because it’s impossible to teach the animal to play. Don’t be upset. Applying the methods of training, you can train the dog to play, like any other team. First, encourage your pet with a delicacy as soon as he touches the object, then after taking it in his teeth, then when he takes it from you, and finally, as soon as he learns to bring it to you.

General tips for choosing toys for dogs

What types of toys are preferable to use?

1. The smaller the dog, the smaller the toy should be. However, this rule has exceptions. A small soft toy is quite suitable for a sweet, soft and affectionate large dog, and a very active midget dog world – powerful and, preferably rather big.

How To Teach A Dog To Play And Play With It Correctly

You, probably, often had to see dogs chasing other animals, rushing to passing cars and cyclists, creating in the apartment the feeling that the Mongol……

2. There are soft toys; there are harder. Determine the preferences of your pet and choose what he likes most.

3. Try to have several items for the game, so that the animal does not focus on one.

4. As a toy, you can use a container for food, if your friend likes to eat.

5. All dogs are delighted with the objects that make sounds.

Types of toys on the temperament of the dog.

1. For lovers of food.
– throw a tidbit to the dog to catch up with him;
– the same can be repeated with a round container for food;
– buy a rubber toy with a hole that can be filled with food or do the same with a sock.

2. For fans to pursue:

– any fun on a string or fishing rod;
– balls;
3. For fans of catching prey:
– fleece toys;
– socks, ropes, towels;
– hoses.

What games to play with the dog?

First of all, you can practice pointless games. But, first of all, find out what the dog likes and what annoys her. If she presses or retreats, it means that you are tough. A sure sign that you need to move away – if the animal lies on its back.

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The game does not necessarily have the presence of toys, many dogs and their owners have great fun without them. For example, you can:

• Play familiar to everyone from childhood “salk-catch”. Touch the side of the dog and run away, causing the pet to catch up with you.

• “Pry” and “bark” at the animal.

• Pat palms on the sides, knock the dog away from you.

• Alternately grab your pet’s paws or tail. It is imperative to praise him when he turns around to you.

• Bend below the dog to whet it.

Games with objects, however, are preferable, but certain rules must be followed:

1. A dog should feel more attention, care and love from the owner when the toy is with him.

2. In no case can not shake it in front of the pet.

3. Dogs, by nature, predators. They get more objects that quickly drift away from them.

4. Dogs adore “snags.” It is necessary to encourage the pet’s love for this entertaining game.

5. Special attention should be paid to timid animals. Do not hang over them, try to always be on the side.

6. It is best to alternate games without objects and with objects; the pet should be interested in your presence.

7. Forget about obedience and punishment in the early stages of schooling. It will be easy to add control when there is love for this activity.

8. Do not forbid the dog to tear toys, but only in your presence.

9. If grabbing the subject, the dog runs away, praise him at the time of grabbing, and then turn around and run away. All dogs usually run for the owner. Do not try after this to take away a toy from an animal, but rather offer your pet a non-objective game.

Types of games

"The pursuit". Moving the object on the ground faster, teach the dog to move behind him. Praise your pet, stimulating him to the game and developing interest. At the beginning of classes, you do not need to require the animal to pick up a toy. The dog will start doing this when he realizes that he is being encouraged to play well.

“Aportirovka”. It is necessary to have two identical toys and alternately throw one or the other at a distance of 1.5-2 meters from oneself. Teach your dog to love this activity, gradually increasing the distance. Over time, start throwing the second toy only after the animal brings you the first one.

“Sweetheart”. When playing chase, do not let go of the object after the dog catches it, gradually increasing its strength. Pull it slightly toward you, and if the dog does not let go of the prey, praise him for it. Try to divert the attention of the dog while it is busy pulling. In the end, give the trophy to the winner. And let the timid dogs beat you more often. Think about discipline later.

“Catch up”. Many pets love to play catch-up. They grab a toy and want to be caught up. This fun is beneficial in the case of a timid dog or one that has just appeared in the house. Its essence is that the dominant member of the “pack” motivates the weaker to communicate.

If there are several dogs in your house

When a second dog appears in the house, care should be taken to keep the toys safe. Dogs are very jealous of their property. And if the other one attacks it, they immediately begin to be outraged (which is very softly said). Even animals that have never fought before begin to show all their predatory essence. After all, in their opinion, the basic law of survival is the possession of something. Misunderstandings due to the toys will soon develop into serious fights, which, firstly, will have a bad effect on the psyche of the pets and, secondly, disrupt the atmosphere of calm in the house.

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To avoid competition, it is best to give a toy when the animals are scattered and taken away as soon as they are together. A smart owner will never create a rivalry for their pets.

When it happens that a stronger dog has taken away something from a weaker one, do not take the prey from the winner. Better give offended new fun. But if the situation repeats, then the dog itself gives up its toys. Leave it as it is.

Toy as a means of communication

A toy is quite a serious thing in raising a dog. On how effectively you will use it, building your relationship with your pet depends.
The most interesting, safe and exciting game that does not require the use of hard methods – “ Bring” (aport). If you use positive reinforcement, then teach your pet to bring you objects quite easily. By the way, the dog doing this finds a lot of fun in such an activity. As a rule, all pets like this fun, because they have a strongly developed instinct for wearing objects in the mouth. And then there is an opportunity to please the owner. For many of them – this is the height of pleasure.

It is only necessary to adhere to certain safety rules: do not throw the object too high, so that the animal does not damage the joints, accidentally landing on its hind legs, and do not use heavier objects, so as not to injure the head and teeth.
Much more caution exists for those who like to play with a dog in “ Tug-of-war” This occupation can be dangerous both for the owner and for his pet. The animal can show aggression and even become uncontrollable. Therefore, do not allow children such a game with a pet. And you should refrain from this occupation if you are not a professional trainer.

Toy as a motivator

There are dogs for whom the toy is a stronger motivator than even food. That is, the owner has the opportunity through her to motivate a pet from the first days of his appearance in the house. Just decide which of the few available affects your fourfold friend the most.

A toy is an important factor in the emotional, mental and even physical development of an animal. The one that he gnaws more than others and has more power over him, only with her does he experience moments of delightful joy.

And do not forget about the main thing – your tender voice, encouragement, gestures are perceived by a pet, especially sensitively. Any toy can not replace communication with the owner. Give love to your dog, educate, play with it, understand and be proud of it. Friends leave, loved ones leave, and the dog remains faithful to the end. Therefore, educate yourself not only a devotee but also an interesting, playful, humorous companion. Good luck with that!

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