Intellectual Games For Dogs Do It Yourself

Of all the variety of toys for dogs, a separate niche is occupied by educational toys. After all, the pet is for the owner as a child who needs to be taught, educated and takes care of his health. And, as we know, not only the physical but also the emotional, intellectual health of the dog is important. Special toys come to the aid of the owner, with the teaching skills built into them.

Educational games for dogs
Owners can not always pay due attention to their pet, but this does not mean that now the dog will be bored in the absence of the owner. To figure out what is better to choose for your pet it is worth figuring out what functions the developmental toy should perform and whether it is suitable at this stage of development of your dog.

Functions of educational toys for dogs: the toy should promote the development of the animal, increase intelligence and learning; The toy takes pet time while the owner is not able to devote enough time to play with him, thereby preventing a state of loneliness, and saves from boredom.
By purchasing such a toy, the owner protects his home from the destruction that a dog could cause while alone at home.
Compensating for hunting instinct and dumping the accumulated energy of walking with a dog, no one has cancelled the need to search for food in dogs. Modern dogs get their food in bowls and gradually lose their ability to intellectually approach things formed by instincts. They lose their ability and ingenuity, helping their ancestors to survive.
IMPORTANT! : In order not to overfeed the dog, the amount of food eaten in this way should be taken into account, and the daily ration should be accordingly reduced. This type of game and feeding at the same time is also suitable for dogs that are reluctant to eat from normal feeders. or, on the contrary, they swallow food too greedily and hastily, which may cause problems with digestion. In the process of playing with an interactive feeder, the dog gets a little food, in small pieces.

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Educational games for dogs do it yourself

Game for dogs "get a treat"

Intellectual Games For Dogs Do It Yourself

We take the most ordinary plastic bottle. The bottle must be made of transparent plastic. Rip off her label. My outside and inside, and then dry. Required condition. completely dry inner walls and bottom of the bottle.

Intellectual Games For Dogs Do It Yourself

Of all the variety of toys for dogs, a separate niche is occupied by educational toys. After all, the pet is for the owner as a child who needs to be……

For dogs of large breeds need to take a 2-litre bottle. For medium breeds suitable bottle – 1 – 1.5 litres, and for kids – 0.5 litres. Inside the bottle pour some dry food or something thundering and edible, for example, crackers or small pieces of dryers. The neck is left open. Put the bottle in front of the dog and beat the bottle with the hand so that a pair of crackers fall out of the neck. Allow your pet to eat these crackers. As soon as the animal understands what needs to be done, it will be possible to leave it with a toy and go about its business. This toy lasts for several days, and some dogs and more. In the case of bite or plastic damage by paw, the bottle must be changed.
Complicate the task – close the neck with a cork. At first, we only screw the cork a little so that the dog can quickly remove it, and at the final stage, the cork must be closed until the very end of the thread on the neck.
Now the dog does not need to show anything, she already knows everything. Just put in front of the pet a closed bottle with crackers inside. Some dogs learn to unscrew covers for a couple of days, and some only for a couple of months. Do not try to scold the ward for the fact that he does not work: either he has poorly explained the task, or he does not understand what needs to be done. Allow the dog to figure it out on his own, and she will understand everything and do it right because it’s not in vain that the games for dogs are called " developing."

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"Surprise box": this educational game is no less interesting for a dog than the previous one.

Intellectual Games For Dogs Do It Yourself

We take a small box, for example, from under tea. The box can be made by yourself from thick paper. If there is a child in the house, then making the box can be entrusted to him. In this case, two family members will enjoy at once: a child and a dog.
Put something tasty in the box and show the dog. Then the box is closed (sealed) and placed on the floor. The dog must get yummy and eat it. The way to get tasty pieces does not matter. The owner should be careful that the box itself is not eaten with the treats.
Complicate the task. Now we need to make two boxes so that they can be inserted into each other. In the smallest put the "bait&quot, and put it in a larger box. The task remains the same: smell, get, eat. When the second stage will be mastered and well studied, proceed to the third.
We add the third, fourth and so on, boxes. We put them in one another and allow the dog to get a treat from there. Complicating this stage can be replacing paper (cardboard) boxes with wooden or plastic, but with an open wall or with a hole in the wall so that the boxes can be pulled out one of the other.

Open the doors and doors

Teach your pet to open the interior door, pawing its edge. First, do not close the door tightly, leave a narrow passage so that the dog can understand how to slip a paw to open the door completely. Then close the door more and more tightly. As a result, the animal will learn to open the doors on its own. Take a box with a lid or a door, but they’re a good "bait" give the dog. Let her work and think how to open such boxes.

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The more we will load dog brains with different riddles, the wiser our ward will become. Thinking dog. it is not just an animal, and it is a real protector, loyal friend and loving being.

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