Intellectual Toy For Dogs

Intellectual Toy For Dogs

To develop the mental abilities of the dog, playing with her in exciting games? Save the dog from loneliness and boredom, and the apartment from destruction? Easy! For this there are a lot of intellectual games designed specifically for dogs. They can be played at home and on the street. There are even special "board" games for dogs. From my own experience I know that for any dog ​​you can pick up a game that will entertain it better than peeling wallpaper, and tire not less, but even more.

For a long time dogs occupied themselves with hunting and food. Today, a typical domestic dog gets its food from a bowl, without at all troubling itself and without developing ingenuity, dexterity and intelligence. And if the majority of owners understands that the dog needs physical exercise and tries to take the dog out for a walk and run, then the owners forget about the mental stress, unfortunately. And in vain! It is those dogs that do not get enough mental load and training, being left alone at home, trying to entertain themselves by nibbling and destroying everything. Common situation?

This is a typical behavior of a dog, which is boring. Most dogs do not spend even half of their energy on a walk. But in 15 minutes of training or intellectual games, the dog gets tired much more than from the hour of running around the park. In order for the dog to be in good shape, it is necessary to combine both physical and mental stress. The ratio of loads individually for each dog, and the specificity depends on the breed and origin of the dog. Collies and other shepherd dogs, for example, are more interesting to run and “graze” something, play with a ball, play games with a lot of objects. Many terriers tend to dig and climb somewhere, look for objects. Hunting dogs will gladly run after something and bring “prey”, look for something using their scent. Given the individual characteristics of the dog, you can come up with a game or a series of games (so that it does not turn into a routine) that will appeal to both the dog and the owner.

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Intellectual Toy For Dogs

To develop the mental abilities of the dog, playing with her in exciting games? Save the dog from loneliness and boredom, and the apartment from……

For starters, using positive reinforcement, you can teach the dog the basics of training – sit, lie down, give a paw, stay in place. Then go to the more difficult "circus" tricks – to serve, jump through the hoop, walk on their hind legs and much more. With the right approach, the dog will be happy to engage with you until it gets tired. Teaching a dog these tricks is much easier than it seems, and with minimal help from a trainer or even just watching the training videos on the Internet, you can teach your dog all this. You can also teach a dog to recognize and bring certain objects. Dogs are highly intelligent animals and are able to memorize and identify hundreds of different objects. For your four-legged friends it will be very interesting and useful to learn new words and associate them with objects. By the way, many experts, again, for the mental development of the dog, advise whenever possible to teach her commands in different languages.

Intellectual Toy For Dogs

Nina Ottosson, a Swedish animal behavior expert, has developed a host of sophisticated intellectual games for dogs that develop mental abilities and ingenuity. In order to get food, the dog must perform a certain order of actions, move something, get something, open it, remove it. Such games usually take a dog for 10-15 minutes, or even more, depending on the level of difficulty. Many dogs themselves understand what to do, others need to help, one way or another, the dog learns to solve problems and achieve results.

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Another interesting device, which came up with the company Kong, will take a dog during the absence of the owner. This is a small cone with a hole at the base, in which the feed is folded. You can, for example, put a part of the dog’s breakfast there and freeze it. Having received such an “ice cream” the dog will spend a lot of time to get a favorite delicacy, and after she has licked everything up to the remainder, she will not have the strength to destroy the room.

Similar games from which you need to get food, easy to do yourself. For example, you can take an unnecessary plastic bottle or box, and after making a hole in it, give the dog to get food from there, moving and turning the object. You can also use cardboard cylinders that remain from toilet paper or paper towels, they just need to bend the edges inwards and the toy is ready! Be careful that the objects with which the dogs play do not have sharp edges, and the dog does not swallow the bite parts.

Good luck to you and your favorites in the study of intellectual games and the development of mental abilities!

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