How To Transport A Dog In The Plane Of The Rules And Subtleties

Traveling around Russia and around the world is a real adventure. And often you want to make them in company with a real friend, your pet. This is especially true if the pet is a dog. After all, leaving it to someone is problematic. And here you need to know – how to transport the dog on the plane, so that she was allowed on board, and there were no problems.

How To Transport A Dog In The Plane Of The Rules And Subtleties

Report to air carrier

Your intention to take a dog with you on an airplane should be reported to the carrier, and without fail. If this is not done, the airline has the right to refuse the transfer. This is due to the fact that each carrier allocates a certain number of quotas for places to transport animals on board the ship. And if they are chosen, then, accordingly, you will have to leave the animal at the reception, if you need to fly urgently, or to lose tickets.

It is better to warn the carrier about the intention to take a dog with you at the stage of booking a ticket. In any case, it is better to do this no later than 48 hours before departure. You can do this by calling the carrier’s hotline.

What kind of dogs will not be allowed on the flight

In connection with a number of studies that have proven that some dogs do not tolerate flying, airlines have banned the transportation of a number of dog breeds on board an aircraft. So, today it is impossible to transport dogs, the so-called brachycephalic breeds:

  • Bulldogs
  • Pugs
  • Pekingese
  • Shih Tzu
  • Boxers
  • Griffins
  • Japanese Chin, etc.

What documents are required

Naturally, the dog must be transported upon presentation of a number of documents. The main one is called the certificate in the form №1. It is issued by a veterinarian immediately before departure – such a document is valid for 72 hours.

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Previously, the owner of the dog must take the animal to the veterinary clinic where he will be treated with antiparasitic treatment and be vaccinated against rabies a (the limitation period for allowing the animal to fly should be no more than 2 weeks before the departure date). Notes on the procedures performed will be put on a special veterinary certificate of the animal. Without such manipulations, the airline has the right to refuse to transport the pet.

With this document, the owner of the animal and the pet itself arrive at the airport and go to the service of veterinary control. Here are the doctors:

  • Inspect the animal (it is important that the dog does not look unhealthy – with the slightest doubt, the flight will be banned)
  • Study vetpasport and verify that all necessary vaccination seals are affixed

How To Transport A Dog In The Plane Of The Rules And Subtleties

Based on this, the doctor at the airport concludes that the animal can be taken on board. The form №1, which the owner of the dog will receive here, contains the following data:

  • Route information
  • Dog health data
  • Marks about the features of the animal
  • Vaccination data transferred from the vetpasport with the number and series of the drug

If we are talking about transporting dogs by international flights, it will be necessary to issue a vet-passport of international standard.

Where will the animal fly

One of the main issues that bothers dog owners is exactly where their pet will fly. On this account, the airline has a fairly clear rules governing the weight and breed of dogs allowed either in the salon or in the luggage compartment.

If the weight of the dog does not exceed 5-8 kg, and she herself is rather medium-sized (these are all modern fashionable breeds of sofa dogs), she will be allowed to fly in the cabin of the aircraft. True, in this case, it must be in a special cell-transport, and it will not be possible to let it out between the rows.

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Large dogs travel only in the luggage compartment, or do not ride at all, if the plane is an unheated trunk. In this case, will have to use the services of intermediaries who are engaged in transportation of goods.

What should be the cell

Separate requirements are given to the cage for transporting dogs on the plane. So, to choose the best option of transportation, it is necessary to measure the pet. Interested in 4 points:

  1. The length of the animal from the nose to where the tail begins
  2. The height of the animal from the ground to the fold in the elbow
  3. Shoulder width
  4. Standing animal height

The container must meet the following conditions: be along the length of dot1 plus ½ dot2, width of dot 3, multiplied by 2. At the same time, along the height of the bag-haulage it must be so spacious that the dog can stand in it naturally, without bending in the spine.

Necessary conditions for the cell

Cages in which animals can be transported on airplanes should be made of materials such as:

At the same time it must be present metal door. It is impossible to use locks with a key or on a code for locking such transportation. In the roof there should not be any hatches and other openings for ventilation.

Details and nuances

There are a number of requirements that apply to the transportation of dogs on board an airliner that require strict compliance. So, we must remember that:

  • Dogs should be able to feel free in the cage, not to be trapped, not to be in a crooked position
  • Litter containers must be made from natural materials.
  • Plates for food and water must be firmly fixed and accessible.
  • Only 2 small animals can be placed in one container, no more, and only if they are used to living together
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What cells are not suitable

There are certain restrictions on the cells. So, it is impossible to use for transportation of an animal:

  • Options that have doors, hatches and other openings in the roof
  • Wicker baskets
  • Folding options
  • Plastic snaps cage

How To Transport A Dog In The Plane Of The Rules And Subtleties

How to prepare an animal for the trip

To teach the dog to be in the cage should be in advance. Otherwise, she will be shocked by the fact that she suddenly found herself limited in her movements and abilities. If she develops a panic, a nervous breakdown appears, they simply can not be allowed to pass on the results of the inspection for the flight.

In flight it is important to take care not so much of food as of drinking for the animal. The dog should have water all the time. And fresh.

Immediately before traveling to the airport with a dog you need to walk well – and it is worth the time to increase what the dog could do all that was necessary. But feed the animal before the trip is not worth it – if the dog is smarting, it can vomit, which vets may well be regarded as a sign of illness.

Do not make the animal nervous. By the way, it is worth understanding that the dog reads the owner’s mood very well. And if it is on the nerves, then it will not be calm.

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