Making A Toy For The Dog With Your Own Hands

A toy for a dog is quite possible to do it yourself.

However, you can do without unnecessary spending – the subject for games for a four-legged pet can also be done with your own hands. For example, a puzzle from a ball for big tennis. In order to make this simple toy, you will need a minimum set:

  • tennis ball;
  • dry food;
  • knife or scissors.

Everything is very simple here. We take in the hands of scissors or a knife and make an incision along the line on the surface of the ball. Its length should be from 1 to 2 centimeters. Then we put some dry food inside – that’s basically all.

For a young or small dog to open the arc-shaped incision is quite difficult, while the delicious smell coming from inside will attract your pet.

There is another option for how to make a toy for a four-legged friend with your own hands – it can be sewn from unwanted jeans or just from fabric patches. The easiest way is to take a cropped leg. One end of it is stitched with a typewriter or tied with a knot, after which we fill the resulting bag with rags of cloth, scraps of worn out clothes, and so on. You can, by the way, put inside a rubber toy that makes a squeak when pressed – its sounds will cause additional interest in the dog. Next you just need to sew up the top edge – that’s all, the fun for the pet is ready.

If you have a little patience, then you can make a diamond-shaped toy or a stone with your own hands. It is desirable to fold the material in several layers – this way you will press down the product with additional strength, extending its service life. Cut out the upper and lower parts – of course, the same shape – fill the space between them, and sew. As they say, there is no place easier. Here it should be remembered that as a filler you need to use only those materials that will be absolutely safe for your four-legged friend.

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The best option is to trim natural fabrics such as cotton, linen or wool. In no case do not use cotton wool, synthetic winterizer or foam rubber, as the animal can easily swallow their small pieces. You can also take some kind of cereal – the grain with its rustling will additionally attract the attention of the dog during the fun.

Beautiful toys for dogs are obtained from the usual plastic bottle. Having worked a little with your own hands, you will turn the tare into the subject of your pet’s lively interest. A cover is pulled over the bottle – warm tights are perfect for this, including children’s tights, and it is better if it consists of several layers. Gnawing a plastic bottle, a dog can get hurt by sharp edges, while additional protection will make it interesting and at the same time safe fun.

To attract additional interest, it is desirable to pour pieces of dry food into the toy. The animal will attract not only sound, but also flavor. It is worth noting that before giving the bottle to the dog to be torn apart, it is necessary to remove both the cap and the sealing ring from it.

Another interesting option is a piece of wood, wrapped on top of a cloth or unpainted leather. Wood itself should not produce resin and at the same time be sufficiently durable. Bricks made of birch, ash, walnut or maple are best suited here.

Cords – another toy that can attract the attention of your four-legged friend. There is also nothing difficult in their making with your own hands, but you give the animal a lot of fun moments. It is possible to weave a cord for a dog from pieces of fleece – this material has such important qualities as softness and strength. Coloring by and large does not play a role, since dogs do not distinguish colors, but the owner himself will receive aesthetic pleasure from a bright toy with which a four-legged pet plays with fun.

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The material should be cut into strips ranging in width from 18 to 24 millimeters, which are then intertwined with each other like braids – many prefer to use the well-known “lotus” technology here. The optimal size of the finished cord is about 4-5 centimeters, but here it is best to proceed from the dimensions of your animal.

As you can see, to make a toy with your own hands is quite simple, and this is done all from scrap materials, that is, without any additional costs. It should be noted that there is no need to make some very complicated toys – anyway, the dog can deal with them in a few days. Therefore, choose some simple options that do not require spending too much time and effort.

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